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Unloading day on milk with tea

Today we will tell you about an effective toolfor weight loss. You do not have to torture yourself with jogs and hikes in the gym, you do not need to refuse from various products. All that is required of you is to arrange a loading day on milk with tea, the effectiveness of which has been proven for a long time.

Use of milk with tea

Milk with tea - an effective tool in the fight againstoverweight. With his help for the day you can throw off from 700 grams to 2 kilograms. In addition, you can make your nervous system in order. After all, this drink has a self-confining action. Molokochai will be useful for the kidneys, heart and liver. One of the advantages of such a fasting day is that it can be carried out without exception.

Tea can be used any, both black andgreen. But the most useful after all is green tea. It has many merits. If you do not like it, then it is recommended to brew black tea together with green in a 1: 1 ratio. Milk is best used not shop, and home, ачай - without impurities and additives.

By the way, after such a fasting day youwill feel extraordinary ease, your hair will stop falling out, and your nails will become stronger. Drink milk and lose weight. But it is necessary to conduct such unloading days correctly. Otherwise they can harm your organism instead of good.

Unloading day namolokochae

Milk tea is a regular tea with milk. Therefore, every woman can cook. Of course, many in the fight against extra pounds use special teas and pills, giving them a lot of money, but why pay more, if you can achieve the same effect of simple tea in smalocom?

Welding helps to remove toxins from yourorganism, milk level the caffeine and give a soft pleasant taste to the drink. It remains to determine what tea is better after all? Most nutritionists give a preference for green tea. Although some insist that black tea is not less effective for such a fasting day. Therefore, you only need to choose the best sort of tea and enjoy its taste.

We are based on classic recipes using green tea. There are several types of brewing milking:

  1. The easiest way is to mix oneliter of freshly brewed green tea with milk. Mix everything thoroughly. Sugar can not be, because it contains extra calories. In addition, sugar reduces the effectiveness of the drink, as it dulls some of the properties of green tea.
  2. This recipe is much more complicated than the previous one. Take a three-pronged spoon with a slide of green tea. Boil two liters of water and brew tea. After the brewing is dissolved in water, pour in a liter of boiled milk. The drink should be infused for 20 minutes, after which it must be filtered. After that, the milk is ready for consumption.
  3. The last recipe is most often used by nutritionists.Take three tablespoons of green tea. Then boil 2 liters of milk and pour hot milk over the tea. Insist a half hour drink. After that, it is ready for use.
To the note: it is best to use milk with a low percentage of fat, otherwise there may be extra pounds.

    Thinness of a day of loading on milk

    Every girl knows that any diet orUnloading days have their own subtleties and secrets. Not without them and in the case of milk. The first rule, which should be adhered to - to unload the house, a day off is desirable. The thing is that milk is a diuretic, it means the toilet should be nearby. Plus to all this, you will feel hungry and even weak. And under such conditions it will be much better if a cozy bed, relaxing atmosphere and a favorite film are ryadomakazhetsya. This will help you easier to move the day off and protect your body from unnecessary stress.

    The following rule follows from the previous one. Since milk is a diuretic, the body will lose the necessary liquid. If this happens abruptly, then your state of health can sharply worsen. But we will lose weight properly and competently. Therefore, in order to replenish the shortage of water in the body, in addition to milk with tea, it is necessary to drink two liters of mineral water per day. Give preference to non-carbonated water of good quality.

    Such a fasting day does not provide forno food. There is forbidden categorically. Therefore, you should prepare yourself in advance for morale and be patient. The hunger will approach, but it can not be continuously quenched with milk. This drink drink by the rules - a glass of tea with milk every two hours. This rule does not apply to refined water, so you can drink it in any quantity. But do not forget that for a day you are allocated only two liters of water, so distribute it competently.

    By the way, milk with tea can be drunk both hot and cold. Choose yourself depending on the time of year, as well as your personal preferences.

    If you like the results youreach with the help of such a fasting day, then for sure you will want to repeat your shift and sit for another couple of days for milk. Do it not worth it. Dieticians recommend that you spend such a day of unloading not more often than once. And then, on condition that you are completely healthy. There are reasons for this. Firstly, such a drug is diuretic, which means it takes out necessary vitamins and nutrients from your body. Secondly, if there is a lack of vitamins in your organism, then you can cause serious damage to health.

    It is best to conduct such a fasting dayspring or summer, when it's warm outside. Then you will not be so much tormented by the feeling of hunger. In addition, at such times the body receives more vitamins from freshly-brewed fruits and fruits. If you still decide in the winter or fall to lose weight in this way, it is best to drink a course of multivitamins.

    The last recommendation for a day ofmilking -feeling measures. Very often we forget about him. And in vain. After all, you need to do it gradually. If you are determined to lose weight, then do not put all your hopes only on milk. It is necessary to consider other options that will be less harmful to the body and help to consolidate the results achieved. These can be diets based on healthy food; training in the gym (fitness, aerobics) or classes in the pool (aqua aerobics) and so on. Constantly arrange unloading days is impossible, because the body needs time to restore strength and energy.

    In this article, we have analyzed an unusual wayslimming - loading day on milk. You learned on what such a loading day is based, how to properly conduct it, and also its subtleties. If you follow simple rules, then you can easily achieve the desired results. The main thing is will power and patience. But do not forget, do not get involved in such ways of losing weight. After all, even they can bring bad health.

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