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Dry fasting: benefits

Fatty tissue is split even faster, and forThis does not take long. The stages of dry fasting are the same as for "wet" periods, only the terms are compressed. So, the stage of food excitation lasts less than three days, and the stage of "increasing ketoacidosis" is from 1 to 3 days. Already three days after you begin to adhere to dry fasting, a ketoacidotic crisis occurs.

The second acidotic crisis, which is considered the sTherapeutic, comes on the 9-11 day. The earlier his time comes, the more time you have for purification, treatment and renewal of the body. When you go dry fasting autolysis (decay) occurs much earlier than in other types of fasting, and therefore better and faster disappear good-quality tumors and cystic neoplasms.

During a wet fasting in the bodyIt is such a law of expediency, which says that in the presence of water, the cage spends very little of its energy, therefore everything proceeds moderately: poisons, toxins and slag are dissolved, that is, from cells and the intercellular space Leach out toxins. Only it should be noted that we need water, and cells lose their indulgence during dry starvation, especially in the case of altered and diseased cells.

Therefore, only the strongest and mostHealthy cells, for this they somehow, in order to stay alive in such severe conditions, begin to activate the production of endogenous water of excellent quality.

This water, which your body produces,A few times better than the exogenous water that you drink yourself. The cell spends a lot of energy, which means that the product that eventually turns out to be the same quality as the amount of your effort. It's not your mind that can be wrong. Nature has foreseen how events can develop, and does everything possible to make life last as long as possible. Endogenous and exogenous water can be compared with a co-pond, where all waste is sent to the chemical combine and to the mountain stream, which originates from the earth and is fed by the energy of thawed waters.

The old-dead water is replaced by a new quality one, which the body makes itself, moreover, all the negative information that water brings from outside is erased.

Fasting, which is even withoutWater, makes the body process water, which is in it, moreover, after such a procedure we are an informationally pure body, in which there is nothing negative. This is in fact the phenomenon, which is the most important and the main advantage of dry-fed hunger, as well as curative fasting.

Many people say that it is physically easier to transfer cold-hungry than starvation on the water, because there is no feeling of hunger and intoxication of the body is much less.

There is nothing surprising. After all, the water that has been assimilated by the organism from outside is two different things. Water, which enters the body, is processed and purified from unnecessary information. To do this, he must spend the same amount of energy and time, and how much to assimilate food. Therefore, dry fasting is more useful, because it provides the body with the fullest of tranquility and peace. If you do not supply the organism with food and dead heavy water, then many harmful and unnecessary substances do not enter the blood. For this reason, the blood is in a clean state and is constantly cleaned, in other words the same blood composition, all the time will be budetochishchaetsya, so your blood can be perfectly clean. Moreover, the body does not absorb endotoxins in dry starvation, which can not be said about other species, so it is easier to transfer it.

With dry fasting, a powerful immunostimulating and anti-inflammatory effect occurs.

This is due to the fact that inflammationIt can only be activated when there is water. Any place on the body or in the body is swollen, because it swells with water. Only if there is a sufficient water environment can microorganisms reproduce: viruses and microbes. Therefore, bacteria, viruses, microbes and worms perish at one point. With dry starvation, there are more hormones, biologically active substances, immunoglobulins and immunocompetent cells in body fluids.

But during the wet fasting, to achieve the detoxification effect, you need to do special procedures: sauna, enema, bath, hydrocolonotherapy and others.

With dry starvation, the body to destroyToxins and poisons, attracts exceptional mechanisms that are impossible with other kinds of starvation. Organism, as they say, destroys everything in its own furnace - every cell is struggling with it. At this time, each cell turns into a minireactor. The temperature rises, which you can and do not see on the thermometer, but people feel the internal heat or vice versa, chills. It must be remembered that the temperature is very important for many reactions, everyone knows that it speeds up the healing process.

Slimming effect

With dry starvation, as you already understood, inThe body does not act either water or water, which means that there is no energy from outside. All this the body must produce itself within itself. Because of this, chemical reactions begin to occur there, metabolic processes completely change. Muscular tissue is practically not bred, unlike fat. With moist starvation, both muscle and fat tissue are lost equally. With dry starvation, a person turns into a camel and initially the organism lives at the expense of fats. Fatty tissue is rapidly and effectively destroyed, and it will never restore the original mass, it is destroyed 3-4 times faster. This is due to the fact that the fat tissue is 90% water, the amber tissue is relatively preserved. Because nothing enters the body, nothing happens, it does not harm you, because it takes water from the adipose tissue. With dry starvation, fat tissue is destroyed exactly three times faster than moist. In this case, the fat tissue will never recover, this is the main difference from other types of starvation. Fats are more fully split. After the usual fasting, the fat tissue quickly recovers, and after dry it occurs much more slowly.

Moreover, if we compare dry fasting with thoseNumerous means of weight loss that exist, it can be said that it costs nothing and is the most effective way to combat obesity. The body is fed by its reserves, and this is the most balanced food.

Rejuvenating effect

Why dry fasting causes more powerfulRejuvenating effect, than wet? Patients and weak cells can not withstand such harsh conditions, so they decay and die. Do the Akaki remain? Those that are workable and have a wise genetic engineering and a good organization. Those cells that could go through these tests and retained their legal capacity. There is a typical selection, during which unnecessary, bad, harmful, weak and sick is removed.

These are cells that can not cope withTheir direct responsibilities. It's best to clean them before they die themselves. Because in this case they create the same offspring. The same weak, unworkable and dead wreck. When cells multiply, they divide, so they can not become more qualitative. But when hunger is left only strong and working cells, which will give a good result.

A dry forty-day fasting is a way to mobilize domestic supplies, but this requires super-patience. Even Count Cagliostro was dry-skinned, looked fine and lived a long time.

This is the perfect combination ofSlimming, methods of modern cosmology and methods of curing many ailments. Only such a prolonged hunger is not worth practicing, if you only need to rejuvenate. You can simply stick to dry fractional fasting and do chemical peelings.

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