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Silicone pads for feeding

As soon as mother tells her relatives andFriends that her child does not get better, then very different and contradictory suggestions and advice will follow. Very good in such cases, if the woman finds the true source of the problem and the problem is solved with minimal loss. But this happens rarely, most often a woman, tired of numerous attempts to increase the amount of milk, begins to feed the child with the formula. Across time, and completely cease to breastfeed the child, the child becomes an "artificial".

Since a woman does not understand all that is happeningProcesses in her organism, she will blame for what is happening, not an overlay, but her own breasts and herself. There is another reason why some lactating women do not refuse to use silicone linings - silicone protects a woman's nipple from the hunger of a hungry child, and the lining itself is very Convenient. The nipple of the lining acquires perfect shapes, which are very comfortable for the child, especially when the nipple of a woman is depressed or flattened. Many women, after trying at least once to feed the baby through a silicone pad, decide for themselves that from now on they will use it often.

Why the child is losing weight

The child, sticking to the silicone pad onNipple, starts to work hard with his mouth, but at the same time milk gets less necessary. When suckling the mother's breast through the silicone pad, the coefficient of usefulness decreases several times. Baby though he sucked actively, often fed up with the fed, but in the breast of a woman receives a signal that it is necessary to reduce the amount of milk produced, which in the chest again remained a lot. For the next feeding, the child will suck less milk even more, because getting it every time through the lining will be more difficult because of the reduction in the quantity of milk. There is a vicious cycle: the child is constantly not eating, but at the same time, to put more effort into it. Milk every day becomes less and less, because through the silicone patch it takes a small part of the milk that is in the chest, and as there are many milk, the milk glands begin to produce even less.

In case the woman decides after a longFeeding through the silicone overlay to move on to feeding without it, then she will have to have patience. It is necessary to gradually move, first to feed with a patch, apotheom to feed a child without a lining, and every day should reduce the duration of feeding through a silicone patch, and the duration of feeding without a lining to increase. Thus, in a week, you can generally give up the silicone pads.

In the event that the woman is sure that herThey are ready for feeding, then it can completely stop using the napkins. If the nipple is hardened, elastic and not effeminate, then changes in the feeding conditions will not harm the pacifier. But if the breast always kept in the warmth, she wrapped herself and the woman in every possible way protected her from external influence, then the mouth of the child who is used to sucking the silicone can injure her, causing pain that each feeding will increase. In such cases, most often the women return to the use of silicone pads, and the problem remains unresolved.

Is it possible to restore the amount of milk

Here an important role is played by the durationUse of the silicon pad. If a woman's baby is fed through an overlay of 1-1.5 weeks, the amount of milk can be increased in the back of the week, but only if the woman is fed with two breasts. When using the lining for more than 2-3 weeks, there is a probability that the youngster will not be introduced a bait, he will be thinner than his peers.

To increase the amount of milk the child will have toFeed longer and more often. Also, in order to increase the amount of milk, a nursing woman should introduce vegetable salads from vegetables (raw only) and freshly squeezed vegetable juices into the diet. It would be even better to organize your life in such a way that there is enough time to sleep, and in the evenings it is best to sleep together with a baby, then the amount of milk will also increase.

Is it possible to save breast from pain and inflammation without resorting to silicone overlays?

It is not recommended for the breast to create unnecessarilyHothouse conditions, especially warming it, as this can lead to a disturbance of the body's regulation of the body and any decrease in body temperature in the subsequent leads to problems. Cool water or contrast shower will help during pregnancy to harden the breasts, make the nipples hardy and elastic, thus preventing further crackling and inflammation. Even the birth of a child can accustom his nipples to various mechanical effects-rubbing the pieces of ice, squeezing, rubbing against clothing and then breastfeeding does not bring any suffering and pain. If the baby is not properly applied to the breast, then this may be the nipples, so carefully study this question.

Some women whose nipples are not prepared forFeeding, helps to prevent cracking a large amount of time between feeds. But in this case it is necessary to take into account other factors. For example, a child may need to be fed very often, regardless of the state of the mother's nipples. To determine the maximum and minimum allowable time between feedings, the child's health, age and weight, individual characteristics and behavior of the child should be taken into account.

If the child weighs less than 2.5 kilograms, thenFeed it every 1.5-2 hours. This is the time interval in the daytime. If the child weighs about 3 kg, then every 2-2.5 kg. At night, it is desirable to feed less often. The minimum intervals of time between feeding in young children depend on whether the mother will give them a charge in advance feeding. Between the beginning of charging and the end of feeding, at least one hour must pass.

If the baby was born small, then feed itNeed more often than children who were born large. If they sleep for a long time, they are encouraged to wake up, especially when it comes to newly born children. Growing up, a child will gain weight, and will suck less often, but more intensively.

Children who gain weight poorly, need to feed often,And even at night, children need to wake up. If the milk is small, then its amount can be increased if the child is often applied to the chest. To awaken a child for feeding is necessary also in those cases when it helps to cure the breast of inflammation and hardening of the mammary glands. Not allowing milk to stagnate, the child becomes a kind of lifesaver and many mothers are grateful to them for this.

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