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Summer vitamins from fruits for pregnant women

Summer vitamins for pregnant women

Watermelon is a berry, in which there are relatively manyVitamins C, B2, B1, as well as folic acid (or vitamin B9), which is useful for expectant mothers, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. This acid participates in the opening, supports our immune system, promotes good formation, as well as the functioning of white blood cells - leukocytes, prevents fatty liver infiltration, and plays a very important role in pregnancy itself - regulates the formation of nerve cells of the embryo, and this is extremely important for its normal development . That's why watermelon will be useful to all people with a common goal, and for a pregnant woman it is simply irreplaceable.

It should be noted that watermelon in significant dosesIt is not recommended to eat people who have an outflow of urine, and if there is a disorder of the stomach, colitis. If there are large stones in the kidneys, then it is best not to abuse watermelon either. If you like to eat watermelon with a snack with bread - white bread is preferable. In combination with watermelon, black bread can lead to coagulation of stomach diseases.

Melon is rich in iron carotene, it is like watermelonHelps to remove stones from the kidneys, helps to cleanse the organism. Melons can be eaten with caution during pregnancy. The fact is that they are digested in the intestine. If melons are used together with other food, they "get stuck" in the stomach, decompose quickly enough and begin to wander, thereby forming a variety of gases. Hence follows the strict law that melons should be consumed separately from other foods.

Also, you can not eat melon on an empty stomach. The best time of consumption of this product is the interval between meals. It is recommended that breastfeeding mums be given melon. It can cause a small child severe dyspeptic phenomena (vomiting, diarrhea).

Apricots are fruits that contain vitamins B1, B2, C, PP, as well as potassium, iron, beta-carotene. Only 300 grams of such aromatic fruits cover the entire daily requirement for vitamin A.

Important for a future mother - apricots on an empty stomachCan cause frustration of the stomach, and their combinations with certain products may even be harmful to a woman's health. For example, apricots after meat, or apricots, washed with plain water, can cause diarrhea.

Peaches have a restorative effect onHuman, contain vitamins B, C, A, potassium salts. Pears help with stomach diseases with low acidity, as well as prisaporah, with urolithiasis. These fruits are contraindicated to people prone to kallergia, as well as overweight, with diabetes.

Apricots, peaches, plums, cherries, oranges,Raspberries, strawberries, as well as tomatoes, etc. - colored products are caused by specific substances that are included in their composition. These substances are called natural salicylates, and they are useful only in small doses. In large quantities, they are able to cause allergies.

Grapes are not only very tasty, but also quite caloric. In grapes, in 70 grams of fruit 70 kcal is contained, as well as easily assimilated the sugar (fructose and glucose).

This fruit has both useful and harmfulProperties that you need to know about so that you do not fall in the extreme. Many diets for pregnant women completely exclude sweet fruits, including grapes. In most cases, for the following reasons: grapes contribute to the rapid weight gain of a pregnant woman, causes gassing, as well as heaviness in the abdomen. It is recommended only with a deficit of weight, contributes to the development of a large fetus. In small quantities, grapes are useful in pregnancy.

Plum is a fruit in which there is a lot of phosphorus and potassium,Slightly less iron, calcium and sodium. Plums are recommended for the pregnant woman to use the diseases of the liver, kidneys, sluggish intestines, as well as in violation of the blood circulation. This fruit has a diuretic, as well as a mild laxative effect, enhances the intestinal peristalsis, improves digestion. Plum in time of pregnancy is useful for constipation, with kidney failure, and adiportum.

At pregnancy it is useful to use various fruits, but it is worth remembering that some of them should be consumed in small amounts, and also by some rules.

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