/ / Health calendar: August, September, October, November, December

Health calendar: August, September, October, November, December

Relax in August

Doctors say that it is in August that it is best to go to rest: the heat is beginning to slowly subside, the body is rich in vitamins, and before the fall, you need to have a good rest.

Beware of cystitis.Of course, in the summer it is pleasant and you want to swim in the cool reservoirs, but it can provoke inflammation of the urinary bladder. If you know that your bladder is weak, then before the trip you need to undergo a healing strengthening course with herbs. Also, go to the vaptek and buy the necessary medicines, try not to overcool.

Do not allow poisoning.In summer, even the most common foods can be poisonous - due to the high temperature of the air in the food, pathogenic bacteria multiply. Before you sit down at the table, carefully wash fruits and vegetables, raw meat does not clothe the food with other foods, do not think about preparing food for a week ahead, because even a refrigerator can not power and food will disappear, all food containers will be covered with a food film. Fresh watermelons and fruit buy in proven places or supermarkets.

Do not overload yourself - neither psychologically, norphysically. August is a month of rest. You must gain strength, have a good rest. You can go to the "resort" in a sanatorium, forest, mountains, at the cottage, the sea - choose the most suitable type of rest for yourself.

Autumn: overcome the thetech

Summer sun and vacation is already behind ... Now your task is to protect yourself from the summer spleen, to harmonize the internal biorhythms of the body to minimize the manifestations of autumn maladaptation.

September - the velvet season

In September, people collect a generous harvest, and the sun still pampers us with tender rays. Of course, you need to return to the working channel, but this should not prevent you from enjoying your summer vacation.

Consult an ophthalmologist. Business activity awaits you, and your eyes will soon begin to harness again. The specialist should examine the upper eyelid and check the vision.

Make an appointment with a gastroenterologist and doUltrasound of the gastrointestinal tract, because in the inter-season chronic diseases are worsening. If something disturbs you, the doctor will prescribe medications and give recommendations on nutrition.

Do a checkup with a cardiologist toPrevent the deterioration of the VSD, which is associated with a pine load on the cardiovascular system. Do echocardiography, ultrasound, and if Holter monitoring is necessary. Remember that the heart needs to be examined every year.

October: Autumn Harmony

Experts say that in the middle of autumn,To notice our attitude to health throughout the year: if you took care of yourself, then you will feel great. You will not have any seasonal exacerbations of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, no autumn depression, no cold.

Move more and be on your toes. Every day, go outside and stroll under the warm sun, remember the oveche rides before going to bed and relaxing baths. On weekends, be airborne more.

Consult an angiosurgeon. Every third woman has problems with varicose veins, and in the autumn, when we return to a sedentary lifestyle, and colds come, this ailment can progress, so we must prevent its appearance! Go to a specialist, go through an ultrasound of the veins, especially if by the end of the working day the legs are swollen with a venous or vascular network on their legs. If you suffer from a swine, the doctor will prescribe medications that will raise the tone of the vessels and veins.

Special water procedures will enableonly to improve health, but also to extend the summer. For example, Charcot's shower, mud therapy, underwater shower massage, herbal and pearl baths. Also, if you want, you can try the therapy - this massage with hot stones improves blood circulation - here you are again at the spa!

Consultation of orthopedist and neurologist. As a rule, after work at the dacha in August and September, osteochondrosis worsens. Do gymnastics and pass a course of massage.

Attention! To ensure that the organism does not remain stressed during the transition to winter time, doctors recommend to have a supper and after 7 pm not to drink strong drinks.

November: keep the defense!

In November, colds, flu and all kinds of viruses become more active.

Strengthen immunity!Correct your daily routine, at least an hour a day, be outdoors. Get enough sleep, eat well and go more with walking. To immunity was strong and able to protect you from autumn diseases, the body should receive zinc, selenium and magnesium. Therefore, the diet should always be honey and garlic. To avoid the influenza, you can make a special inoculation.

Rheumatologist is waiting for you, if you suffer pain injoints. After all, it is at this time of year that arthritis and iremia arises. Do an X-ray and give a general blood test, they will be able to show what to do next, whether there are changes. If they do exist, then it is necessary to understand the cause of the problem.

Defend distress. If you see that the streets are dirty and gloomy, wear bright clothes. So you can cheer yourself and others. Do not work on Saturdays and weekends-plan time so that on weekends you rest.

If in the summer you suffer from allergies to pollenplants, then it is now necessary to begin to prevent the exacerbation of this illness. Descend or go to the allergist, let hevvu will advise preparations of an immunotherapy.

Visit a therapist, laura and immunologist, if youall the time you catch cold. Autumn chronic cold can appear due to different reasons - medications, improper diet, wrong rhythm of life. To find out the reason, you need to pass all the tests and it is better to start your own blood test.

Distribute preventive measures formonths, and you can adapt to seasonal changes. Remember that if warned, then armed. Thanks to prevention, and hot summer, snowy winter, and slushy spring, you will be in great shape and a good mood.

December: Make friends with immunity

This month, immunity falls. You must store the energy for the whole winter and prepare it for the holidays without colds of stress.

Vitamin Diet. To make festive feasts do not harm your liver and stomach, stick to an easy diet. Eat vegetables, cereals, fruits and limit yourself from fatty foods and flour products.

Strengthen the nervous system and revitalize the defenses of the body the course of acupuncture. However, before you do this, ask for advice from a doctor.

Immunity, flu and colds.If every year when it comes, you start to get sick with flu and experience constant colds, then in the beginning of December, pay a visit to the immunologist and lor. Go through general clinical studies and laboratory studies of immune status: urine, blood test, detection of antibodies to viruses. When the results of the research are available, the doctor will prescribe you treatment.

Once in 3-5 years, go through densitometry -examination of bone tissue density, if you are over 40. Ask a doctor for advice, maybe the body lacks calcium. It is in winter that the risk of developing osteoporosis and the appearance of trauma increases.

Rid of colds and strengthen immunitywill help daily SPA-procedures. So you can get rid of tension and fatigue. Before bed, for 2 hours take a bath with additives (starch, fortified, herbal), and once in three days replace them with salt.

If you suffer from otalergy to pollen in summerplants, then in November-December, you may need to pass tests for allergens and pass a course of specific immunotherapy. Even if you have another allergy, all the same, ask advice from an allergist, because flowering can worsen your situation.

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