/ What foods should not be eaten on an empty stomach?

What foods can not be eaten on an empty stomach?

Citrus fruits can cause gastritis, coffee with milk- stones in the bunches, and baking - apathy. Surely you already know that breakfast is the most important meal, so in the morning we eat breakfast every day, but not always that it is useful. Now we will clarify and find out what foods can not be eaten on an empty stomach and why.

Coffee. When we drink coffee with our head, heIrritates the gastric mucosa. You in turn start to develop a gastric juice, and if you do not bring in other food, then it begins to become aggressive and evil, so it corrodes the liz, and you can soon expect such an unpleasant disease as a gastritis. Moreover, caffeine has a negative effect on the gallbladder. The blister shrinks and throws away the bile that our body needs to help digest food. And if you drink coffee on an empty stomach, then there is nothing to digest, so bile simply wanders around the body. With the addition of the milk, the coffee does not become softer. Because when we connect the tea and coffee with milk proteins, we get practically insoluble compounds, namely they form stones in the kidneys.

Sugar. There is no empty stomach on an empty stomach. Sugar is instantly absorbed by the body and at the same time irritates the pancreas iron. Because of this, insulin begins to develop. So, blood sugar falls in the blood, and we feel instead of vigor and fullness, strength of apathy and fatigue.

Bananas. They are generally on the first place in the listMost unsuccessful products on an empty stomach. There are a lot of potassium in them, so if you eat them on an empty stomach, cardiovascular diseases can arise because of a disturbance in the balance of calcium and magnesium in the body.

Citrus. Vynaveryak already know what to drink for breakfastOrange juice can not be. In citrus a lot of acid, which very quickly starts to erode the gastric mucosa. Of course, if you do not suffer from a stomach disease and feel great when eating sour lemons, then you can not listen to this advice. But if you have an ulcer, gastritis or other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, then from drinking orange juice and eating citrus on an empty stomach should be abandoned.

Pears. Our ancestors knew that there are pears on an empty stomachIt is harmful, so they said that if they eat a pear for breakfast, it will turn into poison, and if for dinner, by hail. And all because there is a lot of coarse fiber in pearls, which badly affects the gastric mucosa. Especially it is necessary to avoid pears with a very dense texture, because they contain especially coarse fiber.

Persimmon. In churmesoderzhatsya fibers that are difficultDigested by our body, moreover, they slow the motility of the intestines and stomach. And the body comes to that state when they say that it "stands." Especially rich in such fibers is a strong astringent persimmon.

Cold drinks. They are able to narrow the vessels in the stomach. As a result, the blood circulation is disrupted, and the whole process of digestion of food also breaks down. Therefore, you can not drink cold drinks after meals, or before it - it is better to drink an hour after two post-rape.

Garlic. It is similar to the burning spice, so it acts on the stomach, as well as caffeine, irritates the zygomatic bubble and stomach mucosa.

Tomatoes. These vegetables are applied to an empty stomach, as well as a persimmon.

Yeast. Pripojananii yeast buns or other productsOn yeast, gastric gas is produced in the stomach, so it starts to swell, which is not very pleasant. It is not advisable to eat on an empty stomach baking - this will bring damage to your health.

Yogurt. Everyone says that yogurt contains a lot ofUseful bacteria that help digest. But if these bacteria get into the stomach on an empty stomach, the gastric juice will destroy them, and you will not have any positive effect. Therefore, a yogurt hungry stomach is not harmful, but simply useless. Try to eat it only after eating.

Sweet potato. It contains tannins that help the gastric juice out, which makes us feel very uncomfortable.

Smoked meat and canned food, Of course, it is best not to eat at all, and fasting even more so.

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