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Advice to experts on how to pave the way for a flat stomach

Advice from specialists-the way to a flat stomach

The first advice is physical activity. If someone thinks that he will get a flat stomach, without any physical exercises, then this is wrong! Without them, you will not achieve any significant results. And so make sure that you regularly exercise. Only the swing of the press and inacloses will not help you remove fat from the abdomen, they serve only to strengthen a certain group of muscles, but your waist will not be thinner if only a little. The fact is that twists, slopes and exercises for the press make it possible to strengthen the lateral and oblique muscles of the press, and the more you make the slopes, the laterals your waist will be wider due to the growth of muscles. From belly fat is removed by using jogging or fast walking, as well as similar aerobic exercises. It is recommended to start with a quick walk, lasting 20 minutes a day, and eventually bring it to 45 minutes.

The second tip is food that youShould be used. Green tea was sung many times with hymns. And it's not surprising, considering that it's really a very useful product for fat burning of the stomach's belly. Experts say that only three to four cups of green tea per day is the recommended dose for accelerating metabolism. This dose of tea will help burn the day an additional 30 calories. In addition to the fact that tea promotes the appearance of a flat stove, it is also useful for dissolving cellulite, so let it be at your fingertips forever.

Whole grains belong to the group of carbohydrates. They also have a significant role in fighting fat. Many studies have shown that those people who use bulgur (this is wheat cereal namely hard varieties), buckwheat, oatmeal, and other types of whole grains have a much flatter stomach than those who do not use them. Whole grains are an excellent tool for dietary nutrition, because they have fibers that promote metabolism and digestion, and help reduce body fat.

Probiotic yogurt - their secrets are known by those whoFat does not have any. Yogurt solves problems associated with bloating, which increase the stomach visually. Yogurt is excellent for problems associated with flatulence, because it stimulates the intestines, and also facilitates digestion. It is most useful to consume probiotic yogurts. Their specialists advise to eat at least once a day.

Avocado is a fruit that is rich in unsaturatedFats, included in the category of healthy fats. It has been proven that the avocado is great for satiety, with no extra pounds. It was also noted that this product is particularly suitable for the zone around the waist, and this fruit contributes significantly to reducing fat in this part of the body. And so if you want to have a flat stomach and a thin waist, then treat yourself to an avocado!

It is also proved that people whoDuring 14 days they eat a handful of nuts (hazelnuts), they usually do not gain weight, they also do not transmit. The pancakes contain healthy fats, lower the level of cholesterol, however this nut can not eat more than a handful per day. The recommended dose is excellent for melting fat, and in this number in the abdominal cavity.

The third council of specialists is a healthy dream. Scientists have identified the relationship between weight gain and sleep duration. The participants of the experiment were in the course of six years under study, and it was noted that those who slept for 5-6 hours a night gained two kilograms more on average than those who slept during the night 7-8 hours. In addition, those people who have a sensitive sleep, are more inclined to obesity, and ethicalgrams in most cases just on their stomachs are postponed.

Carrying out all these expert advice, you will undoubtedly acquire a flat tummy. But of course you will have to give up eating.

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