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Menorrhagia: causes, symptoms, treatment

It should be noted that such a problem withmore than 30% of women in the world have a violation of the change. Many women began to take this illness as a common problem and do not turn to doctors, and this is a big mistake. The fact that there is a primary menorrhagia that can be determined also during the first months, and a hidden secondary one - it becomes part of the menstrual cycle, its initial reasons are harder to identify .

How does a menstrual disorder arise?

One of the most important causes is violationHormonal or balance. Most of all, girls are affected by hormonal fluctuations, only menstrual cycle is formed, and women with scimacteric period. In both cases, this period is marked by strong changes in the hormonal system, which somehow cause the failure of the endocrine system. In some women, the recovery of the endocrine system takes place quickly, in others it is prolonged or it is not restored at all.

In addition to these reasons, menorrhagia developsDue to diseases that arise due to violations of the reproductive system. This can be attributed to fibroids and uterine fibroids, dysfunction of the ovaries, various benign tumors. Adenomyosis of the uterus is another complicated disorder, in which the uterine glands grow into the muscles, this is accompanied by severe bleeding and pain.

If we take into account the human impactOn the body, the cause of menorrhagia may be the use of intrauterine contraception. In this case, because of tumors often occur strong and protracted bleeding time of menstruation, while it is necessary to abandon such contraception.

Less common cause may beOncological diseases of female genital organs, are best known: ovarian cancer, raksheks and uterus. Severe bleeding during menstruation may appear due to anemia pregnancy.

If a woman suffers from blood diseases,which are somehow connected with coagulability, or uses anticoagulants, then this also contributes to the development of menorrhagia. The cause may also be disease-causingblack cytopenia or even a lack of vitamin K. An even more rare cause, but still existing, is the hereditary transmission of violations in the sex system of a woman.

In some cases, internal diseasesOrgans also affect the appearance of menorrhagia. It can be a kidney or liver disease, pelvic organs, thyroid problems, endometriosis and so on.

The nervous system has a huge impact onperiodicity and correctness of the menstrual cycle. Often, with good health, a woman suffers from menorrhagia due to constant stress, mental stress or the cause of heavy physical work. General fatigue also becomes the cause of menorrhagia, with frequent and rapid climate change. Whatever reason was caused by the proliferation and duration of bleeding during menstruation, you can not just do it. It is necessary to apply to the therapist and endocrinologist, it is necessary to explain the root causes and to stop the possible development of the disease.

Symptoms of Menorrhagia

The main symptoms are prolonged overnorminstruatsiya, which occurs with excessive release of blood, often even clots. Sometimes the abundance goes so far that standard hygiene products are not able to absorb such a quantity and it is necessary to change them almost every hour. As a consequence of this loss of blood, a woman develops weakness, worsens health, and often severe dizziness and fainting. There are cases when during the menstrual period, because of this condition of the blood comes from the nose, on the body even large bruises remain even with the usual touch.

Treatment of the disease

Before setting a course of treatment, it is necessaryto find out the cause of the disease, take into account how long the menstruation is being delayed. It is not possible to engage in treatment independently on the recommendation of a doctor, as well as simply leaving the disease without attention, especially if it occurs in a teenage girl. Such actions allow the rooting of the disease and secretly flow into the chronic form.

As a rule, doctors prescribe hormonalDrugs, most often, these are contraceptive preparations, which, on the basis of surveys, will play the role of regulator of the hormonal background of the body. In such preparations, there is estrogen and progesterone, these hormonal drugs reduce the abundance of discharge sometimes by more than 40%. Plus, they hold back the expansion of the endometrium. It is very important not to buy contraceptives only on the recommendation of your gynecologist, on the basis of examination, but not independently.

In case the disease is started, the womanprescribe drugs containing iron, tk. with menorrhagia, iron deficiency anemia develops. In addition, women need to use ascorbic acid and rutin during the cycle.

The problem is aggravated if a woman suffersa disease of the thyroid gland, it is often resorted to surgical intervention or conduct a survey and prescribe drugs. If the thyroid gland is lowered, it is often observed that the skin is very dry, weight is sharply increased, heavy bleeding takes away strength, the woman weakens, apathy manifests. Since menorrhagia often occurs due to inflammatory processes, then in certain cases, anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed. Ibuprofenokazyvaet positive effect on the duration of menstruation, often shortening the duration and abundance of discharge. If blood loss is very high, it makes sense to prescribe a drug for blood clotting or to stop the bleeding. For example, very good preparations: Aminocaproic acid, Calcium gluconate, Chloride, Dicynon. Homeopathy is often prescribed for the restoration of the hormonal background.

Today, the use of intrauterine systems with the content of levonorgestrel is popular for treatment. This reduces the blood supply of the endometrium, which slows its growth and development.

Often the cause of the disease can be even malnutrition, so it is recommended to establish a daily routine, regular and proper nutrition.

Surgery of menorrhagia

Surgery for menorrhagia up to 40 years is used as a last resort, as a rule, it is done to women after forty years, if no other methods of treatment have helped.

Prevention of Menorrhagia

A woman needs to monitor the physicalLoads and unloading oneself, power sports play an extremely negative influence. If possible, restrict yourself from places and companies that create stressful situations, avoid overwork. If, with all this, your condition does not improve the logistic cycle, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

It is highly recommended to use vitamins C, B, various complexes of minerals with iron and folic acid content.

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