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Application of propolis and other bee products during pregnancy

Propolis is classified as natural eubiotic, whichHave antimicrobial, antioxidant, antitoxic, immunomodulating, analgesic and antifungal effects. Propolistak has a stimulating effect on the physiological growth of tissues, normalizes the functioning of the intestine and its flora, and also inhibits the development of pathological cells.

Propolis has long been used as aAn ingredient in various medicinal preparations and compositions for increasing the general defense of the body and strengthening immunity. This substance contains a large number of components that are useful for a pregnant woman, exerting exclusively positive strengthening effect on her body. Propolis is simply indispensable in the occurrence of diseases of ARI and ARVI in the process of pregnancy, especially in winter and off-season.

If you follow folk medicine, then a peaPropolis should be kept on the cheek all night or throughout the day, which provides a kind of sanitation of the oral cavity. And with the first cold symptoms or sore throat should be used effective inhalation drugs on propolisnogo basis, which will avoid long-term treatment and the development of colds. Mixtures and preparations containing propolis are used for sanitation of sex organs, external washings and nasopharyngeal washings.

If we mention the ancients, then more Gippokrat more than onceNoted the beneficial effect of propolis on the organism of a pregnant woman, in particular a good sleep and improvement of her psychological state. As a means, which normalizes sleep and will contribute to a more even flow, Hippocrates advised honey water. And in the territory of Ancient Rusichnahari it was strongly recommended to use propolis and some other beekeeping products in case of a threat to the fetus (miscarriage). D.S. Jarvis went even further, advising him to use apple-honey vinegar, which leads to developedmuscular and mental abilities in children.

Wizards from the people used productsBeekeeping for the protection and removal of spoilage and the evil eye, and many diseases of the afflicted "poured wax". Galen used propolis as a preventive tool to help prevent tooth and hair loss, as well as to improve the performance of all internal systems and human organs.

Applying propolis in the process of pregnancy can beAvoid excessive sweating. This is due to the fact that in the process of pregnancy the female organism is reconstructed at the hormonal level, affecting the function of the sweat glands, whose activity increases several times. Propolis helps to improve the elasticity of the skin, which in turn will prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the lining during pregnancy, as well as the postpartum . If propolis is used during pregnancy, there is a likelihood of a decrease in allergic reactions in a pregnant woman.

In total, all products of beekeeping are not prohibited for use during pregnancy.

  1. Honey.One of the most valuable energy sources, which includes enzymes, vitamins and minerals with antiallergic, antimicrobial and cardioprotective properties. Its composition can be compared with blood plasma.
  2. Pylcatsvetov (update). This is a natural immunomodulator and anabolic, which helps improve blood composition, restore metabolic processes, liver and liver functions, nervous and cardiovascular system, and also positively affects the skin of the skin. An excellent balance of vitamins, enzymes and other components ensures the correct formation of all tissues of the body of the skeleton.
  3. Perga.A valuable set of nutrients and important substances during pregnancy, helps reduce toxicosis, has a beneficial effect on the baby's circulation and the formation of all its internal organs. Pergouche strengthens maternal immunity and prevents the development of pathologies. Pergapomy helps to facilitate delivery, strengthen lactation, and also serves as a source of energy recovery.
  4. Matokonominochko - a unique composition of nutritiousA mixture that stimulates growth, vitality, development of the body, metabolism and improves the endocrine system. It is recommended for strengthening lactation and recovery in the postpartum period.
  5. Zabrus, which is a mixture of flower pollen andPropolis, honeycombs and wax - the best natural adsorbents, designed to improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism. The application of these bee products during pregnancy will help to preserve healthy teeth.

A balanced diet throughout thePregnancy is obligatory and the balance of food must be strictly observed, in which sour-milk products will be present. Every day, a half-liter of kefir should be included in the dietary woman to reduce the risk of developing a seemingly quick, but dangerous disease - thrush, but if this problem has already been identified, 20% propolis should be used as a solution inside (15 drops in half an hour before breakfast, diluted in warm water ), While excluding from the diet all sweet and flour.

Also women in the position will be helpfulThe following is the vitaminized drink: 70-80 hips of dog rose are shredded and filled with a glass of water, preferably cool. The mixture is aged for 2 hours, after which it is brought to a boil on fire. After boiling, the berries languish on low heat before the first oily circles appear on the surface. The mixture is removed from the fire and is transferred to the thermos bottle with the addition of propolis in the solution and left in a calm state for the whole night. The resulting beverage is filtered and consumed half a cup daily 3 times before meals. The first portion should be drunk on the empty stomach. The approximate course is from 2 to 3 months. This drink is used for increased uterine tone.

Bee products and propolis are neededWoman in the period of pregnancy, tk. Contribute not only to the balance in the work of the intestine and its microflora, but also the maintenance of almost all the systems of the body of the mother and the baby.

Despite the usefulness of these products, before deciding on the use of any of them, one should consult a doctor who is accompanying or leading a pregnant doctor.

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