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Can I tan pregnant women?

Benefit of tanning for expectant mothers

Certainly many know that the sun's raysHelp the body to produce vitamin D3, without which calcium can not be absorbed. Thanks to many surveys and studies it is known that even those women who during the entire period of bearing a baby drink vitamins and calcium, suffer from hair loss, tooth decay, the appearance of caries, and the separation of nails. What do all these symptoms mean? This means that the body needs calcium and vitamin D3. However, even if you take vitamins in the form of capsules or tablets, the body can not digest it in necessary quantities. And this means that it is simply necessary to sunbathe pregnant women. Remember that the bones of the urefen begin to form on the smallest period of pregnancy, moreover, it affects the future teeth of the baby, so from the first month of pregnancy and until the last day of the future mother, you need to find time to walk in the park to receive solar energy.

It should be said that it is not forbidden to go to sea at all, and even vice versa, it is advised that only in the sun you need to be in small quantities.

Danger of sunburn for future mothers

Almost everyone knows that during the period ofThe woman's body is most susceptible to increased stresses. For example, for women's skin is especially careful and careful care. Moreover, very often pregnancy begins to appear pigmented spots on the hands, face, back and zone of the decollete. A woman must protect herself from a strong intense exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays, and for this you need to protect yourself from visiting the solarium and try not to get in the sun in the daytime.

If the mother's body overheats, the tomalysh is also notWill remain on the sidelines, and this can adversely affect the health of the fetus. Due to the rise in the temperature of maternal organs, the baby's organs may overheat. Only here it is worth remembering that the little guy is helpless and he will not be able to regulate the temperature of his body, because he is in the womb of his mother. This is due to the fact that his sweat fuels have not yet formed and can not work, which can not be said about adults. Therefore, when the mother is overheated, the brain and the nervous system of the baby may start to malfunction.

Ultraviolet rays have one more property -They activate the natural tasks of the body, for example, such as heartbeat, blood circulation, breathing, metabolism and many others. However, if the future mother has any problems with these processes, then you can forget about the solarium and long stay in the sun, because the problems can only worsen.

Many studies have been carried out,It turned out that tanning has to do with the appearance of cancers and melanoma. So, excessively addicted to staying in the sun is dangerous for health. Moreover, in a pregnant woman, due to the long reception of sun baths, dehydration of the body may occur, due to the fact that during this period there is a strong sweating. Of course, this will happen only in that case, if not restore the balance of water at a certain time.

If you stay in the open sun for a long timeOr with a general overheating, not only a pregnant woman, but another person who is in love can experience a heat stroke. Moreover, expectant mothers have much more to get it. When the temperature of the body rises, the small organism of the child also overheats, because it can not regulate its temperature. In cases where such overheating continues for a long time, the baby can earn himself a wrong brain function, which, unfortunately, will not be restored afterwards.

Can women who are expecting a child sunbathe in a solarium?

Of course, this institution has become very popular andfor women and for men, but much is known about the harm and benefit of this sunburn. It should be recalled that there have been many studies that have found that a solarium, as well as exposure to the sun, increases the possibility of skin cancer. Moreover, especially pregnant women with white skin, on which there are birthmarks, pigment and birthmarks, are vulnerable. Only this danger is not only for future mothers, but for other people. If you use photoprotective agents, you can reduce the risk of the appearance of this terrible disease. In the UK, studies were conducted and the results showed that in their country alone, approximately 100 people die each year from the melanoma that occurs as a result of a visit to the solarium. Most of them are young people up to the age of thirty. Remember this moment before you go to the solarium, especially if you are a zhdeeterebenochka.

How to sunbathe future mothers?

What should attention of women waiting forchild? And is there any difference in the way tanning for ordinary women and women who are waiting for the child? Of course, there is. Every future mother must know certain rules and recommendations, which have a special and binding nature.

  1. Pregnant women can only sunbathe in the morning before10.00 and only in the evening after 17.00-18.00. Because the rest of the time there is a strong activity of ultraviolet rays, thanks to which a woman and his baby are in danger. Moreover, it is necessary to say that various devices in the form of awnings and beach zonotics do not save the dangerous rays of the sun. And the rays of the sun at 50 centimeters penetrate the input, so there you will not be able to hide either. Only the room can help you. Try not to go out in the daytime.
  2. In obligatory order, it is necessary to wear a headand it's better if it's a hat with wide margins, so you can hide your face from the harmful rays of the sun. Everyone knows that during pregnancy often there are pigmented spots, but staying in the sun can only intensify their appearance.
  3. In the mandatory order of magnitude,use sunscreen products with an SPF factor of less than 30. However, before buying such funds, be sure to read the composition and consult your doctor about the possibility or impossibility of using it. Avoid cheap creams, they can have allergens, which during the carrying of the child is absolutely irrelevant.
  4. With a doctor, talk about when and how much water you need to consume in the summer. Remember that your body requires a lot of water, especially if you are on the beach and sweat a lot.


Now you know many reasons why women,Waiting for the child, you can not sunbathe, as you used to usually. However, on the other hand, if you protect yourself completely from sunbathing, then it is impossible to harm not only yourself, but also the baby. Particular attention should be paid to the process of sunburn, you do not have to fry yourself to the sun before the appearance of a bronze shade, and take affectionate sunny.

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