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10 most popular Italian dishes

10 most popular Italian dishes
  1. Bruschetta. This is a traditional Italian dish thatThey cook very often, and consider it to be folk. Nowadays bruschetta is an antipasto snack, which is usually served before all main dishes, as it is believed that it raises appetite. Bruschettes differ from toasts and sandwiches by the fact that before they are fried, they are very well dried in a skillet without oil or on the grill grill.
  2. Chicken Parmintiana. This is a very tasty dish that has a hugePopularity in the regions of Sicily and Campania. To prepare this dish you need chicken and tomato sauce. The chicken is baked in the oven with natural tomato sauce and one of the most favorite cheeses of Italians - Parmesan cheese.
  3. Panini. Panin is a closed sandwich ora sandwich. Paninis are made from white wheat bread, although Italians prefer to choose baguette for this business. The dish is served hot. The filling for panini is chosen by everyone for themselves, but the classic stuffing is ham, mozzarella, pesto sauce and cherry tomatoes.
  4. Panna cat. Translated from the Italian language "panna kota"Literally translated as "Boiled cream". This Italian dessert has already won the hearts of many, and therefore it can be tried in almost any restaurant and find out what conquered the hearts of our compatriots. "Panna cat" is a classic Italian dessert, which is made from sugar, vanilla and cream. This is a very delicate, light dessert.
  5. Tramezzino Is a classic Italian sandwich, orIt is still called a sandwich, but triangular in shape. Options for the filling for this sandwich is a lot, but the most popular among Italians is the filling of olives, tuna and prosciutto.
  6. Prosciutto Is a classic Italian ham that is made from ham. Rub only with sea salt and nothing more.
  7. Tiramisu. This Italian dessert won the love of manyLovers of sweet, and has become one of the most popular desserts around the world. The main ingredients of dessert are coffee, most often use espresso, mascarpone cheese, sugar, chicken eggs and savoyardi cookies.
  8. Savoyardi cookies - this is a biscuit biscuit, which you can buy ready-made, or you can cook yourself.
  9. Tortellini - this is classic Italian dumplings. Prepare them from the dough with cheese, meat and vegetables. In its form, Italian dumplings remind us of small dumplings. Make them in the form of rings or buds, connecting together the corners.
  10. Lasagna Is considered a traditional Italian dish,Which is prepared from puff pastry. Between the layers of the dough stack a very diverse, satisfying their taste filling, and then pour abundantly with béchamel sauce. As already mentioned, the layers can be to your taste, ranging from minced meat and meat stew, vegetables, spinach, tomatoes, and so on, and of course parmesan cheese is added.
  11. Spaghetti. It is Italy that is the birthplace of these pastaProducts, and there very often they are served with tomato sauce. Spaghetti became the basis for many popular Italian dishes. In Italy, the word "spaghetti" is not just noodles, but a clearly defined kind of Italian pasta.
  12. Pizza. Of course, not to mention in the list of popularItalian pizza dishes, it would be absolutely wrong. Italian pizza is an open round cake that is covered with tomatoes and melted cheese, most often choose mozzarella - this is a classic version of Italian pizza. Now pizza is cooked practically in all countries of the globe, but everyone chooses the stuffing for himself.
Dishes of Italian cuisine are really exquisite,Tasty and popular. Many of them you cook at home or order in restaurants, on the basis of this we can say that the Italian cuisine is very popular and has its fans.
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