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The use of white coal for weight loss

What is white coal and what does it consist of?
White coal is nothing more than an enterosorbent.This concept can be deciphered as a means, which is aimed at the implementation of binding of toxic substances in the digestive tract. Tablets are produced in Ukraine by Omnipharma. The main component of the tablets is ultra-high-dispersed silicon dioxide, as well as mineral, which are widely used in the fields of Europe. But besides silica, coal is also made up of microcrystalline cellulose fibers, plus auxiliary substances such as powdered sugar and potato starch.

Effect of the drug
The effect on the body of silicon dioxideHas an adsorption process that helps the drug to remove toxic substances and allergens of bacterial origin. But the medicine also provides and assistance in cases of withdrawal from the blood and lymphatic toxic products, such as alkaloids, glycosides, salts, heavy metals and more; All these substances enter the gastrointestinal tract.

MCC, namely microcrystalline cellulose, isFibers of food purpose, which are formed by the release of vegetable fiber. Such fibers are counted for collective functions, they retain on their surface microelements by type of heavy metals, free radicals, microbial toxins, decay products, and then they are excreted from the body. But in addition to this, the tablets are influenced by other stomach, since they help to bind excess stomach juice in the stomach and bile acids, bilirubins and cholesterol in the intestine. The medicine produces a reaction by mechanical means, cleansing the mucous membrane of the small intestine, and also enhancing the action of peristalsis.

After the above described reactions of the body to the drugAnd the main actions of the drug, it can be argued that white coal is a means that is unrelated to the combustion products (wood species), and besides this is an additive to the complex effect that is produced from minerals.

White and activated charcoal. Differences

In fact, there is a difference. How much they are essential we will try to get better.

Experts confirm that white coal isMore convenient form of treatment pritotravleny organism. It can also be used as a preventive method for hangover syndrome. To get rid of the obvious symptoms of intoxication, you should use only one or two tablets, and the result will come immediately. Doctors often recommend a white coal with other preparations when washing the stomach.

Belomuuglu was given the name of sorbent in the fourthGeneration. In turn, black coal is a sorbent of the first generation. The structure of white coal is created in such a way that it can absorb as many toxic substances as possible.

Properties of the drug: Tablets do not have taste, smell, color and do not stain your hands. In comparison with activated charcoal, white coal does not cause uncomfortable sensations and is much easier to carry by the body. Also, it does not lead to constipation and stimulating effect on intestinal motility, which is achieved thanks to microcrystalline cellulose, which is also included in the composition.

Ways to lose weight when using white coal
If you read the instructions carefully, you canNote that it does not indicate the data, which could indicate that coal can be used as a drug to reduce weight. Thus, weight loss is not the main indication for use.

New people have been using this drug for a long time, as a successful replacement of ICC tablets.

So, in order to reduce weight, you need to takeWhite coal is dosed. Therefore, the tablets are drunk 1-2 times before proceeding to the main meal. For this, you need to wash down the charcoal with a glass of clean water. Thus, the stomach is filled mechanically, which leads to a decrease in the feeling of hunger. It is worth remembering that the pills will not solve the problems with snacks. Often there are problems on the basis of stress, feelings of loneliness, lostness, uselessness, abandonment, depression, mental torment and so on, which leads to frequent and unorganized eating. It can be the simplest celebration of work, when everyone is eating a cake and at the same time they are forced to join them. There are no worse problems, for example, a person does not know how to choose the right products, even in public places or in a supermarket.

Indications for the use of white coal
Carefully reading the instructions, you can understand thatWhite coal is designed to improve the state and functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and is served as an additional type of source consisting of dietary fiber.

Also included are silicon dioxide andMicrocrystalline cellulose, which are calculated for the use of impregnation of symptoms of poisoning or allergic reactions, dermatitis, dysbiosis, metabolic disorders, obesity, acute infections, hepatitis, etc.

White coal is effective in those foodsPoisonings, which were accompanied by nausea with irish or diarrhea and headache. It is necessary to take 3-4 tablets at a time, the number of receptions per day - 3-4, and. Also it is necessary to drink as much water as possible (intelligible limits).

The prescription of the drug does not end there. It can also be attributed to the occurrence of various skin diseases, for example, acne, allergies and allergic dermatitis. But in this case, the dosage and timing of admission should be strictly indicated in the prescription by a doctor by a specialist.

Moreover, for hepatitis-mediated drugsCan have a neutralizing effect. So he detains and removes some of the toxins. It can be used as prescribed by the doctor and if there are other kinds of problems with the liver. But in no case do self-medication.

Sorbent - this is not the drug thatCan absorb the calories. On the contrary, it can only block the entry of useful substances into your body, along with vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is not necessary to get involved in taking such a tool, as it can lead to bad consequences, which will soon affect your overall health and well-being.

If you decide to take white coal as aMeans to reduce the volume of ingestion, you can get a digestive disorder in response. GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT is not calculated nato, that the human body on a permanent basis will take a large amount of silicon dioxide, and also after drinking it with a glass of water. But there is no need to get upset, because there are many other ways to fill the stomach with food, which will not lead to such tragic consequences. For example, it can be bran vault.

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