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Beach diet: lose weight in the sun!

What should you eat to lose weight?

The resort is teeming with food. It is very difficult to resist any "yummy". There are so many things on the beach: hot dogs, sweet rolls with condensed milk, soda, etc. But it's time to say "NO!". You can do it.

Cucumbers - this is what you need! They will save the figure, and are sold on every corner. Therefore, store them, they are low-calorie and satisfy the hunger. If you are on vacation and lying on the beach, then this is an excellent snack. Imagine how everyone will be surprised when you come from a rest rested, tanned, and even lost weight. All of you will envy, and it's true.

Going to the beach to sunbathe, take with youhalf-kilogurt. Sunbathe, bathe, read a little book and crackle with delicious cucumbers. Believe me, it's much better than filling your stomach with a fast food. Especially cucumber is 90% water. This will be the secret of your beach diet.

Diet on vacation: diet

On vacation, most often we eat in a cafe andRestaurants, as well as in places of fast food. Make a restriction. Order yourself only fresh salads, delicious dishes with fruit and juice. Even if you really want a hamburger or fried potatoes, say to yourself "NO". Add to your diets, but without cereals. The beach diet excludes in the diet all cereals, except for the oatmeal.

Beach menu

Morning. Oatmeal porridge in milk, but without sugar. Add to the cereal, either fruits or fruit and orange juice. Excellent breakfast that will energize you for the whole day. Refrain from sweet.

In two hours - the second breakfast. You definitely want something to "snack" on the way to the beach. Remember the main vegetable of your diet-cucumber. Eat cucumbers and enjoy life. Now after you have bathed, sunbathing you come back in number and you want to eat so much that without even noticing, you have already eaten ice cream or a cheburek, and even shawarma.

How to avoid this? Go to the cafe and order yourself a delicious salad. For example, shrimps with lemon juice are ideal for a beach diet. Forget about bread! Now dine slowly, so you can fasten, do not swallow the whole salad at once.

Until evening you can eat only cucumbers and low-fatyogurt. Drink more fluids. In the evening, before going to a party or an entertaining event, you need to eat boiled meat. On the garnish - cucumbers. A pile diet will help to lose weight during your holidays.

Beach diet during excursions

Do not take a lot of money with you on an excursion toNenakupit all goodies. Drink clean water or water with a lemon and grab a few cucumbers. If it is inconvenient to eat cucumbers in public, then drink the water. Here are a couple of hours of incredible excursions and you're in the room with fancy photos. Enjoy life. Perhaps you will have a number from your travel group.

So what do you do on the beach? Forget about chips, beer, milkshakes, exotic dishes. They are enemies of your figure. Beach diet-fruits, water, juices and cucumbers. On the beach, do not think about food. You came to rest and sunbathe. They smeared with sunblock and now we bask in the sun.

After warming for about 20 minutes, go to workaqua aerobics. Swimming and exercise in the water are very effective for your figure. After that, you can go to the masseuse and get a paradise pleasure. After this delightful occupation we go on to bask in the sun.

The beach diet is very gentle and allows evenalcohol is a small dose in the evenings during dances. Your favorite place in the resort should be a fitness center. Take an hour a day and you will see that during the rest time you have become a completely different person.

For a couple of weeks of vacation on a beach diet, you become a tanned, tanned beauty. At work, everyone will envy you. We wish you a pleasant stay!

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