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Restrictions in nutrition with kidney disease

Strict diet. In our country, it is classified as a dietary stool № 7 recommended for patients with glomerulonephritis and for those who suffer from kidney failure. It is based on the restriction in the use of proteinaceous food. The fact is that during the processing of protein, toxins are formed, for the derivation of the organism of which the kidneys respond. However, if they do not fully function, then they can not cope with their task and the toxins will remain vorganizme, poisoning it. The main thing here is not to overdo and simply limit the consumption of proteins, rather than abandon them altogether, because protein is one of the building materials of our body. The rest of the patients who suffer less severe kidney disease, it is simply recommended to adhere to a small change in the diet - to reduce the amount of salt consumed, sharp-boiled and smoked.

Diet № 7 - what is this and "with what it is eaten"?

This diet is familiar to many, its essence, as alreadywas indicated, in limiting protein food and extractives in order to ensure the absence of an irritant for the kidneys of the patient. Such dietary diet must necessarily be fractional, diverse, useful and high-grade. Basically, all foods should be boiled, stewed, baked or cooked for a couple. The only requirement is that all food is not salty. It is here that the expression that salt is a white poison is appropriate. It is necessary to consume small portions approximately six times a day. Eliminate the need for legumes, meat and fish broths, pickles, smoked products, canned products, bakery products (for example, cakes), and soft drinks. It is also better to temporarily limit the consumption of products that contain a lot of potassium and phosphorus - dried fruits, bananas, nuts, offal.

Protein food should be a total of20-25grams a day, in the first place, it is necessary to limit the consumption of vegetable proteins. Limit the consumption of cream and sour cream. It is best to create a diet that includes the following foods: vegetable and vegetarian soups, vegetables and greens, boiled fish, poultry, lean, boiled tongue, melted butter, cottage cheese, milk, omelettes or steep eggs, corn, pearl barley, oatmeal, buckwheat porridge without salt, pancakes, homemade bread without salt, sweet tea, compote, jam, kissel. Remember that fasting with diseases of the liver is strictly forbidden and even vice versa - the daily diet should be at least 3500 calories. The diet can be used during the period of exacerbation of the disease to full recovery of the body, it is better for some patients of such a diet to adhere to throughout life.

Sample menu for one day on diet number 7

Breakfast - vegetable unsalted vinaigrette with sour cream (potatoes, beets, apples, cranberries), buckwheat porridge with milk.

The second breakfast - pumpkin porridge with semolina - 250 grams.

Lunch - vegetarian borscht - 350 grams, boiled meat with potatoes - 250-350 grams, apples or jelly in quality dessert.

Dinner - rice casserole with cottage cheese - 150-200 grams, pancakes with apples - 150 grams.

Before going to bed, a glass of milk or curdled milk.

Unloading days

With kidney disease is very usefulalso apply unloading days. For example, during the exacerbation of the disease, you three, and then four weeks, "sit" on diet number 7, and then return to the almost normal food (except for the principle of salt-free nutrition), and once a month in a quarter, after consulting a doctor, arrange for yourself Unloading days. Very useful and restorative are considered vegetable, fruit, oat and high-relief days. The principle of such nutrition is the same for all types of products. It consists in the fact that during the day there are only certain products in small amounts (200-300 grams), but dividing them into five meals. For example, with a berry or fruit diet, you should eat 300 grams of any berries or seasonal fruits during the day (you can sort, and you can eat different berries each time) and do it six times a day. Very topical for people with kidney failure is a barbecue unloading day, which can be carried out in the summer, when the full season of watermelons and you are sure of their quality. In the vegetable unloading day, it is necessary to prepare an unsalted salad, refueling it with vegetable oil and using it throughout the day.

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