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Dental implants: the pros and cons

After all, such an innocuous at first glance procedure has its own nuances.

Putting a dental implant is a quick thing and, inPrinciple, is not very complex. Doctors promise an excellent result, a beautiful smile and assure that side effects are extremely rare. Only in 2% of cases, the implant can not survive and inflammation will begin, which will lead to a lot of consequences. But how not to fall into the number of these two percent? It turns out that in order for the implant to last you for many years (up to 30 years), certain mandatory conditions must be met when installing it. What kind? We will tell you about this.

Condition one - is the implant generally anatomic?

Before you go to the dentist for a newTooth, you need to find out: do you need an implant at all? After all, today there are other ways to restore lost teeth. For example, you can install bridges and removable dentures, implant a titanium implant into the bone, to attach a crown or glue an artificial tooth to the adjacent teeth. Of course, the implant has many advantages: it does not need to be removed at night, it requires less care, it is more reliable , Aesthetic, convenient and so on. But in the case of failure, the consequences will be very serious. Therefore, doctors describe the situation in which the need for an implant is beyond doubt:

  • Lack of one tooth with healthy neighbors. In this case, it is necessary not only to fill the missing tooth, but also to take care of the neighbors: to keep them unharmed and intact.
  • Absence of two or three teeth in a row. Such a defect is also corrected by installing the implant.
  • Absence of the last teeth in the dentition. Unfortunately, in this situation it is possible to put only an implant, since other methods of prosthetics will not help because of the lack of a supporting tooth.
  • The jaw does not have all the teeth.

If your situation does not fit the description eitherOne of the above, then it is worth discussing with the implantologist the need to install the implant and at the same time carefully weigh all the advantages and disadvantages.

Second condition-choose a suitable model

From the correct selection of the implant modelDepends on whether he gets accustomed. To date, there are about one hundred and hundreds of different vidovimplantov, the cost of which varies from 100 to 2000 dollars. They all consist of a titanium pin, a ceramic-metal crown and an abutment that connects them, but differ in quality, size, and materials.

Unfortunately, specialists came to the conclusion thatOnly third of existing implants is relatively safe for health. And only about 10 species have perfectly recommended themselves. Everything depends on the set of factors. For example, a too thin pin does not always cope with the load. Too much will destroy bone tissue. Therefore, before installation, it is necessary to do the x-ray of the jaw. And it is even better to make a computer tomography. This will allow you to get a three-dimensional picture, thanks to which you can calculate the width, angle and length of the titanium rod that will be installed.

The third condition is strength

Many of the problems associated with the installationImplant, arise precisely because of bone tissue. The main reason is a prolonged absence of a chewing load. If you lost a tooth a long time (more than three months ago), the maxillary bone in this place does not receive the proper load and therefore begins to gradually dissolve. The more time passed after tooth loss, the greater the lack of bone mass. Therefore, before implantation, build up an unoccupied volume with the help of special materials or your own bone, which is taken from the chin or lower jaw.

If the implants are necessary for the upper jaw, then a sinus lift operation may be necessary. Such an operation will restore the volume of the bone tissue from the side of the maxillary sinus.

The fourth condition is to optimize the installation

The implant is inserted into one, sometimes inSeveral stages. In the second case, first put a titanium pin and give him three months to get accustomed. Then the upper part of the implant is placed. If you need to grow bone tissue, the installation time increases. Of course, I want to do everything as quickly as possible. But haste in this matter is not recommended, since the risk of complications is high. Do not install the implant immediately after removing or losing the tooth. In fact if vlunke bacteria remain, then the tissue around can inflame.

One-stage implantation of teeth is possible only in those cases when there are no contraindications. But this happens very rarely.

Let's calculate the risks

After implant placement, the following complications may occur:

  • During operation, the bottom of the maxillary sinus or nerve may be affected.
  • During implant engraftment around the dowel, tissues can become inflamed. In this case, it is necessary to remove the implant and restore the bone tissue.
  • The implant may not settle down. There are many reasons for this: inflammation, overheating of the bone during surgery, osteoporosis and so on.
  • After inserting the plug, the implant may become unscrewed.
  • If the implant is placed on the upper jaw, sinusitis or sinusitis can occur. The implant must be removed.

Often the cause of problems is improper hygiene care after installation and failure to follow the recommendations of the dentist relative to the diet, taking medication.

When it is not possible to install an implant at all

There are a number of contraindications to the installation: Diseases of the central nervous system, blood coagulability, malignant formations, problems with the sym- bonomy system, tuberculosis, systemic connective tissue diseases, bruxism, diabetes mellitus.

There are also problems that prevent the immediate installation of the implant, but they are amenable to correction: smoking and alcoholism, gingivitis, depression, carious teeth, problems with keeping oral hygiene.

Let's sum up the results

Implants are a very useful invention. However, before installing, it is necessary to take care of observing all the above points. The success of this procedure will depend on the level of the clinic and the skill of the doctor. Even if everything goes well, every six months you will have to visit the dentistadle for examination and hygienic cleaning. This is very important, and this condition is prescribed in the contract. For non-compliance with the rules, they can even withdraw the guarantee for the implant.

To choose a good clinic, gather in advance aboutIt as possible more information: reviews, find out about the license, the experience of doctors. Ask your friends, maybe they'll tell you where to go. It is better to spend a little time looking for a good doctor, than a lot of money for improper or poor-quality treatment.

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