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Sassi Water

What is Sassi's water?

The Sassi water is a new,which helps in the fight against excess weight. The most interesting is that this tool does not require special expenses and interference of outsiders, because you can cook it yourself. Napitocochen is pleasant to taste and smell, and its production does not take much time and effort. Its effectiveness lies in providing an effective effector of the gastrointestinal tract. With the help of Sassi, you can model a figure, and also improve your health.

History of the origin of the drink

As you know, Sassi is a vitamin-mineralcocktail. Its origin has American roots, because one of the residents of the United States has created an original recipe. Cynthia Sass is an intruder and she is a doctor. It was Cynthia who picked up the ingredients and made their combination the most optimal. The author was guided by the maximum improvement of the gastrointestinal tract: reduce gas formation, accelerate the breakdown of fats and help the metabolic products to be eliminated faster from the body. But what all preparations, this composition also has its side effects. But it is unlikely that they can be such, since they consist in greatly improving the condition of the hair and skin, and also optimally saturate the body with the necessary amount of vital liquid. Why is this impact called a side effect? Yes, because Cynthia did not expect such a result, which stunned not only her, but now also the inhabitants of all countries of the world.

Everything began from the usual supplement to the usuala diet called "Flat Tummy". But after a while the water became very popular, as it began to be consumed separately from the ingredients of the diet.

Recipe for classic Sassi water

To prepare the medicine, take 2 litersof spring water. If there is no way to get one, then an extreme case, you can use bottled drinking water or filtered. Next, you need to buy a fresh root of ginger and thoroughly grind it to the formation of gruel. You should get a ready-made one in 1 tablespoon. Also take a cucumber and peel it from the peel, and then cut into slices of medium size. And the last ingredient will be: 10-12 leaves of peppermint.

Cooking method

Place the collected ingredients in one container, andthen fill it with water, but before this, carefully rinse the leaves of mint into small pieces. The entire composition is placed in the lowest shelf in the refrigerator and leave to infuse for 10-12 hours. The most advantageous option will be to prepare the mixture from the evening and put it overnight. This is delayed for the diffusion process to take effect. Diffusion will help the vitamin to various trace elements to mix together with water. Thus, you have a refreshing cocktail, which not only saves you from hot days, but at the same time brings other benefits. But do not expect too much saturation of the drink, although it is not devoid of pleasant taste.

Recipe for citrus fruits

To receive this Vilakokteyla youYou will need again 2 liters of water (purified, bottle, spring). Further, tangerine, lemon (can be replaced with orange) - all in one piece. And also leaves of a sage, a lemon verbena and mint.

Cooking method

Citrus and leaves are well washed andto dry. Then cut the citrus finely, and the leaves are torn by hand. All this is added to the container and filled with water, and then left overnight in the refrigerator.

How to use Sassi water correctly?

To get the right result,some rules of Sassi water intake. For 4 days you need to drink at least 8 glasses of cocktail per day. But the caloric content of food should not be more than 1400 Kcal per day. Then follows the second stage, which consists of 4 weeks. In this time interval you can raise the calorie content of food to no more than 1600 Kcal. To divide the ratsiontvetset on 4 receptions, accordingly on 400 Kcal for time. In your diet, there must be a source of monounsaturated fatty acids. At the same time, such foods that contain salt, sugar and caffeine should be reduced to a minimum.

Conventional use of cocktail

According to experts, the water Sassi is well influencedon the body and with its usual application. But you should carefully monitor the quality of the products (ingredients). Before you start mixing everything into a substance, make sure that you are well washed vegetables and fruits, as well as leaves. Do not leave the drink in the sun or in a warm room to avoid spoilage. Storage should take place in the tasting dish (opaque vessel). Water can not drink more than 4 liters per day. If the norm is exceeded, the additional burden on the kidneys and the heart can have bad consequences, and also the stomach stretches. One drink is worth no more than one glass: make a temporary break between receptions. To avoid swelling, drink water for 1.5 hours before bedtime. You can not drink tea and cucumbers, replace them with water, because they contain a lot of gases. Also, when taking a meal, do not forget about cutting portions.

If you are allergic to separate ingredients or chronic diseases that water can cause or worsen, first consult with your doctor.

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