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Health calendar: January, February, March

If you conduct a survey at one time, and alsoIn time to make vaccinations, you can save health, save money, and you will forever forget about what a patented product is. There are many preventive examinations that are recommended at the same time of the year, for example, in winter, to prevent seasonal exacerbations. Every month and every time of the year has its own whims, consider them!

Lossless winter

As a rule, when winter comes, I want to wearsebyapobolshe on warm clothes, vybrositbudilnik, get under a warm blanket and a bear sleep there at least domarta. Many of us do not get enough sleep, do not want to go to work, they always get cold and catch cold. Just in winter there is an exacerbation of chronic diseases and it is easy to pick up a virus. There is no fresh fruit, a minimum of fruit, a light day is very short, a lack of vitamin D, which is produced under the influence of ultraviolet rays-all this leads to apathy, drowsiness, we become more prone to stressful situations, and also remember that vitamin D is needed by the organism for the health of gums, teeth , Hair, bones and skin. But how to make friends with the winter? Chtobyvstretit maximum spring vigorous and healthy, you need to make up for a program vitality of these months.

A healthy sleep is the most important and basic thing that you must provide. The light day is shortened, which means that the body constantly wants to sleep. Therefore, sleep at least 8 hours.

Come out in the sun: this is especially important in winter! If you work out, then go out for lunch to get some fresh air, and on weekends arrange family walks. As soon as the opportunity appears, the street is out to "warm up" in the winter sun. If you do not have any contraindications, then buy a subscription to the solarium. At least for a couple of minutes a week, give solarium, so you can get not only a beautiful tan, but also a dose of an antidepressant.

Go in for sports. It's good that now you can choose a holiday option for your taste: skates, dances, skis, snowboard and so on. You can recharge your energy in a merry company, in the family circle or even with your loved one, moreover, irritability will be lifted by hand, and the figure for the spring will be ready.

January: start a new year

Soon the holidays will end, and the body needswill return to the working rhythm. Try not to create stressful situations, keep your health under control, protect yourself from infections and go through several planned surveys.

Go to the dentist.Even small children know that you need to go to this doctor at least once a year, at least, even if nothing bothers you. In the beginning of the year, it is better to immediately restore your teeth, remove plaque and dental stone, and prevent problems.

Do you need vaccinations? If you are going on vacation (summer, spring) to another country, then perhaps you will need to undergo special vaccination against "exotic" diseases. And to proceed with such prevention is worth it in advance - now.

A visit to a nephrologist or a urologist should be done in January-during this period the activity of the bladder and kidneys worsens.

Enter the normal mode after New Year'sholidays, do not allow the deterioration of health, and in order to achieve this, properly plan your rest and work regime. Plan ahead your plans for the day, so that there is enough time for work, and the rest was full.

February: preparing for the kvesne

February is a transitional month. The second half of this month - the off-season, can worsen overall health, if the body does not cheer up with vitamins and do not need to prevent the prevention of certain diseases. Moreover, in February, it is necessary to conduct women's examinations.

Go to the gynecologist. Do ultrasound of the pelvic organs, go through an annual inspection. In addition, examine the hormones of the thyroid gland and the hormonal background.

Well, if you also make a visit to the endocrinologist, because all the changes in our body leave their mark on the function and condition of the universal system.

Check with an oncologist-mammologist: mammography (after 35 years in 1.5 years), ultrasound of the mammary glands. If you suffer from mastopathy, then UZIgrudi should be carried out twice a year. Moreover, if you have someone with breast cancer in your family, then you need to visit a mammologist a few times a year.

Anti-cellulite complex.It's time to make an anti-cellulite massage - so you not only will support yourself in the form, but you can also rid the body of the toxox toxins that accumulated in the body throughout the winter, namely they form the "orange" crust.

Strengthen and protect against stressaromatherapy! Moreover, it is also able to treat a number of diseases. For example, with exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, lemons, chamomile, anise, and pristeochondrosis can help massage with oils of pine, cypress, oregano, fir, and do dessert inhalation with fragrances of oregano or fennel. The aromas of myrrh, roses and marjoram will save you from overexertion!

Add vitamin C and honey!If you eat fruit (kiwi, citrus, feijoa) and vegetables (peppers, tomatoes, broccoli) as often as possible, you can not only protect yourself from infections and colds, but also prevent problems with joints that are caused by cold. Add sauerkraut to the diet! And frequent herbal teas with honey - this is a particularly important storehouse of minerals and vitamins in the winter.

Spring call

Frosts are already behind, but real warmth will comestill not soon. In winter, the body lost its vitamins and vitamins. Due to the fact that the weather is not constant and soon it will be necessary to move to summer time, doctors say about the violation of normal life (desynchronosis), which is caused by a malfunction of the usual regime of the day. Moreover, now work on household plots has begun actively, that increased the load on the spine.

Many people experience an exacerbation of chronicdiseases of the gastrointestinal tract. This allergy is approaching the pollen of plants and trees. In short, in anticipation of the weight there is an update not only of nature, but also of the organism, so often apathy and loss of strength occurs. Pass out a survey of examinations, strengthen the body: in the summer you should be healthy, so that you can have a fun and carefree rest, and not go to receptions to doctors.

March: remove the hypoglycemia!

Many doctors say that part of the summer vacationyou need to take in March, because March is a heavy month for the whole body, both physically and psychologically. Moreover, when the air temperature rises, the viruses "cling" more often. Remember that in March, special attention should be paid to competent relaxation and vitaminization.

Go to a kimmunologist or therapist. Of course, natural vitamins are good, but now you need to drink also a special vitamin complex. However, only the doctor must determine what kind of. If in March there was herpes, then you have weak immunity and the body needs to "feed".

Do a fluorography (and this must be done every year without fail)!

In March, it is necessary to conduct ultrasound of the thyroid gland. Because it is in this period of the year that it is most active. If problems are found, you can prevent the development of diseases.

Eliminate the neurocircular dystonia. If you can not fall asleep in March, the heart hurts at night and often there is not enough air, then do not think that this is from romantic unrest. These are the most basic signs of neurocircular dystonia. Try to get some fresh air before going to bed, and in the morning take a contrast shower. Defeat this problem with the help of soothing means for the night (motherwort, mint, valerian) and drugs that contain vitamin B6 and magnesium. If more than a month you can not cope with this, then go to the doctor, so that he can find out the reasons for ordering such a disease and prescribed treatment for you.

Every day, at least, what you should do: morning exercises before the mirror and evening exercises (2-3 hours), and also strolling in the fresh air at lunch time.

Attention!! To the body for the transition to summer time was not stressful, a month before that, start preparing it: go to bed at least 15 minutes earlier, then 25 and so on until you reach the hour.

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