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Ozone therapy intravenously: benefits, indications, contraindications

In the body, ozone is delivered in various ways,depending on the disease and indications: intravenously, intramuscularly, or gavage. As required, ozone can be administered intravaginally, as well as rectally. Ozone therapy involves not only treatment of certain diseases, but also a generally restorative effect; As a preventive measure, ozone cleans the skin and the body in general. Moreover, studies have shown that after the use of ozone, metabolism is restored, there is a general strengthening of the body.

Intravenous ozone therapy

Penetrating into the body, ozone immediately beginsinteraction in cages, in cells it builds ozonoid biologically active groups. Thanks to this, each cell is supplied with such groups and begins to reverse oxidation to destroy the membranes of various harmful microorganisms. When the microorganism loses its protection, it subsequently dies, thus the antiseptic mechanism of ozone works. It is noteworthy that the cells of the organism themselves interact very well with ozone and not only do not receive the slightest harm, they, on the contrary, are strengthened and energized.

Ozone works as an immunomodulator,antibacterial agent, is excellent as an anti-inflammatory agent, detoxifier, and also an anesthetic. In addition to the usual intravenous administration, at this time it is practiced to use autoblood, which is administered ozone. This method eliminates problems with metabolic disorders, restores the hormonal balance. Oxygen is also released and a complete recovery of oxygen transport occurs. Intravenous ozone therapy very well affects blood microcirculation, dilates blood vessels, has a beneficial effect on immunity, strengthening it. Continuing the topic of useful properties of intravenous ozone therapy, it must be said that ozone eliminates many allergic reactions, removes chronic fatigue, strengthens and restores sexual activity. Along with solving problems with the exchange of substances, there are improvements in the fat, protein and carbohydrate processes.

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Also worth noting is painlessness and simplicitythis type of therapy, ozonotherapy is allowed even for pregnant women. Unlike treatment with standard drugs, ozone accelerates treatment by 20%, while not using harmful and heavy drugs. Plus, all the person gets a full support of the body, cleaning and restoring what you need to have a separate course of treatment.

Of course, this could not remain unnoticed, andToday, ozonotherapy is gaining momentum; it is useful in the treatment of virtually all diseases. Ozone is successfully used in many spheres of medicine, for example, in surgery, dermatology, gynecology and obstetrics, immunology, neurology, endocrinology, in venereal and infectious diseases due to effective exposure to oxygen transport and release.

Pros of ozone therapy

The very first and obvious effect, this general strengtheningbody, lack of lethargy, increased immunity. The organism very quickly gets rid of various inflammatory processes, receives complex cleaning. In the organism, metabolic processes are activated, cell membranes and their properties are restored. Improves the work of the antioxidant system, neutralizes the work of free radicals. It is impossible not to notice the improvement of the skin, the skin is moistened and much more quickly restored.

After ozone enters the blood, itdiluted, respectively, the blood is carried more quickly through the body, assimilates the acquired substances, delivers them through the vessels to the cells and all organs of the body. Thus, many times the total feeding of the body by oxygen and substances is improved. Naturally, such an order positively affects the health, the work of the brain improves, sluggishness and apathy disappear, and the intellectual capacity increases significantly.

Given the problem of mankind with alcohol, ozone,as impossible, showed his ability to heal an ethanol-damaged liver. Kakizvestno, the alcoholic liver does not fulfill its functions, even by 30%. Naturally, because of this, the blood suffers, it does not have time to clear, and newportions of alcohol do not have time to be treated with blood, eventually getting into the body of the brain. The body produces a huge amount of toxins, they lead to a breakdown in metabolism, to contamination of the plasma. In general, the body is not only unable to recover, but even functions that are necessary for normal vital activity are violated. As a result, a lot of diseases develop and

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In this case, if ingested, ozonebegins to actively withdraw from the blood of all alcohol products, replacing the unhealthy liver, thus allowing the body to recover. Over time, hepatocytes are restored and do not degenerate into fat tissues.

Carrying out ozone therapy

Intravenous ozone is administered as a physiological solution,are rich in ozone by means of a special ozonizer, in fact, an ordinary drip is placed. But there are very subtle and not noticeable moments, ozone can not last a long time in solution after saturation, saline should be introduced into the body within 20 minutes, otherwise it is excreted. Therefore, intravenous administration of ozone requires the presence in the clinic. In what quantity to enter physiological saline the doctor solves depending on indications and features of an organism, as a rule, from 200 to 400 ml. This amount of solution is able to penetrate the body through the dropper in 15 minutes. There are no special indications during and after the procedure. After the introduction of ozone, you need to calmly rest for 15-20 minutes, the samoprocedure is recommended after a light lunch, but not on an empty stomach, there are no more restrictions.

Contraindications to ozone therapy

  • the presence of favism;
  • regular convulsions;
  • not blood coagulability and other blood diseases;
  • bleeding;
  • at alcohol intoxication;
  • hemorrhagic stroke;
  • decreased level of the platelets;
  • problems with increased thyroid function;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • direct contraindications to ozone.

In some cases, ozone therapy may manifest itselfside effects of a temporary nature, for example, an increase in hepatic enzymes, which then quickly recover. There have also been cases of frequent miscarriages, although for pregnant women with edema it is even better, and hepatic colic may also appear.

If you know in advance that you will be taking ozonotherapy, it is recommended that you take some time to use active biological supplements.

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