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The most common summer diseases

Allergies begin to attack the human bodySince the beginning of spring, and the torment continues from this disease until the end of the summer. The causes of allergies are many. Some people suffer from allergies to sunlight, others from flowering plants, from insect bites, from taking medications.

Symptoms of allergy may be unceasingSnot, rashes on the skin, sneezing, lacrimation of the eyes, shortness of breath. If you observe such symptoms in yourself, be sure to see a doctor, he will write out the necessary medications for you.

Most common colds in the summer sufferOffice employees and motorists. The thing is that they spend a lot of time under the air conditioning and with the improper use of this miracle of technology. Also in the summer, we often drink cold and eat a lot of frozen juice, which can also cause a cold.

Many people consider tonsillitis as a winter disease,However, in the summer they are not much less common. The reason for this disease is quite simple, because of the heat, we choose ice drinks for ourselves, and also condition the rooms. Often sick with angina in the summer, do not rush to go to the doctors, because they think it's incredible. Remember that if you experience a perspiration in your throat, your tonsils are enlarged, the temperature rises and you have a headache - all these are signs of sore throat, and you urgently need to see a doctor.

If you suffer from angina, then in the summer you better give up frozen juices and do not sit under the air conditioning.

In summer, dermatologists significantlyThe work is added, and under their offices queues from patients are built, and those people who do not dare to undergo the examination, unfortunately, even more. Sand on the beach, wooden and plastic beds, walks in hot shoes or barefoot - all these moments have a skin to the occurrence of fungal diseases, thrush may appear, and this is also a fungal disease.

Intestinal infections
In summer, there is an abundance of intestinal infections. Due to the high temperature of the air, the products spoil much faster, and this is an excellent medium for the reproduction and habitat of pathogenic microorganisms. Only a few neglect the rule that in the summer, fruits and vegetables should be washed very carefully. Yes, and when diving into the sea, drowning the water, you can pick up the E. coli.

Summer time is exactly the time whenExacerbation of chronic cystitis, you can get sick for the first time. Sources of this problem can be a wet swim suit, bathing in contaminated places, sitting on slabs and cooled sand. Danger and urination in the pond, because at this point in the urethra can get bacteria.

In many people, ear inflammation is associated withDrafts and frosts, even otitis can appear due to severe throat diseases. However, besides this there is one more characteristic for the summer season: first we sunbathe under the warm sun and enjoy its warmth, and then we go to dive in the water - as a result, we often earn otitis.

There are several types of herpes, but the two most commonCommon - it's herpes on the lips and genitals. If the herpes on the lip pops up due to a mild cold, then genital herpes appears due to promiscuous sexual intercourse.

STDs are diseases transmitted preciselySexually. Such a reward awaits people who lead a disorderly lifestyle and often change their partners. Summer is just the time most often and it becomes sometimes new acquaintances, resort romances, because vacation, the sea, the sun, the beach, alcohol - all this pushes people to desire to get new sensations. Forgetting in a fit of passion for contraception and hygiene - in return you can get various diseases, which are transmitted exactly through sexual intercourse.

Overheating and sunstroke
Doctors warn of the danger of gettingHeat stroke is very common, but in spite of everything, there are not any more cases of overheating. Symptoms of these ailments are as follows: nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness throughout the body, fever, loss of consciousness. The thing is that we are so addicted to sunbathing that we do not even notice how high the air temperature is. Of course, everyone has their own limit on the perception of temperature, but still it is not recommended to be in the sun from 11 pm and at least to 15.

Summing up, I would like to say that summerFine, it gives us many positive moments, it's fresh fruits and vegetables, sea and country rest, entertainment, but do not forget about the dangers of the season. Be extremely attentive!
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