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Top-10 foods that can improve mood

1. Berries
Antioxidants contained in berries,support the normal functioning of the brain and improve cognitive function. By virtue of this, berries are able to effectively counteract depression. Therefore, when watching TV or when you are sad - replace traditional popcorn with frozen blueberries. It will fill you with a sense of happiness, and also prevent premature aging.

2. Chocolate
Dark chocolate helps the brainDevelop endorphins that give a person a sense of joy and happiness. The very name "endorphin" is formed from the concept of "endogenous morphine", that is, produced inside the body. It has long been noted that people suffering from depression or strongly upset by something eat a lot of food that brings them pleasure, that is, increases the level of morphine. Many unlucky gentlemen, bringing her girl to tears, give her a chocolate bar, and she, having eaten it, already with an uplifted mood smiles at him. So chocolate is not only a delicious taste, but also an emergency depressant. The darker the chocolate, the better! This increases serotonin levels, which creates a sense of well-being for several hours. At the same time, the production of stress hormones slows down, as they say, "from the soul as if a stone fell down."

3. Green Tea
Wise Chinese have been drinking green tea for thousands of years andare well aware of its medicinal properties. It contains a lot of antioxidants, amino acids and L - theanine, which is already recognized as an effective tool for fighting stress and a pressing sense of anxiety. Regular use of green tea gives a sense of well-being. It is green tea, not strong coffee, that doctors recommend to those whose work requires increased mental effort, it improves memory, but most importantly - it increases tone and mood.

4. Bananas
The population of the so-called "banana republics"Which, apart from bananas, has something to eat, is remarkable for its extreme vitality and good health. And all this is due to the eating of bananas in any form and in unlimited quantities. Not for nothing they are on the menu in all diets - there are no calories, but the mood is excellent. Tryptophan, which is abundant in bananas, is necessary for the development of the well-known "hormone of happiness" - serotonin. In pharmacology, tryptophan is used in the manufacture of medicines for the treatment of depression and insomnia. And here you do not need any pills - bananas themselves are excellent stimulants that increase mood and drive away insomnia. Eating them can be in raw form, and in various cocktails, but most importantly - that they are constantly in use.

5. Sardines
It was noted that deficiency of Omega-3 and Omega-6 acidsProvokes an increased susceptibility to depression in comparison with those who have a normal level of fatty acids in the body. Sardines are extremely rich in them, respectively, regular consumption of these tasty fish can provide brain activity and maintain a good mood.

6. Avocado
The use of avocado in all possible culinaryHypostases (salads, cocktails, but just eat a piece!) Has a great effect on well-being and gives a positive energy boost. Avocados contain a lot of healthy fats, which raise the level of hormones of dopamine and endorphin. That is, the avocado works by analogy with chocolate - ate a piece and cheered up.

7. The bird
Do not like bananas - eat a piece of turkey orChickens. All the same, the mood will rise. Like bananas, they contain tryptophan, which increases the level of serotonin. In addition, in turkey and chicken meat there is an amino acid tyrosine, which contributes to more effective resistance to stress. Tyrosine is part of the important neurotransmitter norepinephrine and dopamine, actively affecting emotions. The same dopamine has narcotic analogues such as amphetamine or ecstasy. So we get a simple chain of consumption: we eat more chickens - we increase the consumption of tyrosine and raise the serotonin level - we automatically increase our mood - we prophylactically prevent depression for a long time.

8. Vegetable greens
Consumed with food greens can removeBad mood and fatigue, will put aside all the anxious forebodings. This is promoted by the numerous acids contained in greenery, for example, in green onions or spinach. What is very important, vegetable greens are saturated with folic acid and magnesium. They not only ensure the proper functioning of the nerves and muscles, but also maintain the required minimum of magnesium in the body, below which the level of serotonin will decrease, and this can provoke depression.

9. Eggs
You can raise your spirits with the help of eggs. They contain a lot of vitamin D, which stimulates the production of a "hormone of happiness" - serotonin. This positive dignity of eggs will be of great help in the fight against depression in the winter season, when part of the population will be affected by seasonal affective disorder, which figuratively called "winter blues". Regular consumption of eggs will significantly improve the state of mind.

10. Walnuts
These nuts are truly a storehouse of amino acids andChemical elements that are needed by our body. Here there is an entire list of antioxidants and other substances necessary for the synthesis of enzymes that raise the mood. A dozen walnuts per day can reduce cholesterol and improve blood circulation, which will be a good addition to the well-being caused by them.
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