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Flaxseed oil during pregnancy

The body simply needs vegetable fatsOrigin, especially when it comes to a pregnant woman, because fats are a source of energy. Moreover, fats are a structural component of the cell membrane, as well as membrane cells, and ensure the normal functioning of all organs of the pregnant woman, and all systems of her organism. Flaxseed little can completely replace the body's needs in Omega-3, 6, and Omega-9, that is, in unsaturated fatty acids.

Our body can not produce Omega-3 itself, therefore it is used with food. Such fatty acid is present in the composition of flaxseed oil, yet it is contained in fish oil.

If the Omega-3 enters the body in sufficientQuantity, then the mobility and permeability of the cell membrane will be normal. At the same time in the blood, the level of cholesterol will keep at a normal level (at the level of 4.5 mmol / l), which will prevent the development of a stroke and a heart attack. When using mainly animal fats, the membrane may lose its perceptivity, because the cell in such cases will consist of altered protein molecules and cholesterol. As a result, lack of calcium, glucose and potassium develops in the cells, bile cells, hormones of the gonads, thyroid gland and pancreatic are distinguished with disorders. Due to a lack of Omega-3, many disorders occur: hypertension, decreased attention, memory loss, vegetative-vascular dystonia, infertility, coronary heart disease, obesity. Also, the functions of the thyroid gland are violated, the cystic organs - kidneys, liver, biliary tract, begin to appear, it is possible to develop sugar diabetes.

As a result of the lack of Omega-3 alsoThe cell interactions are disturbed, because of which the erythrocytes are glued together, and the process of thrombus formation develops. Cells become accessible and free radicals, viruses, and protective function of the organism fall on them, all this leads to the appearance of tumors, frequent infectious diseases, dysbacteriosis, immunity weakens. The process of adhesion of the sex cells is broken, which is why infertility develops. In addition, if there is a deficiency in this fatty acid in the cells, cholesterol settles on the inner walls of the vessels, resulting in the formation of cholesterol plaques, hypertensive disease, atherosclerosis and cardiac vessels.

Flaxseed oil and pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman shouldSufficient quantity to consume carbohydrates and proteins, since for her organism these microelements are simply necessary. If you take a flax seed during pregnancy, it will support not only the health of your mother, but will also contribute to the harmonious and healthy development of the unborn child. In its composition, linseed oil has polyunsaturated fatty acids, the metabolic processes occurring in the pregnant body are positively influenced. In this case, the fatty acids deliver good cholesterol into the body, which is necessary for participation in important biochemical processes.

During pregnancy, any medicinalThe preparations are contraindicated, and the flaxseed oil that is taken softly affects the body with the intervening substances, strengthening immunity without the threat of miscarriage. During pregnancy, immunity plays a big role, so even a slight increase in it can protect a woman from fungal infections, frequent colds and pyelonephritis. In addition, unsaturated fatty acids are responsible for the correct formation of the baby's brain, so a pregnant woman must necessarily include them in the daily diet. Flaxseed oil, participating in biochemical processes, normalizes the hormonal background of a woman, so that the opportunity to preserve pregnancy increases.

Daily use of the described oil (1-2St.l.) vpischu significantly improves the work of the digestive tract, preventing the development of constipation - this unpleasant phenomenon affects the condition of women in general and the future child's succumbing. But it is worth considering that in recent months, the use of linseed oil should be carefully, strictly monitored by a gynecologist and in small quantities. This is due to the fact that taking flaxseed oil not only leads to an increase in the motor activity of the intestine, but also to the uterus's immunity, which is why a real threat of miscarriage develops.

Flaxseed oil used during pregnancy,To help the organisms to clear blood vessels from cholesterol plaques, as a result, blood flow and fetal nutrition and oxygen supply will improve. If a pregnant woman will consume a vegetable oil, then the probability of developing fetoplacental insufficiency will decrease substantially. Note that in fetoplacental insufficiency fetal development of severe lesions of the nervous system, in some cases it leads to fetal death.

Daily intake of flaxseed oil is capable ofProvide the fruit with the right amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids. During the research it was proved that in the last months of pregnancy there is active seizure and dragging through the placenta of Omega-3 and 6 unsaturated fatty acids to the fetus, then they are built into the membranes of the cerebral cortex and the developing organ of vision. Babies born to the light prematurely, or if the child was born as a result of the pregnancy, which occurred with pathologies (placental insufficiency, toxicosis), will not receive polyunsaturated fatty acids in sufficient quantity, because of which the structural and functional immaturity of the brain develops. Also immaturity of the organs of vision (The child has a congenital disorder).

The Canadian professor during the research wasIt is established that the mental abilities of the child, motor-visual coordination and fine motifs are predetermined by Omega-3. That is why the lack of this acid is the reason why a child can not control his handwriting, behavior, with difficulty or poorly comprehend the teaching material. In addition, such a child is predisposed to asocial behavior - game addiction, drugs, alcohol.

Correctly use the oil

Flaxseed oil a pregnant woman can takeOnly after consultation with your obstetrician-gynecologist (also you can consult a female therapist). Flaxseed oil as a preventive medicine is taken twice a day in the amount of 2 tablespoons for a month. The oil is added to the food - salads, porridges, and post-observation. The course of prevention is repeated if necessary only after a break.

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