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Myths about menstruation

Myth number 1. Because of the abundant periods, anemia can develop.

true. Abundant bleeding is when you have a dayLeaves more than ten pads, while you can lose a lot of iron. And when our body lacks this important and valuable microelement, anemia (anemia) can develop.

Myth number 2. After the removal of the uterus (hysterectomy), a woman can menstruate.

true. If a woman is removed from the uterus,Bleeding and exfoliation of the mucosa can not occur. However, it is very important to know that with such surgery, the woman has a vagina, so she can have sex and more, get an orgasm and feel like a real woman!

Myth number 3. When using hormonal contraceptives, you can delay the periods.

True. If this is not necessary, then it is notDo it, just because you want to ease your life. Only together with a gynecologist you can decide in what way and when it is possible to prolong the menstrual cycle. If you do not have any contraindications and complications, then the doctor will prescribe medications for you and tell you what scheme you need to take. However, when using drugs, you must constantly visit the gynecological office.

Myth number 4. If there was a delay in the pregnancy, then the woman is pregnant.

True. This has nothing to do with the validity. The reasons for the delay in menstruation are very different. This can be strong stress, radical climate change, rapid weight loss, and hormonal problems and prolonged physical activity and intake of hormonal drugs. But still make a test if you are in doubt!

Myth number 5. During the period you can get pregnant.

True. You can really get pregnant, especially thisRefers to women who have a cycle shorter than 20-22 days. In this situation, the egg leaves the last days of menstruation. However, even if your cycle lasts for twenty days, ovulation may occur earlier for several days, and some data say that spermatozoa live in the female reproductive tract for about a week. Therefore, if you are not pregnant, then do not take risks, because a whole week of sperm are capable of fertilization!

Myth number 6. Blood smearing in the first trimester of pregnancy threatens the mother and the baby.

True. This is not necessary. Because for the first time two or three months there can be insignificant bloodsucking. Although monthly in pregnancy is a sign of a miscarriage, it can also be the usual natural removal of any part of the endometrium that the fetus does not need at all. The woman can not determine whether it is simply a mean menstruation or a threat of losing a child, so always consult a doctor -Gynecologist.

Myth number 7. Irregular menstruation - this is not necessarily cause for concern.

True. Irregular monthly can only be the firstTwo years after the first menstruation and for several years before the climax. Moreover, the cycle can change for other reasons, for example, if you went on a long trip abroad (cardinal climate change) and so on.

Myth number 8. Menstruation and ovulation occur at different times.

True. It happens that the mucous membrane of the uterus is alreadyexfoliated, and the egg did not come out of the follicle. This is called the anovulatory cycle, it is very common in recent years before the menopause and in the first years after the menarche. Moreover, even a healthy woman may have one or two anovulatory cycles per year. If a woman constantly makes love, while not being protected and can not become pregnant throughout the year, then the problem can be associated with the lack of ovulation. Buy a test for the definition of ovulation, it is sold in the pharmacy, so you can pick the best time for conception.

Myth number 9. With menstruation, you can not have sex and exercise.

True. This is not reality, becausea woman can do everything she does every day, unnecessary to disturb her usual rhythm of life. Thanks to light exercises, you can even get rid of painful sensations, and the well-being will be an order of magnitude better. But the main rule is not to overdo it, because too much load can only increase bleeding. And what concerns to sex, so you can not survive, there are no special restrictions, unless your partner agrees on it. And, of course, it is better to protect yourself with a condom.

Myth number 10. If you take oral contraceptives, then the monthly do not come.

true. After taking two packages of oralThe contraceptive begins to be smeared, it resembles the onset of menstruation, but in fact it does not appear to be the usual menstrual period, this is called bleeding cancellation (this is simply a break in the action of hormones). In this situation, the egg does not ripen, because the drug acts, which means that the endometrium is not preparing for the fact that it will be necessary to take an fertilized egg, because of this, and the volume does not increase.

Myth number 11. Blood with menstruation should not have a smell.

True. This is not true. When the blood leaves the cervical canal, it is sterile, and when it moves through the female genital tubes, it absorbs a specific odor that is associated with the bacterial flora outside the vagina and in it. For this reason, one must observe personal hygiene both during menstruation and between them. Dosage should be taken at least twice a day, you need to wipe yourself with a towel that is not used for other parts of the body. Intimate deodorants can not be used because they can increase bleeding. If you need to swim in the sea or pool, then use a tampon and after a swim immediately replace it.

Myth number 12. During menstruation, you can not do a facial cleansing.

True. It's true, you can not do this. These days, the skin becomes more sensitive, so even the smallest wounds will last for a long time, and it's better to do it on other days of the cycle, and during the menstruation, do not do anything traumatic for the skin. This also applies to all kinds of depilation, especially on the face skin.

Myth number 13. These days you can not massage.

true. This is true. Many masseurs will tell you this in person, but cosmetologists say that the massage massage should be done on the contrary.

Myth number 14. No operations with monthly allow.

True. Before going to surgery, the patient should tell the doctor that it is on this day that the menstrual period should begin.

Myth number 15. During menstruation, you can not dye your hair.

True. Any hairdresser will confirm this to you.Rather, you can dye your hair, but the color may or may not come up, or you'll get it, which you did not expect, and the hairdresser too. It is not clear whether this is due to hormones or another cause, but it is better to wait a few days, and then dye your hair normally.

Myth number 16. If there are monthly, then it is impossible to roll conservations.

True. Any woman will certainly agree with this. After all, if the time of menstruation is twisted, then all banks will explode. With hormones, it's kind of unconnected, so it all depends on the fact that it's in these days that the energy level of women is very low, so everything that we do turns out to be mildly unsuccessful.

Myth number 17. In the period of menstruation can not be stopped.

True. It has nothing to do with the truth. What should a professional seamstress do? They work, like all other people. Do not take them a monthly vacation for a week?

Myth number 18. These days you can not guess.

True. Fortune telling is generally very harmful. Remember that during the menstruation we are mentally unbalanced, with a forced energy, and from guessing you can expect anything, so it's better not to take chances.

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