/ Starvation: harm or benefit?

Starvation: harm or benefit?

In our time, there are many methods of starvation, but now we will not describe them, but look at the very essence of the matter.

Fasting with excess weight
The hungry and the doctors agree in one opinion -Prolonged fasting is not a way to get rid of excess weight. There are several reasons for this. First, when a person refuses food, he loses not fatty cells, but liquid. The organism, being in a state of stress, "understands" that it is not going to feed it, and it keeps the fat as long as possible.

Metabolism during abstinence from foodSlows down and when returning to normal diet there is a high probability that the depleted body will gain excess fat "in reserve", so the dropped weight will return quickly and with "friends." Doctors, nutritionists explain that useful fasting for the purpose of losing weight can only be a short-term, 24-36 hours. At the same time, it is wise to enter and exit this period of refusal of food.

Starvation as a detoxifier

Understand whether starvation will help to cleanse the body,Not so simple, because many experts claim that we do not need special cleaning, since a healthy organism copes with this task itself. The function of removing harmful substances from the body is performed: skin, liver, kidneys, lymph nodes and intestines.

Also, many experts claim that the way of life andNutrition of modern man contributes to the accumulation of toxins and toxins in the body, which can lead to diseases such as diabetes, depression and many others. According to these doctors, starvation helps to get rid of unnecessary waste, as well as toxins that accumulate in fat cells, due to short-term fasting.

Fasting as a way of prolonging life
Long-term studies in animals have proved,That individuals who consumed less food lived longer. There have also been experiments that have shown that alternating fasting with a moderate diet regime has a significant effect on life expectancy, which also makes it significantly better.

People who are fasting, are sure that withWith the help of giving up food, it is possible to treat many diseases. A lot of stories are known, as people suffered from heart disease, intestinal diseases and even tumors due to prolonged starvation.

There is an opinion of some psychotherapists thatAdhering to short-term fasting, you can overcome depression and stress. But you need to start fasting with 6-8 hours of abstinence from food, gradually increasing the time to 24-48 hours.

We are careful
If you weigh all the pros and cons, you stillDecided to go hungry, it is necessary to visit a doctor and undergo a complete examination. To reduce the possibility of some complications, fasting should be supervised by a health worker. You also need to decide for what purpose you want to refuse food, because, depending on this, the doctor can make adjustments.

And remember! Categorically you can not starve when:
  • Heart failure
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Kidney disease
  • Hepatitis
  • Pregnancy.
Be healthy!
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