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Health calendar: April, May, June, July

Often, April is characterized by a transition toSummer time and weather. It was in April, when the immunity is weakened, it's easy to get sick, because the viruses "stick" to the clones. More be in the sun, you need to take medical sunbathing, start eating green, and make up the regime of the day you will be staying.

Visit a dermatologist: The index of your state of health is vaprele - the condition of the hair and skin. If you are plagued by some problems, especially for tovrach select vaskompleks vitamin preparations. Again, if there are no contraindications, go to the solarium, or "tan" under the quartz lamp.

Eat more salads!

In fresh greens, a lot of vitamins andMineral substances. It perfectly improves the condition of the skin, it normalizes the metabolism, strengthens the walls of the blood vessels, removes salt and cholesterol from the body. In April this is exactly what we need!

Start to cleanse the Lymph: And it is better to do this under the supervision of a doctor. In this you will benefit from medicinal infusions from honey, nettles, fir and raspberry powder. So restore the elasticity of the vessels and remove the slag that accumulated throughout the winter.

If you suffer from a catarrhal disease, then you will need the recommendations of an allergist, only he will be able to buy antihistamines for you. Remember that during the flowering period, immunotherapy is not performed.

Compensate the shortage of iodine. Eat mussels, nuts, fish, sea kale, liver, shrimp, and in the food when cooking add iodinated salt.

Remember that daylight saving time should not beCause stress in the body. You must do everything to harm from this was a minimum: before going to sleep breathe fresh air, take a contrast shower and take exercise for ten minutes, go to bed an hour earlier.

Tender May

Well, that's already the next warmth, howeverMay weather is very deceptive. Be carefull! Of course, many of us feel the warmth of beginning to get dressed in summer, but remember that when the body is cooled, you can catch adnexitis and a long cold. According to statistics, a long stay on a spring draft or work on the garden usually leads to radiculitis.

Check with a therapist.Now you need to find out your state of health in general - to pass an analysis of urine and blood. Perhaps the doctor will send you for a checkup, so do not be stubborn - be sure to go through it.

The therapist will assess the state of your health andwill advise on how best to spend the summer, where better to go to rest and where to go is not worth it. Tazhenuzhno again to undergo a study of the control of thyroid hormones and hormonal background. Before the summer travel, this is necessary: ​​you need to know how long you can stay in the sun, where it is best to take a picnic in the summer (forest, sea, mountains, etc.).

Visit a nutritionist or gastroenterologist. The specialist will be able to give you individual recommendations that will give you the opportunity to protect yourself from the acute exacerbation of various diseases, moreover, you will be able to feel well during travel and relocation. If you have extra weight, then the specialist will be able to pick up a suitable diet for you.

Make ultrasound of the vessels, and also go toa vascular surgeon. Even if your blood vessels are in order, prophylaxis of varicose veins: do not wear tight clothes, constantly train the muscles of the legs, do not over-strain.

Before you go on a trip,update the leak. There should be a means of otboli in the throat, cough, cream against bruises and bruises, mosquitoes and gastric drugs. If you like to sunbathe, remember that the May sun is very dangerous, so stock up on burns and sunscreens.

Prepare for summer - visitfitness club, wellness center or gym, choose a program for yourself. If you do not like such loads, borrow by the people, they not only help to keep themselves in shape, but also give a good mood.

Ah, summer, summer ...

Sea, rest, beach, sun, holiday romances! Take care of protection from sunburn and prevention of diseases that are transmitted sexually. Remember that it is very easy to pick up the intestinal stick in the season of fruits, fresh vegetables and berries. Also, do not forget that the higher the temperature +26 degrees, the more acute the diseases of the cardiovascular system.

June: the beginning of the season

Despite the fact that you can have a vacationin any case in June, you should spend more time relaxing, walking outdoors, eating fruits, fresh vegetables and greens, and make friends with the summer sun.

Restore the muscle tone, because in front of themwaiting for a great deal of work. Lead an active lifestyle, move more and choose for yourself a special fitness program: with the help of daily fast walking, swimming and biking (several times a week) you can make yourself stronger!

Hand over the analysis of the TORCH infection to avoidpossible troubles. Do not neglect the rules of household and intimate hygiene, because most of the "female" diseases develops in the summer, when these rules are not observed.

If you have white skin like sour cream and you are afraid of the sun, go to a dermatologist so that he can tell how long you can take a sun bath and pick up effective sunscreen.

Visit the oculist.Direct ultraviolet rays can damage your eyesight and needles, so you need to know their health status and get advice about sunglasses and nutrition for sight.

Begin to gradually temper the body: June is the best time for this.

Take a cool and contrast shower ifno diseases of the genitourinary system, then take a sedentary cool bath, try to do cold rubbing. So you can increase the defenses of the body!

Poplar fluff, heat, July ...

July is the peak of solar activity, when to usyou need to relax a lot. More drinkable fluids (teas, mineral water, juices), rest and take a note that in the heat of worsening cardiovascular diseases.

Go to the cardiologist: let the doctor tell you what uvas the norm of blood pressure, make an ECG of the heart. The specialist should give recommendations to the account of how to protect oneself from pressure spikes and worsening of the VSD.

Protect yourself from intestinal infections! In summer, when full-fruited fruits, berries and vegetables, the risk of catching an acute intestinal infection increases. If you are going to go to sleep outside the city, then be sure to bring a regidron, chamomile tea, disinfectants against diarrhea, activated charcoal. Buy all the drugs shortly before the trip, while checking the expiration date.

If you are allergic, then be alert, becausethe time of poplar fluff. Special drugs, which you will appoint an allergist, will be able to save you from allergic conjunctivitis and rhinitis. Therefore, be sure to visit your doctor!

Pick up the video. July is an excellent opportunity to start eating right - go to the fruit and vegetable food. So you lose weight and with physical exercise you can keep the body in good shape. Summer is better not to eat sweets and carbohydrates, pay more attention to greens and salads - this will give you the opportunity not only to say goodbye to excess weight, but also to cleanse the body of toxins from slags.

If you have thirsty, quench it properly. Remember that black tea, carbonated drinks and coffee are friends of thirst, they are strengthening it. It is better to drink kvass, herbal teas, juices, water, green teas, compotes. Eat liquid food: okroshka, cold armor.

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