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Treatment of papilloma with folk remedies

We warn you right away, no matter how you decideget rid of the papilloma - it is worthwhile to apply to the doctor. Although this is a benign education, but in very rare cases it can become malignant. In addition, the result of having a papilloma is a virus. Therefore, you can completely get rid of it only after a special antiviral therapy. Folk recipes are recommended to be used as an adjunct to the basic treatment.

Treatment with chicken eggs

Thanks to a chicken egg, you can get rid ofsets of papillomas. But it is recommended to use it only in those cases when a person does not have allergies. The whole point is that the external application of eggs can provoke an allergic reaction even among those who eat this product without any problems. Next, we give you examples of treatments using eggs.

-Egg powder. To prepare a remedy, take the shell from the biped, adhesive plaster and cotton wool. Heat the oven to 250 degrees, place the opposite shell and place it in the oven for half an hour. When the shell cools down, grind it to a powdery state.

Egg powder, pour into an airtight container. Prepare adhesive plaster and rasvovitevatu into small pieces. For each papilloma sprinkle the egg powder, superfine the cotton wool and seal with adhesive plaster. Apply the egg powder once a day to the affected area for two to three weeks. Usually papillomas begin to disappear after the first course of treatment.

-Chicken protein helps get rid of smallwarts. To do this, break it, pour its contents into a cup and a cotton swab soaked in protein, oil the papillomas. This procedure should be done three to four times a day. In a week, the warts should decrease in size. But continue the treatment is necessary until they completely disappear.

Treatment of papillomas with celandine

Papillomas, like warts, do not like celandine. Therefore, we offer you a few ways to get rid of papillomas with the help of this plant. But keep in mind that the celandine is quite aggressive, so it can damage even the health of the skin.

-Church of a celandine is a good proven tool. In addition, the celandine is very easy to find, and the treatment itself will not require any effort. Simply tear down the plant with ikoskom every papilloma. During the first week, wipe the desired areas of the skin every three hours, the second and third week - once a day. In a month the papillomas should disappear.

-The celandine's taste for alcohol. It is not always the juice of celandine cures spam. Therefore, in such cases it is necessary to use a pain medication. Purity is cut into small pieces and place the glass container filled with alcohol and water. Close the dishes and put them in the refrigerator for five days. When the infusion is ready, make from it a press twice a day. The duration of the compress should be no more than 15 minutes. After the end of the papilloma procedure, rinse with water and smear the dried skin with baby cream. Treatment should last for three weeks. But if uvass is very sensitive skin, it is better to choose another way to get rid of repairs.

- Cleanser extract is a more gentle means. To cook it, take 150 grams of celandine, slice it and place in a bowl, pour boiling water. After the water has cooled, bring the infusion to a boil and simmer slowly until most of the water boils away. After this, wrap the infusion with a towel and leave for 10 hours. The resulting mixture strain and pour the glass container. Twice a day make compresses out of it. Treatment should continue until the complete disappearance of papillomas.

Treatment of papillomas with the help of walnuts

Walnuts are also very effective in treating papillomas. They are just as accessible as the above listed tools.

-Mass on walnuts. This product has a very specific smell, so if you are too sensitive to suckers, then do not use this tool. To prepare the ointment, you will need three peeled walnuts. Best if they are not mature. Nuts are moved through a meat grinder or chop with a mortar. Add a little kerosene to them and mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The resulting mixture is applied to the papilloma thick layer, top cover with a plastic film. With this ointment it is necessary to sit for half an hour. The procedure is recommended to be conducted no more often than once a day during a single week. During this time, the papillomas must completely disappear.

-News from walnut leaves. For its preparation, take 50 grams of walnut and pour them with boiling water in a thermos. Insist for a day, after which the resulting infusion wipe the papilloma five times a day for two to three weeks. Note: this remedy is not potent, so it should be used as an adjunct to the main treatment.

- Walnuts with honey. In very rare cases, papillomas can become inflamed. Therefore, aggressive medications can not be used. In this case, it is best to try to withdraw them with the help of walnuts and honey. By the way, honey is very often used to treat various problems. But it is worth considering that the medicine can also cause severe allergic reactions. Therefore, before you start treatment with this method, check to see if you are allergic to it. For this, apply a small amount of honey on your wrist and after a couple of hours, see if that area of ​​the skin is red, or if it is irritated. If everything is in order, then we can start treatment.

To prepare this tool, take 5large walnuts and peel the shell eggs. After that, carefully chop the nuts, and mix them with honey to obtain a uniform consistency. Every evening and every morning, spread the papilloma of this medium with a thick layer. To enhance the effect from above, cover with a plastic bag. For convenience, you can fix a bandage or an adhesive plaster. Compress should be at the right place for at least an hour. The translation should last about a month.

If a month of treatment with folk remedies, younoticed that the papilloma has nowhere disappeared or slightly decreased in size, then stop self-treatment. Immediately contact the hospital with a dermatologist, who will give you a referral for the tests and prescribe the right treatment. With proper treatment, the papillomas will begin to disappear after a couple of days. And it does not matter how to achieve victory in their treatment: alone or with the help of a doctor. The main positive result!

Bear in mind that in some cases, removalpapillomas are possible only surgically. Therefore, follow the doctor's recommendations to quickly get rid of the scourge. But even if you do not experience any discomfort, even papillomas need to be cured!

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