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Summer poisoning: how to avoid, first aid

Types and causes of offenses

1.Acute intestinal infections are the most common "poisonings", they include symptoms such as high temperature, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea. There is another name for such poisonings - "sickness of dirty hands". The cause of acute intestinal infections is poor quality water or food.

To protect yourself from this, you need before eatingYou have to wash your hands, remember what they say in the canteens. Vegetables and fruits, which will not be processed thermally, should be washed only with boiled water, the rest of the products can be washed with plain water. In any case, do not drink water from the tap, just bottled or boiled. Perishable products must be kept strictly in the refrigerator.

1.Intoxication with botulism and staphylococcus is the second group of poisonings. Staphylococcus is a fairly common microorganism. Symptoms of his infection include: vomiting, nausea, intense muscle pains, headache, chills, diarrhea, a sharp rise in temperature, a rash on the body.

Botulism is also very commonClassicalcourse. And this poisoning has its own distinctive features: sharp dryness in the mouth, weakness in the muscles, which develops rapidly, a feeling of "lump" in the throat, the doubling of objects and "fog" before the eyes. In an infected person, the person loses facial expressions (it looks like a mask), the height and timbre of the voice change, the breathing is superficial, and the pupils are very large.

How to avoid infection?

If you can not do without confectionery in the summer, then get them in good, trusted shops. Do not buy sweets and other sweets in the first stall.

Try to avoid or not at all eat domestic canned foods (mushrooms, poultry, meat, fish), and all the more so do not buy these products on the market or in stores.

2. Let's talk about mushrooms, because the next group of poisonings concerns them - poisoning with forest berries and mushrooms.

To avoid poisoning, collect only thoseBerries and mushrooms, which you know a hundred percent, if you have any slightest doubt about the edibility of the gifts of the forest, bypassing them - health is more important.

Do not pick berries and mushrooms along the railway and motor roads, near garbage dumps, dumps and other industrial structures.

Prepare the mushrooms properly, do not neglect the treatment, remember that it is best to pickle them or salt them.

3. Well, the last thing is poisoning, which happens because of spoiled or expired products. Therefore, if you see that the smell, consistency, color or something else has changed in vain or just does not inspire confidence in you, refrain, do not spend experiments on yourself. And you wake up resting in another country and decided to try some unknown camel, then ask how it was cooked, what foods, because it's very possible that your stomach will not like such changes in the kitchen.

How to provide first aid for poisoning?

Initially, it should be determined, because of what a personPoisoned by what kind of product. It can tell the victim or close people who surrounded him at that moment, moreover, the smell and kind of vomit will also help.

If a product containing "poison" has got into the body2-4 hours ago, then the most effective will be gastric lavage, because it will remove toxins and infected foods. To do this, one and a half liters of a solution of 0.1% potassium permanganate must be injected at a time, but it must be ensured that first all the crystals dissolve. Also, a 2% solution of ordinary drinking soda will help, after which it is necessary to induce vomiting. To completely clean the stomach, it is necessary to perform the washing procedure again.

Activated carbon will become indispensable in this situation, you need to drink four tablets every three or two or three hours, but remember that more than twelve tablets should not be drunk.

And further: Whichever situation happens, remember that you are not alone, do not self-medicate, but immediately consult a doctor. If you have a high fever and diarrhea - it's a good reason to call an ambulance.

How to avoid summer hikes?

  1. According to statistics, about 15% of summerHappen because of poor-quality shish kebabs. From unfertilized meat it is possible to pick up different infections - trichinosis, toxoplasmosis. And the meat can look very fresh and appetizing. However, the sanitary services say that about 25% of the meat that is sold on the markets and in stores is affected by toxoplasmosis. Therefore, before frying the kebabs, be sure to pick it, then roast until it is ready.
  2. Many people are sure that berries from the forest can beUnwashed, but it is not. People think that they are already clean, moreover, when you wash raspberries and strawberries under hot water at home, they become less attractive. Remember that you need to wash any berries, and not cold, and hot water. On berries there are many bacteria that cause stomach upset and poisoning, as well as particles of the earth.
  3. Always have activated charcoal, potassium permanganate, and diarrhea remedies - this will give you the ability to quickly defeat the symptoms of poisoning for the first time.
  4. Combine the products correctly. For example, if a person eats cucumbers with milk, fermentation of lactic acid bacteria causes an upset stomach. You can even just put the cucumber in the milk and see how it will immediately turn sour.
  5. Do not overeat fruits, especially if they are notUntil the end of ripening, because this, too, can cause poisoning. Do not listen to people who always eat green gifts of nature and do not happen with niminiche. Each person has individual stability of the stool to such things. Particularly sensitive to this are children, in no case do not give them unripe vegetables, fruits and berries.
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