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Myths about metabolism

The rate of metabolism, in one way or another, is associated withOur body, or rather, with its structure. Each kilogram of fat that we have, burns a total of 5 calories a day. But a kilogram of lean body mass does more work and burns 35 calories every day. The lean mass consists mainly of ismicles, so the best way to accelerate metabolism is to increase muscle mass, and this can only be done with physical exertion. Moreover, you need a lot of protein food to build muscle mass.

There are many myths about metabolism, but now we find out what is true and what is not.

Myth number 1. If you consume enough water, your body will burn more calories.

Fact. All the chemical reactions that occur in ourOrganism, are 100% dependent on water. Scientists say that if the body lacks water, then you will burn 2% less calories. Studies were conducted that showed that participants who drank from 8 to 12 glasses of water a day had a more accelerated metabolism compared to those who consumed just 4 cups.

Council. Observe the color of urine, if it has a color that is darker than straw-yellow, then it may mean that you drink little water, try to drink at least one glass before eating.

Myth number 2. Diets reduce the metabolic rate at rest, and this slows down and complicates the weight loss process.

Fact. Because of each lost pound of weight, your bodyBurns a day for 2-10 calories less. If you drop, for example, 10 pounds, then you will have to eat 100 calories less to maintain a slender body, without taking into account the exercises. But you can protect yourself from slow metabolism in the process of losing weight. The best way is getting rid of fat, but keeping muscle mass. Reduce the number of calories that you eat and exercise more often. If you will use radical diets, consuming less than 1000 calories per day, you will lose non-fat, and muscle mass.

Council. Try to avoid every day 250 calories and burn as much with the help of sports. So you gain muscle mass, and lose a greater percentage of fat.

Myth number 3. Acute food accelerates metabolism.

Fact. Capsaicin is a bioactive ingredient, with the help ofWhich chili pepper has such a sharp taste, and can accelerate the metabolism, moreover, it will provide a feeling of satiety and remove the feeling of hunger. Studies were conducted in which participants consumed 30 milligrams of chili pepper, which caused a temporary acceleration of metabolism by 23 percent, but even those who added 0.9 milligrams of food were able to increase metabolism by 10-16 percent.

Council. Get the chili and sprinkle it with slices of stewed dishes, Mexican dishes, pasta, add it to sauces and various seasonings.

Myth number 4. If there is a lot of protein food, then metabolism will accelerate.

Fact. The protein is able to intensively affect metabolismSubstances, which can not be said about carbohydrates and fats, because for its digestion the body releases much more energy. This phenomenon is also called the thermal effect of food. Studies have shown that a person who eats protein foods burns twice as many calories as he does with carbohydrates. If you are on a regular diet, then 14% of the foods should be sent to the stomach along with the proteins. If you figure out this figure, then you can lose weight faster.

Council. To properly dispose of the beneficial properties of proteins, with each dish, use 20 grams of protein food.

Myth number 5. Grapefruit is able to speed up the metabolism.

Fact. This is not reality. This is a normal fruit and it can not perform miracles with metabolism, but it can help in loss of weight. Studies have shown that if you eat half a grapefruit before meals, a 12-week toza can be dropped 4 pounds. This is due to the fact that this fruit contains water and fiber, which allows you to eat less.

Council. Replace the salad or soup with fresh fruit or juice, for example, tangerine or grapefruit.

Myth number 6. Cardiovascular is not as effective for the activation of metabolism as lifting weights.

Fact. With sufficient strength exercises, you burn calories by 6-8% more, and this is about 100 extra calories per day.

Weight lifting activates metabolismMore than a cardiovascular exercise. But if you look at it from the other side, it can be said that aerobic exercises do not increase the dry muscle mass sufficiently. The best way to build muscle is to do the resistance exercises.

Tip.Study at physical exertion to achieve tension of the largest muscles, give preference to exercises that consist of two parts. It can be push-ups, squats and takdale.

Myth number 7. Selderey reduces calories, because its assimilation requires a lot of calories.

Fact. The thermal effect of food and the truth gives an opportunityThe body burn calories during the digestion of drinks and food, but this requires only 30% of the calories you consume. The root of celery contains 6 calories, and for its assimilation it takes only half a calorie. Therefore, this is only a fiction.

Council. You can add celery to soups, stewedDishes and salads, in the quality of a calorie, but a full meal, but do not think that he can help you get rid of excess weight. Moreover, celery is very useful, it lowers blood pressure.

Myth number 18. Chai is able to accelerate the natural burning of calories.

Fact. Green and red tea containsCatechins, which accelerate the burning of fat in the body. Green tea is really capable of accelerating metabolism. Studies have shown that consuming one cup of red tea per day increases the number of calories burned by 10%, and green by 4%.

Tip. Instead of a morning cup of coffee, drink green orRed tea, they have a tadose of caffeine, which is necessary to speed up the metabolism. Sugar and milk replace with a lemon, thanks to which the body will absorb more catechins.

Myth №9. During PMS, we experience an increased appetite, because before the monthly, the metabolism is accelerated.

Fact. In fact, PMS has a plus - this is the acceleration of metabolism during the menstrual cycle and this period is called the luteal phase. The metabolism of substances is accelerated because of hormonal processes.

TipTry to write down what you eat onA week to monthly and a week after them. Make a one-time diet for the whole month and stick to it. Thus, you will benefit from the burning of fats that are caused by hormones. If you still can not help yourself, then at least control the size of the portions.

Myth number 10. If you do not have enough time, then you need to more intensively exercise, so that the metabolism can accelerate.

Fact. People who are intensely engaged in sports, afterexercises in a state of rest are endowed with the acceleration of metabolism. This acceleration is more intense and lasts longer than with ordinary exercises or exercises with low intensity. Be more energetic in exercising, this will give you the opportunity to burn 10% of calories from the total amount yet about an hour after classes. If the usual walk is replaced by jogging for 4 miles (lose 400 calories), then a few more hours later will give you the opportunity to burn 40 calories.

Tip. Do simple exercises, but do not forget about the great speed. If it's a run, then every day, increase the speed for at least a few minutes.

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