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The husband in the delivery room: the arguments for and against

Disagreements between professionals

But what to do when it comes toThe immediate appearance of a child? Do I need to see my husband how he comes to light? Many sexologists say that after such a spectacle, a couple begins to have problems. At the moment when the mother has a temporary period of adaptation and heal rifts, the man is in shock. But the sutures sooner or later will be removed, and the damaged psyche can have an irreversible consequence. In this issue, psychologists disagree: some assert that the birth of a couple will help the couple get closer, and others argue that on the contrary - this is a huge psychological stress, which women can survive with the inclusion of the mother's instinct, which does not shine to the representatives of the stronger sex.

Recognition of "victims"

Indeed, quite often there are cases whenA man at least loses consciousness. But if he was lucky enough to see the process in all its colors, then the reaction may be unpredictable. Sometimes representatives of the masculine clan, who had to live through these moments, admit that after such a kind they lost all the physical impulses to their spouse. At the same time, the couple are still crazy about each other, because they have a supplement in the family, but they can not engage in intimacy. Akak is well known, many marriages break up precisely because of a weak inclination, the change comes to another partner: a more attractive, erotic and sexy. So is it worth sacrificing a family for the sake of fashionable pleasure?

The Voice of Reason

If you look at the situation of a dream so tragicHand, then the maximum that can be offered to a man, since a partner wants to give birth together, is to hold his wife by the hand. But it is not possible for a husband to see what is intended for obstetricians. Another important point can be emphasized in the direction of women. A woman is not only a mother for her future child, but for her husband as well. During childbirth, the presence of the husband can cause additional anxiety and stress, because the wife will not only feel pain and worry for the child, but also for the husband and his condition. So one should think twice before making the final decision.

A bit of history

Since ancient times, it has been introduced to women inCorresponding to the team. Never before men took part in this, except in the role of a doctor. But at the moment fashion trends have seized the minds of the population and bring their own, not always useful, fruits. If the nature rewarded women with this gift, then destiny destined them to carry out this ancient ritual in the sacrament.

In disputes about the manifestation of feelings, you canSay that the husband will love his child. If you want to speed up the accustoming process, then allow your man to wait outside the door, and when the child appears, let the midwives give their father to hold the baby's cuffs. This is perhaps the most optimal option. Thus, you will save yourself from unnecessary stress, remain attractive, as a woman for your partner, give your dad a connection with the child and just be sure of the positive outcome of the event.

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