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Flavonoids are super substances for health and beauty

Flavonoids were first talked about in 1936,When scientists isolated the gesperedin (a substance similar to rutin and quercetin). Over the last hundred years, science has become aware of more than 150 species of flavonoids, and their number is constantly increasing. They classify these plant components into 5 groups: flavonones, flavonols, caffeic acid, catechins, anthocyanides. Each type performs its task, but only all of them together can ensure the total effectiveness of the flavonoids as a whole. So, catechins prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques, but only the quercetin is able to split plaques that have settled on the walls of the vessels. Flavonoids are not produced in the body, but to provide it with a full range of flavonoids, it is sufficient to eat various vegetables and fruits.

To be undaunted in the choice, we suggest that you study the advantages of each type of flavonoids.

The natural substance of catechin is found in leaves andFruits of many plants. Especially a lot of catechins young shoots acacia catechu, due to which the substance and received the summoning. On an industrial scale, catechin is produced only from tea leaves, and at home it is only necessary to pamper your stomach with grapes, quinces, plums, cherries, strawberries or cranberries, apricots and peaches. Of course, do not forget about tea, but in green tea catechins are much more than black. Catechins are the strongest antioxidants, they speed up the metabolism, and help to consume energy as quickly as possible. Knowing about this dignity of catechins, women necessarily include green tea and other products saturated with this natural substance in the diet menu. In addition, due to the high biological activity of catechins, they are used in the treatment of edema of vascular origin and diseases of capillaries: they increase the elasticity of the capillaries and regulate their permeability. Without catechins, one can not do with those who suffer from elevated cholesterol. Catechin absorbs cholesterol, and this allows us to say that the risk of heart attack, atherosclerosis and thrombosis in it significantly reduces.

Flavonons (water-soluble vegetable substancesOrigin) is most abundant in the growth of the family of citrus and rosaceous. They are also not synthesized by human nature. That's why it's so important to consume enough foods that contain flavonones. The record holder for flavonon content is a white shell, which is hidden under the skin of citrus fruits. There are these things pepper, black currant, lemons, hips and hawthorn berries. Variety flavononov hesperidin (contained only in orange juice) is able to reduce the weakness of capillary blood vessels, and his brother naringin (flavonoid grapefruit juice) positively affects the composition of the blood. In addition, without the above substances can not do with the treatment and prevention of cataracts. If the manifestations of herpes are excruciated, then flavonones should be taken simultaneously with the S

One of the representatives of flavonols isQuercetin. You can find it in all varieties of grapes, olives, onions and even in chocolate. This component is able to destroy free radicals (they cause cancer and clogging of blood vessels). Of course, chocolate is very calorie, but at the same time it perfectly reduces the level of "bad" cholesterol and supports "good" cholesterol.

In grapes there is one more kind of flavonoids -Anthocyanides. They are also common in the vicious world and hide under the skin, in the flesh and bones of the berry. A sufficient number of them also in the bark of pine, cranberries, blueberries. With the use of products rich in anthocyanins, collagen and elastin fibers are strengthened, and this prevents early skin aging. Physicians are also confident that this substance suppresses the activity of genital herpes and inhibits inflammatory processes in the body.

In conclusion, a couple of words about red wine: It contains at once 3 types of flavonoids. In view of this, wine is a medicinal value. And it is red that is useful - it preserves the skin during its preparation. With a reasonable use of this drink, the probability of blood clots is reduced, the teeth and gums appear to be protected from various diseases.

How often to eat foods richflavonoids? So often, as this requiresorganism, because he himself is engaged in regulating the amount of flavonoids. One thing, do not overdo with the concentrated extracts that are produced on an industrial scale. It is better to consult a doctor and take such remedies in accordance with the instructions.

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