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How to treat obstructive bronchitis with folk remedies

This article will focus on how to cureFrom obstructive bronchial apparatus. But in any case, it is necessary to visit a doctor who will confirm your diagnosis and prescribe your treatment. If the disease is erupted, sometimes not enough treatment with folk remedies, antibiotics may be useful.

International medicine for the treatment of obstructive bronchitis

Treatment with medication is notAlways has a good effect on the body. This gives a load on the heart, kidneys, liver and other body systems. That's why many people resort to treatment with folk remedies. But in any case, always take precautions. Be sure to consult your doctor and check your diagnosis. After that, consult a doctor about the treatment you have chosen. And only after approval, proceed to treatment.

On a note: Be sure to watch the proportions of allComponents, as well as the prudence of the preparation of the chosen means for treatment. It is very important to follow the treatment scheme. Incorrect doses or misoperation may not produce any results.

Onion-sugar mixture

The first few days of the disease are recommendedStart taking an expectorant. Do not necessarily run to the pharmacy for him. It can be prepared at home. To prepare it, you will need four tablespoons of lime honey, sugar, two onions and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Peel and cook for two hours. Then cook the boiled onions through a meat grinder, rub with honey and sugar, add the vinegar, mix thoroughly until a homogeneous consistency.

The resulting means must be takenHour by a teaspoonful. Within a day it will cure better and the cough will decrease. And the entire course of treatment should last no less than five days, even if the symptoms disappear, otherwise the cough may return.

Infusion of mandarin

If we do not like the taste of onion, then we offer youAnother, more delicious recipe recipe. To make it, take 50 g of dry peel of mandarin, crushed and pour a liter of water. Then within an hour, peel the skin on a slow-fire. As soon as the infusion is cooked, remove it from the heat, add to it another 50 grams of crushed mandarin peel and let it brew for two hours. After that, pour the infusion into glassware and store in the refrigerator.

Take this medication as follows:Way: immediately after awakening, drink teaspoon infusion. Then, every hour, drink one spoon less. After that, take a two-hour break and start drinking the medicine in reverse order - first one spoon, then two and so on. The course of treatment should last from three to five days, and relief should come already after a couple of hours.

Honey and viburnum

If the cough is strong and does not stop, thentry to get rid of it with the help of casseroles and honey. To prepare the medicine, take 200 g of the viburnum fruit, add to it 200 g of honey and pour 100 g of water. On low heat, bring to a boil, and then boil until all the liquid evaporates. Pour in the glassware.

The patient must eat every hour on the dining roomspoon of the resulting mixture. It's already half a day later to be relieved. But the treatment should last at least three days. The second day the medicine can be taken every three hours. Otherwise the cough can turn again. The remedy is very effective, but in the event that the patient has no allergy to honey.

Infusion of buckwheat

If the cough is not strong, then you can get rid of ittry tea from the flower of a bucket. To do this in a thermos, brew 40 g of dried buckwheat flowers, pour them with a litters of boiling water and insist for two hours. Then you drain the tea and for a day the patient should drink the whole broth.

To be treated like this can not be more than oneday. Since buckwheat has a serious strain on the urinary system and on the kidneys. Therefore, if you have a problem with the kidneys or bladder, then use an infusion of buckwheat. Choose another way to treat the cough.

Carrot or sourberry juice

It is possible to cure for cough and simple juice. For example, cranberry or carrot. The preparation recipe is very simple: take one tablespoon of any juice and honey. Mix and drink every hour. Treatment should last at least three days.

Decoction of sage

Try to prepare a decoction from a coughsage. Three tablespoons of sage spoon with a liter of milk and bring to a boil. After this, cook the broth for another fifteen minutes on a slow fire. After you remove from the cooker, the broth is not necessary for one more hour. As soon as the specified time has passed, to equip three tablespoons of honey and mix everything thoroughly. Every hour the patient has to drink half the glass of this remedy. The cough will pass very quickly. By the way, the decoction of sage fights well with the temperature.

Expectorant herbal collection

If the cough goes badly when coughing, thenprepare the next infusion. Take one teaspoon of mother-and-stepmother, fragrant dill, fennel, sage and althea. Mix all the herbs, pour into a thermos and pour a liter of boiling water. Leave this tool for two hours. After this, the infusion should be filtered and added to it a pair of natural honey. The patient should take the drug three times a day for half a glass. The course of treatment is five days.


Grandma's grandmothers treated a radish with bronchitis. It is very effective. Take a reddish-sized, cut out the core, pour honey or sugar and put it in the refrigerator for the night. Form the resulting juice three times a day, one tablespoon.

Bananas and figs

If the cough is not very strong, then you can tryget rid of it with the help of bananas and figs. To do this, take a few ripe bananas, preferably soft and make them puree. The resulting mashed potatoes fill with hot water, add sugar, and eat warm.

If there are figs, then it can be boiled in milk over low heat. Once molokozakipit, cool it a bit and drink a decoction, and eat the figs.

Cabbage juice

Freshly squeezed juice with sugar is used inas an expectorant for coughing hoarseness. Instead of sugar, it is better to use honey. Such a drug should be taken 3-4 times a day for one teaspoonful.

Outside the treatment

Obstructive bronchitis can be treated with otherways. For example, rubbing the back and stern fat. This is good for coughing. It is necessary just before the patient's sleep, warm it up and cover it. After this, the cough should not be disturbed all night.

The article described the most common methods of treating bronchitis. Among them, you can certainly find the remedy that suits you best.

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