/ Anatomy of the vulva and vagina

Anatomy of the vulva and vagina


Lobok-a lower part of the anterior abdominal wall, which is prominent as a "cushion" due to the accumulation of subcutaneous fat; HAIR appears in 10 (7-11) years.

Large labia

Large lips - two skin folds, goingFrom the pubis from front to back, where they diverge, form a transverse fold - a rear solder. The outer surface of the labia majora with the onset of puberty (as well as the stubble) is covered with the hair covering. The upper boundary of the hairline of the nape is a horizontal line. The skin of the inner surface of large lips is tender, similar to the mucous membrane. There are sebaceous and sweaty glands. The space between the large labia is called the sex slit.

Small labia

Small lips - skin folds,Located inside the large labia, covered with a delicate skin, similar to the mucous membrane, do not contain adipose tissue. Behind the small labia, gradually flattening, merge with the large genital lips of their lower third. Small labia and clitoris contain an abundance of sebaceous glands.


Clitoris-unpaired organ, analogous to the penis, is locatedIn the upper corner of the sexual gap between the branches of the labia minora. In the thick of the labia majora, in the lower third of them, from each side there is one large gland of the vestibule (Bartholinium). They perform a secretory function, moistening the entrance to the vagina.

The vestibule of the vagina

The doorway becomes prominent whenDilution of the labia. This space is bounded from the front by the clitoris, from the sides by the inner surface of the large and small gums, behind the posterior spike and between the shoulder and the shoulder is a navicular fossa. The vestibule of the vagina is lined with a mucous membrane containing glands and multiple crises (indentations). This epithelial cover, as well as the vulva as a whole, is rich in nerve endings, blood and lymphatic vessels. In the center of the door is the entrance to the vagina, surrounded by a hymen.


Virginflesh - the connecting membrane,The external and internal surface of which is covered with multilayer flat epithelium. In the thickness of the spit are bundles of izelasticheskih fibers. The shape of the hymen is diverse.

On the threshold of the door are opened: The ducts of the large vestibular (Bartholinium) glands andparaurethral passages, the external opening of the urethra (urethra), which is located below the clitoris. The urethra is 3 cm long. In adult women, it represents an almost straight canal. In the wall of the urethra are the skinheads (paraurethral passages) running parallel to the urethra and opening near the opening. Visually visible visually, their exit holes can sometimes be taken outside the urethra. The clinical significance of these glands is that they can be the place of resting gonococci. In early childhood, the glands are weakly expressed.


The vagina belongs to the inner sexualApparatus, is a muscular-elastic tube located between the urethra and the bladder in front and rectum from behind. The length of the female is about 10-12 cm. The vagina is lined with a mucous membrane covered with multilayered flat epithelium. The vagina is devoid of glands, but in the lumen of it there is always a secret. The vagina performs several important functions, one of which is drainage.


The perineum, from a gynecological point of view,The tissue array is a wedge shaped, located between the rectum and the vagina. Visible externally, the cutaneous base of the perineum is bordered from the front to the posterior adhesion, from behind - to the anus (anus), from the sides by the region of the ischial tubercles. Vanatomically, the perineum is the area of ​​the body, between the anus and the outward opening of the urethra, which includes both the skin and the foreseeurs.

Internal organs, along with the vagina, include: uterus, uterine (fallopian) tubes and ovaries.

In the shakers, the department aboveVaginal vaults, - the supra-vaginal part of the cervix. The cervical canal has two openings: an internal pharynx opening into the uterine cavity, and an external yawn opening into the vaginal cavity. The nasal canal is lined with a cylindrical epithelium, called endocervix (glandular apparatus of the cervix).

Through the vagina, the vaginal secret is secreted outward, the secret of internal sex organs is called whites, menstruating teenage girls and women have menstrual blood.

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