/ What you need to know about early vegetables?

What do you need to know about early vegetables?

"Greenhouse vitamins"
In greenhouse and ground vegetables, not onlyDifferent tastes, but also chemical compounds. After all, to make the vegetables ripen, they use a lot of fertilizers and stimulating substances. It is logical that the more they were fertilized, the more harmful the fruit will be.

Excess of nitrates
Nitrate is a nitrogen compound thatHelps plants grow faster. If there is a lack of antioxidant vitamins, nitrates immediately appear, which can cause not only poisoning, but also oxygen starvation of body tissues, and if they are used constantly, there is a risk of getting malignant tumors.

To an excess of nitrates does not always lead to a desireAgronomist to grow vegetables faster, it can happen due to non-compliance with cultivation techniques, improper temperatures, wet conditions, high seeding density.

But not all vegetables accumulate nitrates. Spinach, dill, onions, radish, lettuce, cabbage, radish, carrots, celery, zucchini, broccoli, cucumbers are most likely to accumulate. The safest in this regard are tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, peppers, potatoes and legumes.

Useful tips for buying vegetables
  • When you buy Bulgarian pepper, pay attention to the fact that his "cup" should be green;
  • Radish should not be very large, hard, without stains and divorces;
  • When buying a young cabbage, choose it with bright green, fresh, moist leaves;
  • Any greens and cucumbers should be dark green. Cucumbers should not be soft and with a thick skin;
  • In vegetables larger than "chemistry";
  • If you still decide to buy fresh vegetables, betterGo to the store, not to the market. So you can be sure of the availability of quality certificates that speak about the safety of products and the normal level of nitrates.
Of course, it is impossible to completely exclude the purchase of products without nitrates. But a little bit of the last all the same it is possible. How can this be done?
  • Before you start cooking vegetables, wash them well, remove the green parts of the fruit, especially potatoes and carrots;
  • Then you need vegetables to put on 20 minutes in cold water, drain it, and soak them in clean again;
  • Cucumbers and radish is best cleaned from the skin, cut off the tail;
  • In food it is undesirable to eat stalks of greens, there are more harmful substances in them than in twigs;
  • If the vegetables are not subjected to heat treatment, then sprinkle them with lemon juice - acid will neutralize nitrates;
  • When heat treatment, nitrates go almost 80%, but you do not forget to immediately drain the water in which the vegetables are cooked, and then salt them;
  • Do not need to store vegetables for a long time in the cold, especially for already cut vegetables.
Do not give children under 8 years of ageEarly vegetables, since their digestive system is not so strong to accept and digest nitrates. If an adult does not notice anything harmful, the child may experience severe poisoning.

The same goes for older people, especiallyHaving problems with the heart or respiratory system. Contraindicated early vegetables to pregnant and lactating mothers, since there is a risk of disease of the nervous system of the fetus.

If you feel that you are poisoned, youStarted vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, you should immediately rinse the stomach, causing vomiting, and take activated charcoal (1 tablet per 10 kg of human body weight). If within a few hours the condition has not improved, it is better to see a doctor.
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