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Useful tips for smokers

Properties of cabbage
More common is white cabbage, but byThe utility of Beijing and asparagus is not inferior to it. Cabbage in its raw and cooked form does not lose its useful qualities and has not only food, but also preventive properties for lung cancer. Anti-carcinogenic substances participate in the fight against cancer cells in two ways - do not give rise to cancer cells and reduce the spread of metastases. The use of cabbage in food at least five times a day is a good prevention for fans of cigarette smoke.

Properties of tomatoes

Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant blockingThe action of free radicals. Tomato juice, thermally processed, is more useful than fresh vegetables, as it promotes adsorption of lycopene in the digestive tract. For people whose diet is enriched with tomatoes and tomato juice, the risk of oncological diseases decreases. Lycopene has protective properties in relation to lung tumors. Tomato juice plus cabbage doubles the effect of protecting the spread of metastases.

Properties of carrots
Carrots, as a medicinal product, have usefulProperties in seeds, tops and roots. Scientists have proved that the carrot stops the development of metastases if you take carrot juice one glass three times a day on an empty stomach.

Properties of germinated wheat
To hope for grain that relieves cancer is not worth it,But to restore immunity and strengthen the body germinated wheat grain will help. A strong organism is able to protect itself from cancer cells. For lovers of cigarette smoke, this is a great preventive.

Cosmetical tools
The consequences of the harm of smoking a woman will manifestexternally. Combining smoking and beautiful, clean, fresh skin is impossible. Oxygen starvation leads to premature wrinkles, the shade of the face changes and the skin coarsens. By exhaling during smoking, all the harmful micro-particles settle on the skin and there is a blockage of the pores. Contaminated skin is a favorable environment for bacteria, which means that pimples and black spots are provided. Skin is less elastic and elastic.

Restoring youth and beauty will help avoid bad habits and cosmetics:
  • Daily peeling with the use of gels or scrubs to clean the face;
  • Very sensitive skin is irritated by cold water, instead of washing, you should use cleansing milk, anti-inflammatory gel and so on;
  • The lack of collagen in the body makes the skin sluggish, the skin will help restore skin elasticity, the components of which are vitamins A, C, E;
  • Twice a week, toning facial masks and collagen skin masks around the eyes;
  • Restore the broken blood circulation will help massage the face.
In the case of impaired circulation,Small vascular asterisks or meshes covering the nose and cheeks, which often causes burning and itching, redness and inflammation. Restraining the spread of couperose is possible: when washing, do not wipe with a towel, the water evaporates on its own. Apply protective gloves year-round and apply baby cream in case of irritation. Overheating is contraindicated.

"Forced" smoking
Chemicals in tobacco smokeIn a huge amount, fall into the lungs of a passive smoker in a larger number than a smoking person. Highly carcinogenic substances contained in tobacco smoke remain in the lungs for up to 70 days. Accordingly, being in a smoke-free room for 5 hours, a non-smoker is exposed to a cigarette smoked, vision deteriorates, tearing increases.

Passive smoking is an important risk factor for oncologyLight, this has long been a fact of scientists of many countries. Polluted atmosphere also contributes to cancer, but in combination with tobacco smoke, this factor increases many times. After all, cigarette smoke has radioactive isotopes that accumulate in the lungs, penetrate into the blood and are carried throughout the body, hence the chronic diseases of the bronchi and lungs.

There is an exit. Refusal from harmful for all living habit, it is necessary to give preference to clean zones without tobacco smoke, more often to have a rest on the sea, to leave in woods, it is desirable coniferous. Mountain air will help get rid of oxygen starvation. At home, play sports, move more, walk a lot in the fresh air. Bronchus and lungs are well cleared at respiratory gymnastics, but it must be done correctly.

Food smoker
Food should be varied, in the dietShould prevail vegetables and fruits to replenish the deficiency of vitamins in the body. Vitamins "C", "B 12", "E" are filled with citrus fruits and vegetables. Beans and dairy products can not be ruled out. In large quantities, it requires seafood, nuts, spinach. Fatty food is highly desirable to exclude.

Reduce intoxication possible with fresh juice,Prepared immediately before the adoption. Neutralize heavy metals will help Jerusalem artichoke - has antioxidant properties, removes radionuclides and toxins. Red grapes cleanse the blood. A multivitamin complex will be of great benefit, the procedure should be carried out according to the prescription of the doctor.

Sexual attraction of women smokers

Smoking is not comparable with excellent sex. Despite the fact that for the first time smoking women experience sexual attraction, then eventually it disappears completely. Appears shortness of breath, irritability. Reduced blood flow, provoked by vascular spasms, and decreased sexual desire.

American scientists, through research, have come toThe conclusion that smokers are more sexually involved than non-smokers. They motivate this by the fact that thanks to nicotine, the endocrine system works harder, testosterone is produced and sexual desire increases. But these actions are deceptive, and scientists agree that a decrease in sexual desire occurs gradually and leads to sexual dysfunction.
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