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Sleep and lose weight - really!

Let the body breathe

At night, metabolic processes have a propertySlow down. For example, our lymph is going through one day in three hours, but at night this process takes about fifteen hours. If five hours before you go to bed, you did not eat and after seven evenings drank no more than two hundred milligrams of liquid, your body can lose weight due to the fact that you do not overload the stomach and kidneys. In this case, our shallow breathing is activated and toxins are effectively eliminated through the skin.

It is best to go to bed before midnight, becauseIt is between the twelve and the three o'clock in the morning that the growth hormone is the most active, and it is the activator of the normal metabolism in our organism. Arrows of the scales in the morning can show that you got rid of 200 grams even from 0.5 kilograms. And this means that the movement of dinner at an earlier time allows the body to rest at night from active work, and instead it concentrates on more useful actions for your figure. In time, our body uses a certain amount of harmful fat deposits, spending energy to support life.

Help comes psihologiya

In order to be more effectively dischargedWeight, you can use the psychological approach - self-programming. In the evening, return home, undress and immerse yourself in a warm bathroom. Then, with soft movements, apply a correction agent to the body. It is desirable to use calming agents, for example some kind of burner or anti-cellulite mask. To sleep it is necessary to prepare thoroughly - to be stocked by various means that speed up the processes of tightening the skin, it will be useful and massage before bed. Thus, while you are sleeping, your volumes will melt.

During the time you massage the skin,Think about that, with each movement, a layer of fat, albeit not a large one, comes off you. Make a fantasy of how fat goes, permanently and irrevocably leaves you. The medley of "meditation" dress your favorite pajamas, take a notebook where you write down your desires. Now is the time to dream and imagine yourself what you would like to become, and also think about how soon your kicks go. Put a number in the notepad on which you would like to lose weight the night. Do not be shy, imagine yourself a beautiful, well-groomed and self-assured woman. The main thing - to describe your desire accurately and in detail, after all this will depend on its execution.

Wrap a notebook with desire under a pillow and sleepCalm. You can sprinkle a pillow with a drop of lavender oil to calm your nerves and adjust to a restful sleep. Before you fall asleep, believe again and feel yourself in a new beautiful body. Such exercises need to be repeated every evening until the desired result appears.

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