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Why do we get tired?

1. Reaction to the unfavorable weather

Very often weather conditions affect ouroverall comfort. Magnetic storms, changes in atmospheric pressure, wind - all this only depletes the nervous system, but also causes general malaise and lethargy. To somehow bring yourself in shape, you can try to make a self-centered acupressure massage. It activates your nervous system and gives strength and vigor. How to make such a massage? It's very simple - hold the finger of the right hand with your index finger and the thumb of your left. With the tip of the thumb, press firmly and knead the middle part of the little finger well. If within a few minutes of fatigue you did not leave, then repeat the massage again and again with an interval of 15-20 minutes.

2. Consequences of a strict diet

Many of us want to have a beautiful figure. On what for the sake of this girl does not go: go in for sports, exhaust yourself with training and sit nadietah. And diets are not always chosen correctly. Many people want to put themselves in the right shape in a short time, so choose a strict diet. But any low-calorie diet is always a strong stress for the body. Very harmful and monodity, which are based on the use of a single product (for example, kefir, apples, buckwheat, and so on). Such diets do not provide the body with all the necessary vitamins and nutrients, and this affects the metabolism (it slows down). With fat deposits, muscle mass also leaves, meaning you are weakening in the literal sense of the word.

To avoid such consequences, nutritionistsRecommend to observe a quota of nutrients: 60% of the diet should be carbohydrates, 24% - fats and 16% proteins. During any diet, take a multivitamin and eat as many fresh vegetables and fruits as possible.

3. Sweet, hungry stomach

It's not always possible to eat normally. Therefore, we begin to satisfy the feeling of hunger with all improvised means, for example, sweet. But this is not the best option. The thing is that sweet causes a sharp rise in blood sugar, which in turn causes the pancreas to produce insulin. This insulin quickly utilizes simple carbohydrates, which are absorbed from the eaten candy and gradually the level of glucose in the blood begins to decrease. When this level falls below the permissible limit, we begin to experience dizziness and severe weakness (after 20-30 minutes).

What to do? Replace sweets with more healthy foods: apples, oranges or bananas. These fruits contain simple glucose andfructose, which are quickly absorbed and dull the feeling of hunger. In addition, they contain fiber, pectin and starch - complex carbohydrates, which are developed gradually and help maintain the optimal sugar level for an hour.

4. Stagnation of blood in the legs

Heels, of course, adorn any woman. But regular wear can lead to fatigue of the legs and even general weakness of the body. To avoid this, try wearing shoes at a lower heel. Then your legs will be tired twice less. At home, you can do an easy exercise-stop on all fours. This position contributes to venous drainage and helps to relieve fatigue. Also foot baths with sea salt will be useful.

5. Physical loading

If you signed up for the gym, then get ready forthe first time you will feel the pain in the muscles and fatigue from the exercises. To alleviate these symptoms, after each workout, take a relaxing aromatic bath. To do this, mix a teaspoon of juniper berries (they reduce the pain in the muscles), 2 tablespoons oregano, mint, lavender. All herbs are poured into a pouch and dip it into a hot bath. We remind you that the temperature should not be too high, and the bath time should not exceed 20 minutes.

6. PMS

Every girl knows what PMS is. These days our ability to work is declining, the mood changes and irritability increases. All this is caused by hormonal changes. In tissues, the liquid begins to be retained, and the work of the venous system becomes more difficult. But these symptoms can be eased. For this, a week before the start of the critical days, start taking the grass harvest. Mix the cones of hops, valerian root, mint leaves and freckles watch (1: 1: 2: 2). Pour two spoons of the collection with two cups of boiling water and insist for half an hour. Then, drizzle for 2-3 weeks twice a day.

7. Overweight

Excess weight affects not only health, butand on our sense of sympathy. People who suffer from this problem, it is difficult to move, the posture is disturbed, because of this the center of gravity shifts and there comes a rapid fatigue. Getting rid of excess weight is not so simple, but if you competently reach a solution to this problem, then in a couple of months you can achieve a good result.

8. The habit of doing a number of things at once

Some of us overestimate their capabilitiesand simultaneously take several cases. But this is very tiring for the nervous system. Experts do not recommend simultaneously talking on the phone, watching a TV set, viewing important documents and so on. If you keep this type of life constantly, then in time you will get tired not only mentally, but also physically several times faster. Therefore, before you start taking Neuro-stimulants, try to simply plan your day.

9. Smoking

Nicotine worsens the blood supply of tissues, narrowsvessels and causes oxygen starvation. As a result, you feel tired. The only way to solve this problem is to quit smoking. But even if you quit smoking, do not expect that already in the first week you will feel better. On the contrary, the first couple of weeks you will feel even more weakness, but then you feel better.

10. Working with the computer

If you spend a lot of time at the computer,then you get tired faster. Pulsation of luminous signs, flicker of the monitor, monotonous images are very tiresome. After a few hours, not only the eyes, but the whole body get tired too. You may have a headache, worsen appetite, appear apathy and other symptoms. Therefore, during a long work on the computer, every hour breaks. To relieve visual fatigue - make a compress of black tea on the eyes. You can lie down for a few minutes and just relax, while closing your eyes. Such little tricks help to remove fatigue.

In addition to the above factors, fatigue cancause other irritants. For example, frequent sitting in front of the TV, driving a car, monotonous work and even dark colors of clothes. To avoid fatigue, try to walk more in the fresh air, eat right to follow the regime of your day.

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