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Methods of auto-training for pain relief during childbirth

Since then, the world has developed quite a lotSystems using the opening of an English doctor. The system referred to in this article has been adopted not only in Europe but also in Russia and has been successfully implemented in many centers for the preparation for childbirth and women's consultations. It consists of 5-6 lessons of about 10 minutes each. All classes are better spent in a separate room, so that nothing distracts you from concentration and relaxation.

Lesson one. You learn breathing exercises. You must learn to control the duration of inspiration, exhalation and pause after exhalation. This gymnastics must be performed by an oral account to yourself. In the table below, the numerators denote the duration of inspiration in seconds, the denominators denote the duration of exhalation, and integers (non-fractional) numbers - pauses. Gymnastics are conventionally divided into four stages:
  • First stage: 3/2; 2; 3/4; 2; 2/5; 2
  • The second stage: 4/6; 2; 4/7; 2; 4/8; 2
  • The third stage: 5/8; 3; 6/8; 3; 7/8; 3
  • Fourth stage: 8/8; 3; 6/7; 3; 4/5; 2; 2/3; 2.
Look at the clock - you practiced breathing exercises for only about four minutes.

Lesson two. You master the technique of relaxing various muscles.

Sit comfortably on a chair, lean on it,The muscles of the neck should be relaxed. Breathe quietly, if possible - with a diaphragm, the inspiration should be deep and long. Relax your facial muscles, lower your eyelids, fix your eyes as if down and inwards. Lift the language to the sky. The lower jaw should hang slightly. This facial expression is called a "relaxation mask". Make this "mask" 3-4 times. Now relax your arm muscles. Start with the right hand. Imagine that your hands are limp and hanging loose. Repeat the same with the muscles of the legs. Finish the exercise by abruptly exiting the relaxed state. Inspire yourself that you are cheerful, energetic, cheerful, smile life.

Lesson three. You learn to enhance the sensation of warm and heavy limbs.

Try to imagine these feelings. Speak in your mind: "My arms and legs are heavy, lead, gradually warm up ..." And so several times in a row. At the end of the exercise, you should feel rested.

Lesson four. You learn to feel the pleasant heat in your stomach.

This lesson resembles the previous one, only this oneOnce concentrate on the abdomen. Try to feel the warmth in it. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to repeat mentally: "My stomach warms up and is filled with pleasant deep heat ..." A greater effect is achieved if you do not just repeat the learned text, but fully understand what you say and transfer these feelings to yourself.

Lesson five. You learn to regulate the work of the heart.

First repeat what you went through on previousClasses: imagine that your free-hanging hand slowly sinks into warm water. Water from contact with fingers starts to warm up and the sensation of warmth rises step by step higher and higher and spreads throughout the left half of the body. There is a pleasant warming warmth in the chest. This sensation causes an expansion of the heart vessels, which in turn increases the flow of blood to the heart and strengthens its work.

Lesson Six. Select the exercises that will accompany your birth activity.

In childbirth there are several stages: the period of exposure, the fights and pauses between them, as well as the period of expulsion of the fetus. For each stage, use your exercises, or their combinations.

Cervical dilatation period
During this period, the main task is to controlHis breath. At the peak of the bout, try to breathe deeply, breathe in the diaphragm. This you learned in the first lesson. During the battles, consider yourself, tying the score to the breath: inhale, then exhale, then a pause of about 5 seconds follows. Typically, the bout lasts an average of 45-50 seconds, and from this time it is necessary to subtract these five seconds of pause, saying to oneself: "There was only 40 seconds left for rest". After the end of the breathing cycle, the score on the fight should be reduced by five seconds. Such self-control over the duration of fights makes the pains not so strong. It should be monitored for the muscles of the uterus and vagina. It is known that if you clamp your muscles during a fight, the pain from it only increases. Therefore, you need to try to relax and not strain the body. Only it is necessary to do this not reflexively, but controlling its state with the help of strong-willed efforts. For this very well suited methods of auto-training. It's worth repeating to myself: "It's okay, I'm in full control of the situation, if the bouts are going - the process of birth is right, the contractions will get a little stronger." I control my breathing, breathe smoothly and deeply, my body is relaxed, .

Time between contractions
During this period, you should use the techniquesRelaxation: from the muscles of the head and neck to the muscles of the pelvis and lower limbs. To achieve this, you need to mentally say the following phrases: "I am calm and fully in control of my body." Breathing is calm and deep, my muscles, then the muscles of the neck and shoulders relax, my arms, stomach, perineal muscles, buttocks relax, Knees, calves and feet.The body between rest stops. "

Stage of fetal expulsion

At the time of the immediate birth of the child to youIt will be necessary to strain the muscles at the moment of exertion and completely relax between them. When the attack comes, you say to yourself: "I take a deep breath." I tighten the lower abdominal muscles .I increase the pressure to the bottom.It's even harder to strain .I feel like the baby is moving lower and lower. Now I'm making a slow exhalation. "

To learn these auto-training exercises is not at allAs difficult as it may seem when reading the article. Classes do not require a lot of time, but those 10 minutes that you will spend on them every day, you need to spend with impact, not being distracted by an outsider. Women who underwent this or a similar course believed that their delivery was much shorter than it actually was. Just the beginning of childbirth passed without any pain. And at the apogee, the pain was much weaker.
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