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Products that activate mental activity

Many school students and students are used to think thatCoffee, bananas, chocolate, nuts and sakharochen are useful, and if they are used before the exam, the mental abilities are sharpened. Let's see what kind of products really improve memory and activate mental activity. Thus, ladies and young people will be able to make up their ration only in order to lose their weight, but also to become more intelligent.

Intellect is dependent on our nutrition - this is provenScientists. Many studies have shown that if the mother is undernourished during pregnancy or if the baby is not eating properly in younger years, then it is possible to cause irreparable harm to the development of mental abilities. Mozztrebuet certain substances, but what?

Honest, many hypotheses about the benefits of this orA different product arose in society without a trace. Here, we take, for example, sugar and foods that contain it - for a good brain work you need glucose, this is true. As a rule, we get glucose from carbohydrates, for example, from bread and from concentrated carbohydrates - sugar. If your day starts with breakfast, where you eat bread, then the whole day provide the brain with food. But if there is pure sugar, then it immediately passes into the bloodstream and the head becomes light. However, this is not for long. In this case, the body begins to throw out insulin, which devours sugar, so after a few minutes the sugar level decreases again. Mental activity falls and maybe even a weakness appears. For this reason, you do not need to entertain yourself with illusions, it will be much better if you eat bread, rice, beans, nuts, and muesli-products that contain starch in time. Remember that during the exam or simply in the process of mental work, it is best not to refresh yourself with candy, but cracker a bun.

Consider the fats that ourOrganism, if they are taken without measure, they do not allow the digestion of sugar. Moreover, it should be noted that they inhibit mental activity. Imagine a smart person and a slow-witted mind. For sure the first one will look brisk and slim, and the second one will be a fat one. It really is in our life. Canadian scientists conducted experiments on animals. It turned out that the individuals who grew on fatty foods simply could not solve the light tasks that their peers clicked like seeds. It's the same people act.

Overweight people after a week of eating fatty foods, the intellect drops by 30%. When they return to the normal diet, the intellect is restored.

To have a clear mindset in the brain, weNeed and protein. It stimulates the brain, accelerates the processes of thinking, reaction and mental energy. Therefore, experts recommend together with bread, cereals and pasta to eat peas, dairy products, beans and meat.

Moreover, for normal processes in the brain we need vitamins and minerals. And the harder you work, the more vitamins the brain needs.

Zinc - focuses attention, improves memory. It is best to assimilate such products with zinc content: bread, sea fish, turkey and chicken.

Bor - in its food it is enough, but when it is not enough, the brain does not work well. Eat pears, broccoli, grapes and apples.

Calcium - is needed for a good operation of the nervous system. It can be obtained in dried apricots, oranges and dairy products.

Iron - focuses attention and helps to remember information. Contained in beans, liver, lean meat, green stuff and dried fruits.

Magnesium - responsible for the transmission of nervous impulses. It can be found in sprouted wheat, bananas, peanuts, nonfat milk.

Vitamin B1 - helps to release nerve cells from chemical substances that affect memory. Its sources are nuts, lean meat, wheat bran, porridge.

Vitamin B2 - especially affects the quality of memory. Contains visceral products from wholemeal flour and skim milk.

Vitamin B12 - if you use this vitamin in a larger dose, you will forget what fatigue is and information will be remembered more easily. Most of all he is in meat.

Very important is the diet. It is worth remembering that the brain works at the expense of digestion, and when the organism has to digest a lot of food, the blood goes into the digestive system and, accordingly, the outflow of it from the head occurs.

You may notice that after a tightYou relax, you do not want to do anything, thinking activity slows down. Therefore, to think, you need to eat in the right doses, in moderation - do not overeat. However, many people eat, which you can eat all day, eat in one sitting. The whole day they are hungry, and on the way home they make up everything and become unfit for brain activity. Therefore, you should eat evenly.

What products need to draw special attention? Everything depends on the tasks that are ahead of you and the time of day.

Take, for example, breakfast. Waiting for you all day, full of all sorts of tasks. Many of us will think that it is necessary to have a good breakfast in the morning, so as not to think about food, but we found out that it is wrong. You can not start the day with sweet rolls. They contain starch and sugar, which increase the amount of serotonin in the brain, so there is a calming effect. Because of this, cheerfulness bypasses the party. Rolls should be left in case of stress - they will help instead of tablets. It is wrong to eat sausage, eggs and butter for breakfast - they are very fatty and contain a lot of cholesterol, so they are slowly digested, which means that all this time the blood is not in the head, but in the belly.

Scientists say that you need breakfastThere are low-fat foods, and these include: fat-free processed cheese, post-light, cottage cheese, juice, fresh fruit. A cup of tea or coffee will provide vampsychic activity, but remember that excessive use of them can lead to a loss of good reaction and clarity of mind.

Moreover, scientists say that it is not only food that is important for the mind, but also what we drink. To increase the efficiency of working, you need to drink plenty of water.

If you eat a lot of carbohydrates for lunch, then goodThe work of the brain can be forgotten. It is acceptable to eat a small portion of pasta and potato on a side dish, but as a result you can get a relaxed idyll, which is so inappropriate in the middle of the day. This effect is exacerbated by all sorts of sweet desserts. Therefore, for lunch, you should eat foods that have a lot of protein - fish, meat, poultry.

But for supper it is necessary to forget about protein foods, if you, of course, do not have to work at night. The best option is food-carbohydrates.

But remember that you do not always need a hundred percentImplement the recommendations of scientists. People in the whole world want to protect themselves from eating foods that increase cholesterol in the blood. Of course, this is very important and beneficial for the protection of otaterosclerosis, but the psyche can suffer. About two thousand men aged from 50 to 89 years were examined, and it was found that those who have low cholesterol content in their blood are more likely to suffer from depression. Cholesterol is an important element of calming the nerves. Therefore, it is not natural that many people who sit on trendy diets are often in a bad mood.

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