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ABC diet - healthy weight loss

The correct power system

Pay attention to the power system, whichCombines two principles: do no harm and help. It is to this type of diets that many people prescribe the ABC diet. By the way, the name of the diet is also translated as "Traffic light." Be careful when looking for another miracle diet to stumble the one that is created by girls suffering from anorexia. They tend to assert that even the minimum requirements described in the ABC diet exceed the norm and the amount of food is too large. If you do not want to become completely skinny, do not try this type of starvation.

In fact, the ABC diet has its own principles,Which are based on the correct division of products, are groups A, B and C. This method is considered the most balanced and systematized. Technology is accepted for reliable, because it helps consumers to bring their image of nutrition in the right order and not to break the norm of a healthy lifestyle.

Three colors for losing weight

The ABC diet is based on the division of products intoSeparate subsections and groups. Products are based on the basic concepts for a particular color. Foods that are present in your diet now get the following colors: red-color, yellow-loyal, green-permissive.

As you guessed it, red is a sortProducts that fall under the complete prohibition and removal from the diet. These include dishes such as food from the fast food system, that is fast food. But on this list does not end and it is quite long. You, probably, will be surprised, but now it is prohibited to get Ismetana, and milk. And also without fail: mayonnaise, butter, lard, fatty oil, pies, cakes, cakes, ice cream, bakery products from white flour (bread too), buns and all kinds of sweet soda water. Alcoholic drinks also have a negative impact on the figure - it's beer, champagne and liqueurs. Do not cost, because the above described and listed products can hardly be classified as a healthy diet. If you refuse from such products, you will notice that the body will begin to give signs of satisfaction and the amount of your energy will increase, since you will no longer bother yourself with heavy food.

Then comes the yellow color. ABC in this subgroup are allowed to eat before the 18.00 .some products. One can rejoice at the fact that the list is also great in its own way-diverse. So, throughout the day before the onset of 6 o'clock in the evening on the principle of dieting it is allowed to eat: there is cheese, cottage cheese, vegetable oil, crackers, pasta, any porridges on the water, except for semolina, low-fat bread, rye flour, Sausages and sausages, caramel, chocolate and lollipops, dried, and fresh fruits, tomatoes, legumes, all kinds of pickles, ketchup and coffee. All these products are desirable to eat not for the very end of the evening, but for the day. But be careful with the use of fatty sausages, as well as bananas, sweets.

And the most treasured group is C, the green zone. This color is considered life affirming, therefore products in this column are assigned to the list of allowed. They can be taken, either at any time, or in unlimited quantities. It can be boiled fish or sea food, eggs (but you can not eat more than two pieces and they should be cooked), vegetables: cabbage, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, greens; Citrus, apples, buckwheat, yogurt (lean consistency and sugar-free), olive oil, yeast-free breads, vegetables, fruit juices, yogurt and tea.

Primary series

This diet was recognized by dietician doctorsSuitable for use. She was allowed, since the food offered is physiologically harmless. During the development, all the principles of the action of the organism and its possible reactions to starvation were included. The AAS program is designed in such a way as to make the balanced stage of losing weight and transforming the forms from the nutrition process. It is important that most diets, as well as tablets, have their limitations, which does not apply to ABC: its use is possible at absolutely any age. Also, ABC has been reckoned for both heavy weight classes and those who have pathology with coagulation. The diet helps people suffering from an overabundance of weight to put oneself in order and at the same time to maintain health. But it is worth remembering that in order to achieve the desired result, you must follow the rules impeccably and always eat at the rate. Only strict and systematic eating will help you to lose weight and lead to a real goal. And of course, before the beginning it is obligatory to consult a specialist doctor. As some of the diseases are incompatible with such a diet. For example, allergic reactions, pathologies in the gastrointestinal tract and others. The food products should be selected individually according to the type of diseases.


Experts recommend that dieting should be as vigilant as possible. It is rather important to follow the basic principles that are described below.

Principle one. Food should be taken more often, but in small quantities and that the dose is normalized correctly. This method is considered the most sparing and healthy. With its help, you will ensure the desired effect and good work of the digestive system.

The second principle. You should keep away from eating fried foods. But remember that this fact is responsible for improving your body, and not vice versa. You can gradually get used to other tastes and your body too.

The third principle. If you have no particular illnesses, then you must also engage in manual labor or do exercises, walk more, make small jogs or walk. But the sport must also have facets and be dosed. Overvoltage has a reverse effect.

The principle of the fourth. The basic diet should be filled not with products that are allowed to use up to 18.00, but those that are in the green group. That is, it's fruits, vegetables and various greens.

The principle of the fifth. You can consume alcoholic beverages, if necessary, but it should be dry wine, vodka, whiskey or martini. Quantities should also be limited and acceptance should not be everyday.

Observing all the rules, you not only lose weight, but also feel a special burst of strength and energy.

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