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Danger of modern contraceptives

Of course, this method, as well asMethod of interrupted sexual intercourse is an unreliable method of preventing pregnancy, because a female organism can be reconstructed and the cycle will be inconsistent, and therefore the information obtained for following the biological method may be incorrect. There are also more reliable methods, the main and most popular of which we will consider further.

Disadvantages of the barrier methods of contraception

So, let's start with the most simple andCommon methods - barrier contraceptives. These include condoms that take up more than 40% of the market for all contraceptives and are very popular, despite the already proven scientific inefficiency in some cases. That is, in fact, condoms are very risky, but by taking nothing else - it's better to use them. This is the main shortcoming of this barrier contraceptive. The main danger with the use of condoms is the possibility of developing an allergic reaction to latex and rubber. If this happens, then you will not be able to have normal sex for a long time, and condoms will forever be a ban for you.

Another barrier contraceptive isThe vaginal diaphragm. This, in fact, is also a condom, but vice versa. It is introduced directly into the vagina and should be used together with spermicidal agents, which enhances its effectiveness. The main drawback is the need to properly install the diaphragm, because with improper insertion it becomes ineffective. And the danger of using two vaginal diaphragms is the possibility of the infection of the urogenital system with strong barrier pressure on the urethra, as well as the possibility of the inflammation of female sexual organs. It is unlikely that any of the women wants for themselves such consequences.

The use of an intrauterine spiral is its main disadvantages

Today many doctors are inclinedRecommend women to install intrauterine devices, which are considered a very effective contraceptive. But there are several clarifications. First of all, it is necessary to understand that the use of the IUD can only be healthy already giving birth to women. It should be installed by a gynecologist in a certain phase of the cycle, after which a medical examination is necessary for several weeks. The spiral is a method of reverse action, since it is based on the prevention of embryo fixation. Today there are several hypotheses about the mechanism of action of the intrauterine device, but their essence is approximately equal. Use a spiral is not possible for women who have contraindications to use on the basis of basic health indicators. However, it is more than indicated to those women who, due to certain circumstances, can not take hormonal contraceptives.

There are several dangerous moments whenThe use of IUD is an expulsion that is observed during the first days after the establishment of the spiral, as well as the possibility of uterine bleeding. Such bleeding can occur as stronger menstruation, as well as in the quality of blood coagulation. In rare cases, for example against a background of inflammatory diseases, wearing a spiral can lead to infertility. It is necessary to mention once again that the IUD can be the best option for a healthy, healthy woman who has a regular sexual partner and does not suffer from inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system.

Modern oral contraceptives - harm or benefit?

Oral contraceptives today are oneThe most popular and often used methods of contraception. They have a lot of advantages, but they also have certain drawbacks. The most popular today are exactly the combined oral contraceptives. They have a high level of efficiency - almost 98% in case of their correct application. Two percent are left in case the woman forgets to accept the tablet. However, COCs have a long list of contraindications and those health conditions in which they can not be used. For example, crescent anemia, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, thromboembolism, hypertension, epilepsy and frequent headaches are direct indications for using other contraceptive methods, but not KOC.

Actually, the danger of tablets, for allTheir advantages are the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, the possibility of blood clots, the appearance of headaches, an increase in body weight, which is of particular concern to many women. Also, there are a lot of side effects associated with the emotional state of women: a decrease in libido, frequent hot flashes and troubles, irritability and so on. It is very important before taking any oral contraceptives, consult a physician who will conduct an examination, make basic tests, examine an anamnesis and can prescribe the most acceptable variant of oral contraceptives with the necessary content and distribution of hormones. If you have contraindications, then the method of contraception may be chosen different.

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