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What causes pain in the right side?

The article will consider the reasonsThe occurrence of such pain. But keep in mind that all the information given is given only so that you have an idea of ​​the causes that lead to such pain. But it can not be used for self-diagnosis of the disease, as well as for treatment. Otherwise, it can only aggravate the situation.

Diagnose the bolus in the stomach is not so simpleEven for experienced doctors, so it is very difficult for a person without medical education. Pain in the abdomen can testify about the presence of several diseases at once, which can not be diagnosed without special studies. This is especially true of the arms in the right side.

Pain in the upper abdomen on the right

Boliv this place can give:

-Liver. If this body for various reasons increases in size, then it causes pain. Doctors like this are called hepatitis, regardless of what led to it: infection or inflammatory processes.

More often than not, people face hepatitis A,Which can appear from poor quality food or water. Less common is hepatitis B. As a rule, people who suffer from drug addiction or homosexuals are affected by it. Sometimes people suffer from hepatitis C. It is transmitted through infected medical instruments and provokes pain in the right side.

In addition to hepatitis, the liver may be impairedMedical drugs or alcohol. Everyone knows that many drugs are harmful to the liver and if taken too often and in large quantities, the body begins to deteriorate. That zhesemoe does with our liver and alcohol.

Pain, which is caused by diseases of the liver, most often is aching stupid in nature, and it lasts constantly, not spasms. The patient feels the pain is not the surface of the abdomen, but inside it.

-The black bubble can also causeThe occurrence of pain in the right boku.Prichem painful attacks are very peculiar. The first symptoms are the heaviness in the living, its swelling, the appearance of gases. As a rule, all this appears after you eat something fat or spicy. A strong pain comes after a couple of hours. The intensity of pain increases and as a result, the pain becomes acute. At its peak, there is nausea, cold sweat and vomiting. The temperature of the body remains normal. Exceptions are inflammation of the gallbladder. In such cases, the body temperature rises sharply and a strong fever occurs. The strongest pain is felt in the upper right part of the abdomen, but sometimes it can be given under the right scapula.

Examination of the gallbladder in similarCases, doctors detect stones. If the stones are small, they are removed through the ducts. Sometimes they must be removed surgically, but most often you can do with ultrasound removal, which is absolutely safe and painless.

-Pancreas. Sometimes the cause of pain in the right flank is paroxysmal pancreatitis - inflammation of the pancreas. The pain in this case is acute, can give to the spine and when lying down, it becomes worse. Facilitates the patient's condition in the event that he sits down and slightly tilts in front of him. In addition, when pancreatitis attacks a person is sick, vomiting, a strong chill. But the body temperature does not go up. To identify this disease, the doctor prescribes a special examination. It is necessary to identify the special enzymes that are typical for the affected pancreas.

-The kidneys. There is an opinion that with kidney disease, pain sensations appear in the lumbar region. But in fact, everything is not so. Sometimes stones in the kidneys can lead to the onset of pain in the right side of the abdomen. Therefore, if uvlas suddenly gets sick in the right side - do not rule out problems with the kidneys.

If the pain is still caused by the presence of stones inKidneys, they will be of a specific nature. The pains will be wavy and reach their maximum at the peak of the wave. In addition, the pain will not necessarily be felt right to the side. It can spread to the back or even to the groin.

-Appendix. Many people, experiencing pain in their right side, somehow immediately think that they have an inflammatory appendix. This opinion is very erroneous. Of course, no one excludes this particular cause of pain. But still, as you yourself were convinced from the above, pain in the right side may appear due to various reasons. Previously, even doctors in almost all cases assumed that the patient was inflamed appendix. The exception was those who have already been removed.

Give you a more detailed look at the painWith appendicitis. It can localize in the right lower abdomen or in the navel area. And, almost all patients can immediately show, in which place it hurts. And doctors, as a rule, prefer not to take risks, and immediately prescribe the removal of the appendix. But this is only in cases when they are not sure of the diagnosis. And it's not accidental. Such a simple operation saves the life of the patient in all cases. Therefore, if you suddenly feel pain under the ribs in the right side or in the region of the bulb, immediately contact the hospital for the help of a surgeon.

What not to do if you have pain in the right side

Many of us, at the occurrence of any pain, tryGet rid of it by yourself in a different way. But in many cases this can not be done, as this can cause harm to health or complicate the situation. So, let's consider what can not be done:

-Acceptance of pain medications. People, as a rule, try to get rid of abdominal pain or right side. For this they take different medications. But this is not recommended, since in the absence of pain doctors will not be able to correctly diagnose you, and also adequately assess the status and the degree of safety for health. As a result, the doctor may not recognize a serious illness at the time, for example appendicitis, and this can lead to a lot of trouble, up to a lethal outcome.

- Apply heat to the stomach. With pain in the abdomen, you can never apply warmers, bottles, diapers and so on. With many diseases, this is contraindicated and there can be many troubles. In addition, with strongballs, the cold applied to the stomach will be much better. For this, you can use ice, wrapped in a soft cloth, frozen chicken, vegetables and tadaleye. Wrap a cold object in a towel or a dense fabric and attach the lock, which hurts. But do not forget that the doctor must be called obligatory. Even if the pain begins to subside!

-Ignoring the pain. It's no secret that most people do not like doctors and try to avoid them as often as possible. Unfortunately, this is a multiplicity of events and leads to negative consequences. You can ignore the pain sensations and seize the pain with pills, in the hope that soon everything will pass. Maybe the ball will pass, but not the fact that she will not return to you again. And then the consequences can be very serious. Ignoring the pain increases the chances of nato, that the presence of serious diseases will be missed. Therefore, it is much more reasonable to consult a doctor and make sure that everything is fine. Otherwise, then you will be able to restore your health for a very long time.

As you can see, pain in the right side can be causedVarious diseases of internal organs: the pancreas, gall bladder, liver, kidneys, appendix. There are many reasons, and the pain can be completely harmless. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor, and do not sit at home expecting that everything will pass by itself. It's not only stupid, but dangerous for life!

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