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Useful properties of stevia

On the territory of the Soviet Union, this plant wasimported by well-known scientist and academician Vavilov. This happened in the 30-40-ies of the last century. It was he who noticed that drinks with this herb help to restore the life forces of man and improve one's health. Soon the honey grass began to grow in specially designated places for this purpose and to submit to the table members of the Politburo.

Uses of the world

Long years about stevia and its beneficial propertieswas known only to a narrow circle of people who were engaged in treatment of various diseases with the help of herbs and natural resources. However, today, stevia has acquired an overwhelming popularity and is used by many people both as a vegetable sweetener and as a medicament. Extract of stevia leaves is called stevioside and it is 300 times higher than sugar for sweetness. Stevioside is included in many known today for weight loss. And if you replace the usual sugar with herbal and natural products - honey and stevioside, then you will very soon feel much better and can save your body from the harmful effects of sugar.

Of all the countries of the world, stevia todayis actively used in Japan, because it is the inhabitants of this country who have always been wary of sugar, as the source of all ills and diseases - diabetes, obesity, caries. Every year in Japan, 1,700 tons of this mead is harvested and collected. Stevia is used, adding not only to food and beverages, but also making fatigue biologically active additives used throughout the world. In Russia and Ukraine, stevia has been grown since 1986 and there is already a vast experience of its use and the reasons for making sure there are many beneficial properties of honey grass. A very large amount of information about the results, which gives the application of stevia, makes this natural product especially popular among the inhabitants of our country.

Foodstuff herbs

To the useful properties that the grass possessesunder the name of stevia, it is possible to carry the following. First, it is a natural antifungal agent. Also, stevia has become known as an antimicrobial drug - it is recommended not only for prophylaxis, but also for the treatment of viral infections, cold cough diseases. Well-known properties of honey grass as a means to strengthen immunity, increase resistance to fungi, microbes and other causative agents of disease. Taking Stevia lowers cholesterol in the blood, slows down the aging process, enriches the body with useful vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and other substances.

Also, stevia is actively used forimprove the condition of the skin as part of creams, lotions. After using the cosmetic preparations, your skin becomes more elastic, wrinkles are smoothed, and redness disappears. Doctors also in recent years have identified the beneficial effects of honey stevia on the digestive system, as well as the organs of excretion. Stevia excellently promotes the removal of waste products, salts and other metabolic products from the body. For people who suffer from diabetes, stevia will become a real discovery and salvation. Also known are the essential qualities of this sweet herb when losing weight.

Stevia for weight loss

Today Stevia enjoys a specialpopularity among those people who dream of losing weight and get a more slender form. Efficiency of honey grass in this area say many. Indeed, stevia is so sweet herb that those who use it as a substitute for sugar say that other sweets just do not want to be consumed, and therefore, naturally, the number of flavors in your diet is reduced. It must be remembered that stevia, like any other product, should be used in moderation.

The thing is that Stevia influences all processes,occurring in your body, it normalizes digestion, metabolism, stabilizes arterial pressure, lowers cholesterol in the blood, removes slag and thereby helps reduce weight. Many who took stevia for a long time, say that it reduces appetite, and therefore you take food in small portions and are safe from overeating. Very important are all the properties of honey grass, affecting the ability to lose a few extra pounds. You can eat it in any form - it can be only the green leaves torn as a supplement to the salad, or maybe a dietary supplement with an extract of stevia leaves-stevioside.

Caloric content of stevia, despite itssweetness, is at zero level, and therefore you can use it without fear of earning your own calories. However, remember that the daily dose of stevia should not exceed two grams per kilogram of weight. Herbs can be added to tea, green salad, as well as in dough, making homemade shortbreads. Now stevia is sold in the form of extract, dry powder, and also in fresh form. You can independently grow stevia on your own on the windowsill or on the balcony - so it will always be available to you. Just need to buy seeds and plant the plant according to all the rules. Trying to lose weight with stevia? Do more and complex exercises, because to achieve this effect must be approached in a comprehensive manner.

Are there any contraindications to stevia?

To begin with, it should be said that the stevia, asand any other product, it is necessary to apply as a food product "wisely", namely - in moderate doses. When used in large quantities, the grass can cause a malfunction of the heart, that is, the palpitation can then accelerate, then be slowed down. In the rest - it is quite harmless herb and with proper application it can only benefit. If you use stevia in the composition of biologically active additives, then the manufacturer may be indicated some other contraindications, or rather limitations. It can be forbidden to use Stevia by pregnant and lactating women, children under the age of 12, people who have individual intolerance to the ingredients of the drug, as well as those who suffer from allergies and diathesis.

So, in order to improve yourphysical state and health of your body, you can definitely advise the use of stevia as an additive to the diet. It will help not only to resume the normal work of all oragnism, but also to increase your vitality as a whole. Stevia can be used as a full-fledged and constant substitute for sugar, improving its general condition and contributing to the improvement of the metabolic process and losing weight.

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