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Itching in an Intimate Place: Causes and Treatment

With insufficient hygiene careMay cause such unpleasant symptoms as burning and itching, which helps to get rid of washing. The situation in which there is no possibility of a good wash, there is every woman. In this case, it is recommended to use special wet wipes for intimate hygiene. Naturally, they do not replace water, but their use makes it possible to avoid the occurrence of an unpleasant sensation. Moreover, as the producers of such napkins themselves assure, they kill many pathogenic bacteria and do not cause an allergic reaction.

In addition, burning and itching can act inThe symptoms of an allergy to a shower gel or soap. In intimate places the skin is especially tender, for this reason it requires special attention to itself. Do not use for the hygiene of intimate places means that are not intended for this purpose. First, they contribute to skin irritation and lead to disruption of the balance of microorganisms of the genital organs, mainly to candidiasis. To date, there are many different types of foams and gels designed for intimate hygiene. They are perfect for permanent use.

In addition, among the main causes ofItching in the absence of infection should be distinguished: the wearing of linen, which rubs the skin, hypothermia, mechanical damage to the genital organs, the abuse of certain medicines.

In other cases, the appearance of burning and itching in the genital area indicates the presence of infection or some other pathological process that occurs in the body.

The most common cause ofItching in the intimate zone of a woman is the presence of infection. But thus any diagnosis it is impossible to establish or install only on presence of a uniform symptom. Itching in the region of the labia and vagina in some cases can talk about the presence of any infection: ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, etc. Quite often, the elimination of anxiety symptoms is possible only when their cause is eliminated, that is, the underlying disease. In general, if there is a suspicion of having a similar disease, you need to contact a venerologist or a gynecologist. A specialist will be assigned to take tests, and then a qualified treatment.

Treatment of many sexual infections is carried out withUsing antibiotics. In general, the appearance of burning and itching in the area of ​​an intimate place in a woman can be accompanied by a change in color and consistency of excretions, cuts and pains in the lower abdomen, abnormalities in the menstrual cycle. If sexual infections are not treated, then this can lead to negative consequences. Some diseases can acquire a chronic form, while others - go beyond the sexual system. All this can become the main cause of infertility. Also, as a cause of the itching of a woman, there may be inflammation of the pelvic organs.

But in older women, a frequent cause of itching in the genital area is a disease such as vulva vulgaris.

As a result, it must be said that the reasons for the appearanceBurning and itching in the intimate area in women there are many. Some of these causes indicate the presence of pathologies. For this reason, it is important to identify the causes of these symptoms as early as possible and correct them correctly.
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