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Structured water

"History" of water

Many scientists are inclined to assert that water isNot just a molecule, but a carrier. So, with the help of experiments it was proved that the liquid has a memory. Moreover, it also has an energy strength, a fixed biofield and many other possibilities. Esotericists say that water at the energy level remembers both words and thoughts and evenings, according to which information can be considered as a consequence. These findings have an ancient history, since even the oldest population of the earth was inclined to regard the similar phenomenon as truth. For example, the Hindus and Egyptians used water as an ablution, for body hygiene and as a remedy for a variety of diseases.

Water by its nature is constantly passingA certain circle. The cycle of its movement is to evaporate, freeze and fall again to the ground as precipitation. But in this case, it is necessary to take into account the factor that the liquid can be not only purified by various ways, but also be susceptible to contamination. Since the days of the Egyptians, today it is believed that the energy impact can bring a lot more trouble than a bacterial one. When the tribes prayed to the gods and asked them to send rain for a good harvest or to have mercy and remove the storms, they believed that contaminated carriers could lead to natural disasters. Since, like every evil, and in this case dirty water, is also looking for a way out.


Over water, as well as over other carriers,Many experiments were carried out. A large number of scientists have devoted their labor to it, and at the same time life. So in one of the laboratories where the tests were conducted it was found that if the purified water was added to the conventional water, then the whole substance instantly became clean. An example of this exist in divine seminaries. Remember, as during the celebration of Easter or another religious holiday. The priest will sanctify the food and water with a purified composition of the liquid. Peasants believe that the prayers and consecrations of water help it get rid of the negative and thus lead to universal purification.

But the main and most mysteriousfactor in experienceWas that the water in its structure was very dense. After the completion of the research, scientists said that if you created a lake from such water, then you could walk on it and even skate. Surprising, but true. In this case, we can observe how the researchers agree with the religions. But at the same time they made a correction and stressed that for this phenomenon we need water, which has a big charge of positive energy.

Other studies were conducted thatConcerned already frozen water. If you freeze a conventional one, you can see that its molecules have some kind of randomness and freezes in an indefinite order. But if you replace ordinary water with charged water, the structure will be very clear and the liquid will freeze, while creating a star-shaped pattern.

Also, the water was placed at night and was switched onColumns. The music that influenced the water was reflected in patterns and drawings. But if water was put and at the same time pronounced curses or wrote the names of the dead and so on, then its reaction changed dramatically.

These days

At the moment, much attention is paid toPurification of water. But for the most part this is done not to cure diseases, but because the water that is supplied to the population in the water supply has a large number of extraneous elements. Along with water, sand, rust and other particles penetrate the abode of the residents. All these factors lead to clogging and the whole organism. You can also observe a similar negative impact on household appliances. The same washing machines, filters and kettles, at whatever price they bought, or whatever the producer, are constantly breaking down, as salt and scum gather in them. As a consequence, in order to make drinking water out of ordinary, the population resorts to Active cleaning using a variety of water purifier filters.

How to make water structured at home?

If you do not have the opportunity to purchase a specialdevice or you want to personally follow the whole process in order to be confident in the effectiveness of the action, then you can clean the water without resorting to chemical elements. To do everything properly, you will not need much effort. So, take 5 liters of ordinary water and boil it. Next, you should wait until the composition has cooled and then pour it into plastic bottles. But do not pour more warm water, so it does not "pull" the plastic and does not deform the container. When the water is already spilled, place it in the freezer until it is completely solidified. Once you see that most of the water is frozen, then a small part of it, which is still in the liquid state, should be drained. In the water that you salt will contain a large part of the salts.

When the composition is already frozen, cut the bottom of the bottle. Those. 2-3 centimeters of ice from the bottom, detach, since they contain a mass of deuterium.

Bottles should be cut off the bottom, but it should not be thrown out, but used to support or cover the free surface of the water, so that the freezer does not quickly freeze.

The first portion of ice 2-3 mm thick should bethrow out, since it contains the bulk of deuterium. Next, rotate the frozen bottle and leave it in the open air for complete meltdown, it should not be heated at this time. In order to achieve the effect of structuring the water molecules, it is necessary to add to the resulting composition flint with a calculation of 6-8 pieces per 5 liters of melt water. The process will be completed only after 2 days.

Thus, you do not simply makeStructured, but environmentally friendly. If you want to protect yourself from bacteria and microorganisms, you can put in the water pre-cleaned silver.


Structured water is not just purifiedliquid. This is a significant part of a healthy lifestyle. By using such water, you can protect yourself and your family from a lot of bacteria and diseases. Using such water, you will instantly notice the effect of healing.

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