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Cascade fasting

However, it should be borne in mind that this method is far from beingAll fits. In addition, that in order to comply with such a diet, discipline and willpower are required, and some health problems may become an obstacle to such a method. And that cascade fasting does not harm your organism, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Contraindicated this method for diseases of the liver and kidneys, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Pregnant and lactating also do not resort to this method of starvation.

Preparing for starvation

Before embarking on cascade starvation,You need to properly prepare the body. Refuse such bad habits as alcohol and smoking. Next, you need three weeks not to consume sugar, salt and meat. After this it is necessary to go for a week only to vegetable food, moreover, the portions need to be reduced by 2/3 and there is nothing after seven in the evening. This time is necessary for the body to adapt to a limited diet and begin to use internal resources.

Stages of cascade fasting

The first step will be food 24 hours a day. Necessarily before starving, drink water well. On a hungry day, food and water are not used. The next day you can eat whatever you want. On such a cascade it is easy to hold out as long as you want, and it will be good to combine such a cascade with a soggy diet. Even if you stay a month, the total number of days of starvation will be 15 days.

On the second stage you can eat for two days, andTwo to starve. Requirements remain the same, you can not even drink water on hungry days. The golden rule is that after two days of starvation you need to get drunk water, and after two hours you need to start eating kefir. Food on free days should not be plant, but protein, that is, kefir should not be consumed with shloeb. The main thing to remember is that after kefir you can not eat vegetables, fruits and bread, because our pancreas is quite an inert organ, which is heavily involved in the work and can not cope with the supply of insulin into the blood, so do not overload it. If suddenly you do not have kefir, you can in return drink a boiled homemade. And two hours after that you can eat everything.

At the third stage three eat in three days- Three days can not be, but three days you can eat. Duration depends on how much you have the strength. The main thing is to endure three days without water, although the thirst will certainly torment. If everything is done according to the rules, then the stomach will be able to clean itself, but if you still consume water, you will most likely need enemas.

In the fourth stage, four through fourDays. It is difficult to do according to the previous schemes, but it is getting harder to withstand this stage. If you do not drink water on hungry days, enemas will not be needed. At this stage, it dries up in the mouth and the skin on the lips can be flaky.

On the fifth step - five in five days. This is a very difficult stage. The person is very badly asleep, it seems that there is not enough fresh air. In this time, the pores of the body open, and through them comes something that never escapes through the kidneys. It is possible to talk with difficulty, the thirst in the mouth is extremely dry. At the exit from this stage, fasting can be drunk only in the water, after two hours you can consume kefir, light, liquid and protein-free food. Even after two hours, you can gradually eat everything else. Some can not immediately get complicated fourth and fifth steps, but do not despair, after several attempts it will be much easier.


There are some tips to help you surviveFasting and will improve the results from the procedure. During fasting, refrain from washing, brushing teeth and, in principle, contact with water. Since the cells, in contact with the liquid, are fed by it, these places may not be renewed and not so well restored. And it is even better to drink after starvation not carbonated, but to a conventional one.

With a long period of fasting, hungerYou can only test the first 2 days, then it gradually dulls. During such fasting in the body, all processes are braked, breathing and pulse are slowed down, which means that it is necessary to save energy of the organism and try not to overstrain. It is important that your body at this time was warm.

A very significant help will be supportDomestic. Ideal option will be if your household will also be on a diet. The main thing is that they must understand that cascade fasting is a kind of treatment. In order not to "break", it is better, during fasting, not to cook food and stay away from the kitchen.

Results of cascade fasting

With the help of cascade fasting, not onlyReduce its volumes, but also perfectly clean the body, incidentally getting rid of some ailments. During the period of such starvation, worms, harmful new and old cells may die, the formation of cholesterol slag breaks down, the body gets rid of unnecessary liquid that can not be extracted through the kidneys and which is very harmful for metabolism. Such a liquid or dead water, leads to rapid aging.

For cascade fasting, no additionalMeans or methods of losing weight or cleaning the body. If you have dry fasting, the tolizms are contraindicated to you. Also, do not use any special tablets and teas for weight loss, this can significantly harm your health.

A good addition to the cascade diet will beWalking on fresh air, sunbathing and yoga. Such supportive procedures can help the body to oxygenate and do not require much effort. The positive sides are: rapid weight loss, which does not renew for a long time, cleanses the body, renews tissues and cells, the person restores the energy of vigor and cracks in the cascade diet. However, there are also disadvantages - in the process of starvation, certain chronic ailments, especially those associated with the substance, stomach, intestine and food behavior, can become aggravated.

Therefore, it is worth bearing in mind that the cascadeFasting can only be started if you are absolutely and completely ready to revise your eating habits. Fasting must necessarily be combined with healthy food, because if the fasting was successful, and then you returned to the previous diet, you will harm the body and quickly return to yourself the lost kilograms.

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