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A few myths about healthy eating

But in the summer it's very easy to finally change yourHabits and start eating healthy food. In the heat of the summer it is easier to follow a diet, because you do not want to eat as much as in winter. In addition, a huge amount of vegetables and fruits, which allow you to saturate the body with vitamins. How to make a healthy diet menu? There are several myths about healthy eating, which many of us heard from TV screens and read in newspapers.

Myth one: breakfast cereals are harmful to the body, but muesli is very useful

On the harm of breakfast cereals can not be said, inThis wide audience of nutritionists have already convinced. But the people still believe that muesli is one of the most healthy and low-calorie breakfasts. To understand the error of this opinion, it is enough to understand what muesli is. They consist of cereals that have undergone heat treatment, and therefore lost most of the nutrients. Additives that are included in this breakfast, also can not be called dietary - it's chocolate, candied pieces of fruit and nuts. As a result, breakfast is very high-calorie. An alternative to muesli is a common oatmeal with pieces of fresh berries or fruits.

Myth two: products labeled "dietary" will help you lose weight
Buying products marked "fitness", you needUnderstand that not always they are dietary. For example, cereal breads, like muesli, consist of processed grains. As a result, there is very little fiber in the product, which is the most useful substance. Therefore, trying to lose weight, replacing such loaves with ordinary bread, almost useless.

Myth three: bread with seeds or fruits is best for a healthy diet
In fact, the bread useful for the organism shouldConsist half of fiber in the form of bran or grain of various grind. On the label, their content is not always indicated. Therefore, it is better to look at the slice of bread. If the consistency of the product is not uniform, the bran plates are clearly visible, then in this bread the fiber content is really high. Bread with seeds, nuts and fruits is high-calorie, since these additives contain up to 600 kcal.

Myth Four: freshly squeezed juices are very healthy
No one disputes that such juices containA lot of vitamins. But they are fast acting carbohydrates, which are very stressful to the gastrointestinal tract, especially the pancreas. Therefore, it is better to choose in favor of fresh fruits, in which there is more fiber.

Myth Five: Only "live" yogurts are useful
Do not forget that the milk bacteria are notCan coexist with fruit acids, they just destroy each other. Therefore, in yoghurts usually not natural fruits are added, but puree with additives and sweeteners. In real "live" yoghurts containing probiotics, there is never any fruit. Therefore, it is better to prepare yogurt yourself.

Myth Six: meat is very high in calories
Some types of meat, such as turkey or rabbit,On the contrary, are recommended for dietary nutrition. A dietary meat products simply do not happen, because to preserve the product in them add salt, fats, flavor enhancers.

Myth of the seventh: fresh milk is very healthy
Here everything depends on the individual characteristicsOrganism, fat content and sterility of the milk itself and many other factors. If you want to benefit the body, it is better to drink sour-milk products, which contain probiotics.

Remembering these simple rules, it's much easierMake a menu for a healthy diet. Do not trust all manufacturers who call their products dietary. It is better to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables that contain fiber.
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