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Shiatsu is a recipe for your youth

Massage siatsu (it is also called acupressure) withAncient times was used as a healing and therapeutic method. However, now, women have checked on themselves that, by applying certain points on the face, one can achieve a wonderful cosmetological effect: wrinkle wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones, making the oval of the face more clear.

In the East, massage siatsu is very popular - there hisHave long been recognized as traditional medicine. When the inhabitants of the western countries knew about this technique, the word "shiatsu" (si translated as pressing and azu as a finger) was slightly changed to make it easier for the people of Europe to pronounce it, while the letter "c" was replaced by "sh": shiatsu. However, no one now knows what country did "create" this massage. In China, an acupressure for healing and treatment of many diseases was opened, after which he moved to the Land of the Rising Sun. It was there that this technique began to be used as a cosmetology procedure. Moreover, in Japan, women begin their day with such a ritual of beauty.

What is the secret efficiency?

However, like any other kind of massage, shiatsuImproves blood circulation. As a result, the cells are saturated with oxygen, the skin rejuvenates, the muscle tone rises, the skin acquires its former elasticity and elasticity. However, the main secret of Shiatsu is a point effect. Tsubo, or points, are located in the joints, between the muscles, in the depressions of the bones, in the artery, where the pulse and the tendons are probed. By pressing on a certain point, the organ or part of the body that is remote, but linked by this point, begins to activate.

Step by step

From the first lessons to master this massage still no one succeeded. Yes, and do not do this, because you can get confused.

  1. Start a problem zone for you and study the points gradually.
  2. It is very important in this methodology to havePositive setting. It takes minutes of massage to turn into such small home relaxation sessions. Remember that this procedure should be carried out in a relaxed state, so that you are not in a hurry anywhere, the TV should be turned off, and there should not be any strangers and noise in the room. Get out, light oriental incense or an aromatic lamp, turn off the top light, you can set a pleasant unobtrusive music.
  3. Pull over to the points to focus andImagine how your wrinkles are smoothed, the skin becomes youthful, supple and smooth. Within a month of the daily procedure you will see a tremendous result.

There is a Chinese legend about a peasant,Who suffered from constant headaches. And one fine day, when he was working on the floor, he accidentally hit himself on the kneecap and noticed that his head was sick. And a point massage was born.

Get to the point

The point to find is very simple - they are almost all in the "holes" - small indentations, which are easy to feel under the skin.

Press and hold down for a few seconds.These points are the aforementioned or middle fingers. If you feel slight pain or warmth at the same time, then you are doing everything right. However, it should be taken into account that there should be no pain sensations during the massage, so count the pressure. All points except 3, 10, 11 and 13 are paired, Face. We need to handle them with their own hands: the right - the right side of the neck and face, and the left - with the left.

Lips - a gentle smile

The area around the mouth is problematic, because there is an expressive nasolabial fold of the wrinkles. You can win both.

However, it is best to protect yourself from their appearance. For the prevention of wrinkles near the mouth and in order to fight with the already existing ones, press the tapes 9 and 10. Point 9 is on both sides of the lips, and point 10 is on the bottom of the chin. After you press point 10, you need to massage the area around the mouth with your index or middle fingers, and you need to do this from the chin to the corners of your lips. In the process of massage, watch that the skin under the fingers does not stretch. Just gently touch the pads.

Eyes - remove the "crow's feet"

Around the arms there is a very vulnerable and tender skin, so it is especially important to protect her youth and elasticity.

Massage shiatsu can delay the appearance of wrinkles in the eyes and reduce the already existing "crow's feet". Do this procedure every day.

Approach the mirror and relax the muscles of the face. You can preliminarily apply on the face the oil of wheat germ or grape seed, this will help to increase the synthesis of collagen and maintain the elasticity of the skin, the more that the fingers will glide smoothly. Press the points in turn. Hold your fingers at each point for 10-15 minutes. To find the point 5 correctly, draw two lines conventionally: one from the wing of the nose to the side, and the second from the middle of the pupil parallel to the nose. So you found the point. After pressing and holding, massage your face a little, placing your fingers in the form of a fan and gliding this point to your ears - do ten such movements.

Neck - we will make elastic leather

If you want to have the same beautiful neck as Nefertiti, do such a massage daily.

Find the point 11 - it is located at the bottom on the back of the head,In the middle of the fossa under the middle line of the occipital bone, and press it so that the neck is smooth and taut. As you press this point, massage the movements from it to the earlobe, then move from the cheekbone to the middle of the clavicle. After that, find the point 12 - it is located on the side of the neck, where you can feel the pulse of the bottom 13, which is located at the bottom of the neck, where clavicles are reduced - you can see the depression there. After that, massage the neck to the chin with both hands.

Forehead - enough frown!

If you notice horizontal wrinkles on your forehead, do not rush to use modern methods - beauty injections and other procedures can wait!

Many have this habit of frowning, and she,unfortunately, does not pass without a trace: thanks to the active use of our system, premature wrinkles appear. Learn to keep your face relaxed, do not grimace. Try to look at yourself in the mirror to talk and you will be able to notice which parts of the skin will be given more attention - which muscles are moving the most. Or learn how to put a palm on your forehead - so you can protect it from unnecessary movement. Preliminarily, apply a nutritious, but low-fat, which, relax and press on point 6. It is in the middle of the forehead, if you draw a parallel from the middle of the eyebrows - from one side and the other. Massage your nameless, middle and index fingers. Point 7 is near the temple. Then make a few wavy movements to the ears, then behind the ears move down. Now it's time for the point 8 - it's located just above point 7, and again do a forehead massage.

Do you know that…

Massage shiatsu is able to support inorganisms and positive energy. Thanks to smooth pressing, nervous disorders are removed, stress is normalized, the emotional state is normalized, there is relaxation and improvement. When massaging, try to drive out of your head all the bad thoughts, do not think of worries and problems, imagine your face beautiful and young.

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