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Men's and women's climax is how to survive?

Women's cycles

Self-reproducing age of every womanBegins with the first monthly and lasts approximately 30-40 years. Throughout this period of time, female hormones are actively being produced in a woman - estrogens, the ovaries, in turn, once a month throw out suitable eggs for fertilization, and the uterus begins to prepare for pregnancy. Each year, the number of eggs decreases, the level of estrogen decreases, and the ovaries do not work as well as before.

The first phase of menopause - perimenopause starts atWomen aged 40-50 years. As a rule, this period of life does not cause special inconveniences to a woman. Monthly are not so regularly, scanty alternations alternate with abundant, premenstrual syndrome brings discomfort. Some women experience changes in their character, they become more vulnerable, irritable, tearful, others are troubled by headaches, insomnia or drowsiness, weakness, and still others - moping pressure, swelling and begin to gain weight. Hormonal changes occur, because mastopathy sometimes causes mastopathy, increases sexual desire and itching is found in the genital area. Because hormones are leaping in this period, oral contraceptives may not provide the necessary protection, although the overall ability to cough up a child is not so great, there is a chance that two eggs will be released at the same time, which means that there is a possibility The birth of twins or even triplets.

The second phase of menopause is menopause. In the period from 6 to 12 months the woman completely stops monthly, the ovaries cease to work and the hormonal balance becomes completely different. The appearance begins to change - deep facial wrinkles become larger and bigger, the skin becomes flabby and dry. Some women during this period are tormented by so-called "hot flashes" - fever, accompanied by palpitations of heartbeats. Moreover, there may be intermenstrual bleeding, memory becomes weaker, irritability intensifies. But before her last months, a woman can conceive a baby in her own right.

The most optimal age for the onset of menopause is48-50 years. If a woman suffers from serious illnesses, sits on unsuccessful diets, does many abortions or is endowed with endocrine diseases, the menopause period can begin earlier-at 40 years, but women who have a strong sexual constitution can reach this period only 55 years and even later. Often, the period of the onset of menopause is transferred from mother to daughter, so the daughter has menopause at the same age as her mother. When a woman survives the menopause period, she is more at risk of developing cancer.

The third phase of menopause is postmenopause. During this period of life, the ovaries do not work at all, the figure changes, and dystrophic changes in the genital organs begin. The self-reproducing age of a woman can be considered complete. Diseases that are associated with the metabolism and changes in the hormonal balance are more insidiously begun to lie in wait for the female body - osteochondrosis, cardiopathy, osteoporosis, hypertension, bladder problems.

Problems of men

In the usual sense, men do not have menopause. A long period of postmenopause was needed for women so that the offspring of an ancestor could survive.

Men, of course, also begin to grow old, butThe difference of completion between the female self-reproducing age and the male is very high. Due to the fact that we have a bad ecological situation and a sedentary lifestyle, this can lead to the fact that loss of potency can arise in 40 years. However, for everyone this happens in different ways, some men conceive their children and in 80 and even in 90 years.

Often, men begin to suffer fromHormonal changes in the age of 45-60 years. Everything depends on the level of testosterone in the blood, the sexual constitution, stress, intoxication, the transferred diseases and irradiation. Initially, almost always there is erectile dysfunction, then comes irritability, problems with blood pressure, memory weakens. The skin becomes wrinkled and flabby, some men increase their breasts due to a lack of male hormone and the function of the prostate gland decreases. Libido alive spermatozoa are stored for some time in a man after weakening the erection, but after a while they also disappear.

Sometimes men also have menopausalSymptoms-panic attacks, headaches, "hot flashes", sleep disturbances, dystrophic changes in the genital organs. After the climax, the most common male diseases are a heart attack, hypertension, adenoma, atherosclerosis and prostate cancer.

Nature or disease?

The climax coming in its time isA natural life process that does not require treatment. But with the early cessation of sexual function in women and men (up to 45 years), doctors can fight thanks to the forces of modern medicine.

If already by the 40th you feel that withThe sexual sphere is something wrong, you do not need to order a bed in a nursing home and put a cross to the people. Of course, dietary supplements and Viagra are not the best ways to solve a problem. First, you need to be examined and to establish why the emergence of a timely menopause, doctors will be able to prescribe to you testosterone and estrogen preparations, which will bring the balance of female and male hormones back to normal. It is very real that erectile and menstrual function will begin in 40 years.

To improve overall health,Recommend hormonal therapy, it will reduce vascular disorders, osteoporosis, relieve the unpleasant symptoms of menopause. If the patient does not suffer from allergies, impaired renal or hepatic function, oncological diseases, then female and male hormones can be taken.

Recommendations for those for whom ...

To the symptoms of menopause you do not bother,Rest, eat normally, visit a doctor and ask why your body is changing. If you have a brain, discharge from the nipples, weakness, bleeding, chest pain and other symptoms, it can be caused not only by the menopause, you may have been overcome by some dangerous disease.

Remember that to mitigate the symptoms onlyPhysician advice is not enough. During this period of life it is very important to provide yourself with positive and bright emotions, good mood, keep yourself constantly toned. The more the brain works, the more hormones will be in the blood. Communicate with youth, learn something new, go to dances, go to clubs on interests, arrange trips and hikes, more often go to nature, get your pets, pekitechleb, find entertainment.

Pay special attention to sexual life. Do not listen to anyone, 68% of 70-year-old men and 56% of 70-year-old women can have sex and do it. Moreover, 26% of women and 31% of men do it more often than once a week. Provide yourself with a regular intimate affinity, and then the level of hormones will always be normal. Do not think about the fact that the old age has come-the inferiority passes, but experience, tenderness, skill and patience remain.

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Remember that the best remedy for menopausal problems is a happy and mutual love.

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