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How and why to fast?

Every year Lent begins afterA festive Shrovetide week or, as they used to call it in Russia, Cheese Week. During this period, it is worthwhile to limit yourself to eating meat products. Thus, preparations for the post are proceeding slowly.

What do you need to know before you fast?
Shrovetide ends with forgiven Sunday, inThis day you must sincerely forgive everyone, forget your resentment, your anger. Do not take the path of correction with a load on the heart and in thought. That's why you should ask the priest for a blessing on the post. This will help to comply with all rules and canons.

In 2013, the fast lasts 48 days, it's the saintsWeeks carry a great meaning. Every day a person who fasts, approaches the Almighty, and in the last week the Lord Himself comes to meet a man. This is the great passionate week - the most severe time.

Rules of fasting
Many believe that the main thing in the post is to refuseFrom food and alcohol, and that will be enough. In fact, everything is much more serious. Your thoughts, which you put on your heart, must be pure. And this is possible if you limit yourself in entertainment, pleasure and learn to sincerely pray. It is best to begin every morning with prayer, so that the grace of God will enter your heart and accompany you throughout the day. Prayer will help you to find peace of mind.

Few people know that the Great Post is being prepared in advance, starting in three weeks. And this tradition helps to concentrate in advance and prepare yourself for a good cause.

What products can and can not be?
During Lent we should limit ourselves toUse of certain food products. Such austerity will help focus on cleansing, not on satisfying one's needs. At first glance, it seems that you can eat only bread and water. And this is an erroneous opinion, since during the post there are a lot of allowed products and delicious recipes.

What can you eat in Lent?

Various cereals - from them you can cookDelicious cereal, but without milk. Fruits and vegetables, fortunately, they are always on sale. Mushrooms, pickles, vegetable and berry preparations. It's so nice to sit and drink tea with jam. The Orthodox Church blesses every dish prepared during the fast. Therefore, thank and pray before and after eating, this tradition will give you strength and will sate all your loved ones.

During a post it is necessary to refuse the following products:
  • meat
  • milk
  • Buttery bread
  • Pastries and sweets
  • Eggs
  • Alcohol, tobacco and drugs
As you already understood, fasting is the limitations of the body,Mind and spirit from worldly pleasures and temptations. But not everyone can comply with all the rules, it is very difficult to keep the will power and abandon the fact for what so long got used to. Therefore, there are several degrees of fasting.

The first degree is strictly observed by the elders andMonks, they completely refuse to eat and pray daily. Not everyone can do this penance. But thanks to this post, many people condescend to the grace of God and the power of providence. Others eat cold food without cooking it on vegetable oil, such a degree is called dry eating. Still others can eat warmed food. You can also add fish instead of meat. And the easiest degree is the use of all products, except meat, dairy.

Each person chooses for himself how to fast. And before the beginning necessarily talk to the father and consult, as it is better to you to arrive.

There are exceptions for people who fast. These are sick people, elderly, pregnant women and nursing mothers. For them, the best option is to read sincere prayers and thank God.
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