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Dry fasting: the basic medical mechanisms

You yourself can design perestroika in yourAn organism with synthesis and the formation of new biostructures that have useful properties. That is, in fact you yourself can consciously regulate the processes taking place in your body, begin to improve your body. It is said that when our body is in a state of rest and comfort, he wants nothing to do, weakens and loses adaptive forces. However, if you create conditions for a changing environment that will be conditioned by negative incentives, then you will be able to awaken abilities that until now were not familiar to you, including the mechanisms of self-regulation. In this situation, we already think differently and understand health in a new way. Health is not an organism with good indicators, but an organism that can adapt to different conditions, and it is great for poor environmental conditions that the environment provides us.

Laws of natural treatment

  1. Cure starts from the top and lasts untilBottom. Kprimeru, headaches, then pain on the shoulders, then pain in the abdomen, then pain in the hands and so on. If, on the other hand, everything happens the other way round, it means that it will go wrong.
  2. Cure occurs first inside, and thenoutside. For example, if the stomach hurts, arthritic pain very often arises. Organizbudto expels the sickness outward. But if the prostatitis was treated, and the headache began, then the pathology develops, so it should not be so.
  3. Treatment comes from important organs to lessImportant. For example, people go through neuroses and nervous strains, but there are diarrhea or skin diseases. If everything happens the other way round, then the disease has worsened.
  4. Treatment of the organism occurs in the reverse order,And netak as the disease developed. For example, a long-forgotten headache, which was treated with inadequate methods, may appear. Or the cyst of the uterus resolves, but for some time there are pains in the back. But the pain is exacerbated in order to then leave for good.

Hidden Reserves of the Body

Clinical observations and specialists confirm,That our body has a large hidden reserves - the forces that are able to cover those unfavorable conditions that arise in the process of life. This happens due to the fact that the structures that direct biochemical processes on the intracellular level are reconstructed and the properties of the cell organelles are changing. Aeto means that the metabolic processes of the whole cell also change. So, with dry starvation, the previous biological structures are destroyed, and new ones come to take their place. These new structures have differences that are aimed at adapting to the conditions that have arisen. Moreover, these changes can be so large and significant that otherwise they can not be called a miracle.

For example, an experiment was conducted onAnimals. The animals were taught to various unfavorable conditions: high temperatures, hunger, lowering of oxygen in the air. For an organism to be able to adapt these conditions must be provided regularly, but at a given dose. As a consequence - the body's resistance to such conditions has increased several dozen times.

But people train in other ways. Training with heart attack and oxygen starvation. Surely everyone knows what an infarct is. People who do not have medical education can simply say: "The heart could not stand it!". But because of what does the heart attack happen? This is due to the fact that part of the cells of the heart muscle dies, if not to provide a sufficient amount of oxygen. So are heart attacks seized.

Myocardial infarction is a very dangerous disease, butToday, doctors know how to manage the sleep, especially if you find it at an early stage. But how can I protect myself from a second attack, because the risk of a repeated infarction grows at times? Doctors have many years thought that the main thing is not to allow lack of oxygen. We started telling patients that they were more in the open air, did not worry, avoided physical exertion and took drugs that dilate the coronary vessels. However, this is not possible, because life always presents surprises, and repeated heart attacks were uninterrupted. Then the doctors were visited by a stunning thought: the forces of adaptation should help not to avoid the lack of oxygen, but, on the contrary, accustom the person to oxygen starvation. As a result, people who underwent such a course of rehabilitation felt wonderful, the heart began to work better, the functional properties of the heart muscle increased.

How did this happen?

When the body is in a comfortable environment,He gets used to the volume of constantly acting oxygen, so he can not use oxygen as much as he needs for energy. The cells do not save, because they lack oxygen, they become lazy, and when the deterioration of the coronary circulation comes, they can not adapt and rebuild, so they simply perish.

Dry fasting is a powerful opportunityDosed train the body. When water and food stop flowing into it, it is in new conditions. The metabolism begins to flow quite differently. At first the body is in a state of stress, but onanam also is needed in order to adapt to changes.

The first couple of days the body will useReserves of rapid reaction. But if you continue to starve yourself, the state of cellular metabolism worsens, glucose does not enter the bloodstream, ketone bodies accumulate and the cells are on the verge of extinction.

Here, endogenous nutrition comes to the rescue. It happens on 2-5days. The organism replenishes itself with nutrients: first systems that are not involved in your life activity, as well as sick and old cells begin to die. Biostructures begin to change, old ones disintegrate, and new ones appear.

It is very important that the new biostructuresAppear against the background of a lowered level of endogenous intoxication, that is, intestinal toxins do not arrive, the metabolic processes are not so active. Because of this, new biostructures are better and more stable.

Getting out of starvation costs a specialCaution, because it is very important. It is necessary to adhere strictly to medical recommendations. Only now many practitioners are missing this from the view. You must, together with your body, go into a new life and materialize in harmony. All the structures of your organization will either be new, or renewed and rejuvenated.

In the process of adherence to dry fastingThere are two very important and interesting moments: primary and secondary restructuring. Regulatory systems are starting to live according to new living conditions, new biostructures are synthesized, and old ones are partially disposed of. The new qualities of your biosystems will directly depend on the changes that have happened to you.

Dry fasting is different from normalSpontaneous because it is ondosed, because at any time you can stop it. Moreover, it is very important that all this happens during a period of good psychological state. When you take a decision to sit on dry fasting to work on the existing problem, consciousness interferes with the restructuring processes and begins to regulate them. This means that you yourself can plan to design the restructuring of the body, make sure that new biostructures are built up in the body that will possess only good qualities. Ie, you will consciously control the processes that will occur in your body, you will improve your body.

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