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Gymnastics for the spine according to the Pilates system

Effect of exercises on the Pilates system on the spine

The inactive way of our life can lead toSuch diseases of the spine as a hernia of intervertebral discs, scoliosis, osteochondrosis, problems with posture, etc. Gymnastics in the Pilates system strengthens the muscles of the back, the cervical vertebrae, strengthens the muscles of the press that are needed to support the spine, helps to recover from injuries to the vertebral column. As well as trained muscles contribute to the health of the spine. With this gymnastics, the risk of injury is reduced. Exercises can be held in a special club and at home. They can be performed by people of different physical fitness. For each person, a specialist consultation is required. Depending on the goal that you want to achieve, thanks to the gymnastics in the Pilates system, each person is assigned a certain set of exercises. Especially it concerns those who are recovering from spinal injuries.

Applying the lessons of this system, you can achieve restoration and strengthening of posture, increase joint mobility and flexibility of the spine.

How correctly performed this gymnastics

For the correct performance of the Pilates gymnasticsShould exercise control over the implementation of the technique of coordination and movements, for breathing. Exercises are performed slowly and smoothly, following the posture and breathing. Such exercises help to maintain a correct posture, not only in class, but in life.

The basis of gymnastics for this system isStrengthen the muscles that provide strength and flexibility to the trunk. The "framework of strength" refers to the muscles of the abdomen and back, in other words, the musculature. With the correct performance of exercises (smoothly and slowly), the muscle and ligaments are overloaded, pain in the back goes away.

The muscular corset needs to be strengthened in order toCreate a support of the chest muscles on the abdominal corset to increase intra-abdominal pressure. This will reduce the burden on the lumbar spine. Blocked diaphragm lower back makes it stiff, which contributes to the appearance of pain. It is necessary to bring it into a state of flexibility with the help of rib breathing and abdominal breathing.

In the technique of Pilates exercises more500 various exercises that are aimed at stretching, loading muscles. Beginners must first learn how to do the exercises without using the equipment, to fix the technique. When doing gymnastics, you need to learn how to control the necessary breathing. All exercises should be performed without interruption, moving smoothly from one to another, so that the load on these or those muscles does not stop. The goal is to learn not to put into operation muscles that do not participate in movements and achieve correct conscious relaxation.

To achieve positive results fromThe Pilates system, it is necessary to engage regularly, three to four times a week. Begin the training should be under the supervision of an experienced coach to properly distribute the load on the muscles of the spine. After studying the technique of exercises for this system, it is possible to perform classes at home independently. There are three types of gymnastics in the Pilates system: training on the floor, on special simulators and training with the use of special equipment. To achieve the desired results in strengthening the spine, be sure to take introductory lessons under the guidance of an instructor.

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